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Chapter 208: Explosive Strength by Liu Changping!

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Liu Changping also came to a sudden realization. He widened his eyes and muttered to himself, “I understand now. The Seven-colored Peacock adjusted the density of the fog in the white fog to make the white fog in the air uneven, creating the effect of a mirage.

“Although everyone saw our light source, in their eyes, it was shining in a different direction.

“And they’re being lured into the Seven-colored Peacock’s trap!”

As soon as he finished speaking, they suddenly heard a joyful voice from afar.

“Team leader, we’ve found you!”

Lu Chen’s eyelids suddenly twitched. It was most likely that they had encountered a trap and met the fake Lu Chen in the illusion.

The next moment, they heard a scream. A few streaks of red appeared in the white fog.






Those warriors instantly fell into the enemy’s trap. They were attacked by countless silver bosses. At this moment, the Seven-colored Peacock did not even have to show up to fight.

Lu Chen looked at the warriors beside him and spoke quickly, “Everyone, be careful. This is the Seven-colored Peacock. His intelligence is much higher than we thought

“Since his ability is to create illusions, it’s impossible for him to only create white fog. Since he chose to do so, it means that he can create a scene based on what we are most afraid of.”

Hearing this, the soldiers were slightly shocked. They suddenly remembered why they were so flustered.

Back when White Fog City was not open to the public, countless people had tried to find out where it was. However, when they walked into the White Fog City, they either came back in circles or disappeared…

The white fog had left a deep psychological scar on them. At this moment, their fear was once again revealed by the Seven-colored Peacock.

Liu Changping also hurriedly said, “Lu Chen is right. Therefore, everyone must remain calm and restrain the panic in their hearts.”

As soon as he said this, the voices of the Dragon Slayer Team and the Soul Slaying Team immediately came from the group that had been attacked.

After a round of fighting, the other squad seemed to have returned to their original state.

These two squads were warriors who had entered the Second World after White Fog City had opened. Therefore, they were not afraid of white fog at all. As such, they maintained their best state.

However, the other squads were different. They were already panicking in the face of white fog. In addition to a large number of silver bosses attacking them, many squads had suffered casualties.

Liu Changping shouted again, “Everyone, be careful. Everyone is very separated from one another right now. Listen to my voice and gather towards my side.

“Everyone, don’t rely on the light to determine our position. Right now, there’s a visible illusion. You all must be careful. Follow my voice. Lu Chen is with me. “…”

Liu Changping’s voice gradually calmed everyone down, lowering their previous panic.

When they heard Lu Chen’s voice, everyone once again gathered their strength and formed a formation. They carefully defended themselves, continuously moving toward Liu Changping’s voice.

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However, under the constant assault of silver bosses, the closer the team got to Lu Chen, the more difficult it became.

Lu Chen could only let out a loud laugh. “Tang Bao, you don’t have to come to my side anymore. Quickly find the team closest to you and join them.”

Tang Bao, who was far away, responded with a loud shout, “You can leave it to me!”

Lu Chen then said to Little Golden Dragon beside him, “You and Lan Weiwei form a team and rush towards the distance. Find any soldiers who are close to you. With the two of you around, they shouldn’t have any problems. Protect them well.”

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At this moment, Little Golden Dragon stuck out its long tongue and nodded. Then they both quickly swam to the distance.

Soon after, Lu Chen turned his gaze to Liu Changping beside him, Liu Changping was obviously stunned when he saw this scene and said, “No way. Lu Chen, you want me to go out and find them too? I’m not strong, I’m going to die.”

Lu Chen was a little speechless as he said, “What are you hiding for. Your strength is not as simple as an ordinary spiritual stage cultivator. Now is not the time to train. If you don’t wait for another second, one more member of the Dragon Team will die.”

Hearing Lu Chen’s words, the fear on Liu Changping’s face instantly disappeared and was replaced by a calm smile. The corners of his mouth curled up slightly, completely different from his previous cowardly appearance.

Originally, when they heard Lu Chen’s words, the other warriors were still a little confused. After all, the impression that Liu Changping gave them was that he was not strong, but he was especially good at fighting.

No matter how they fought, they could not kill him. Once they encountered a slight disadvantage in the battle momentum, they had to retreat.

Could it be that Liu Changping still had a trick up his sleeve?

In the next second, Liu Changping directly took out a golden shield from his backpack. This shield was completely different from ordinary defensive equipment because it was covered with frightening barbs.

If this shield was used to defend against an enemy’s attack, then it wouldn’t be as simple as it was, but would directly deal critical damage.

“Took you long enough!”

“No way, Liu Changping, how can you still have this skill?”

“Where did you get the shield? How come I’ve never seen you use it before?”

Seeing that all the members of the Dragon Team had cast doubtful gazes at him, the corner of Liu Changping’s mouth twitched slightly. He returned to his previous wretched expression and scratched his hair, he smiled and said, “I borrowed it! I borrowed it from the First Elder. I’ll have to return it later.”

A warrior beside him mercilessly said, “I won’t believe your nonsense!”

However, Liu Changping was very thick-skinned. He did not care about the other’s ridicule at all. Pretending not to hear anything, he grabbed his shield and charged out.

The silver bosses in the white fog had been surrounding them the entire time, waiting to launch an attack on them.

Seeing Liu Changping charge at them, a silver boss with the appearance of a giant rhinoceros charged at him. It raised its horn and charged at Liu Changping.

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If it had been Liu Changping’s usual fighting style, he would not have said a word. He would not have cared about his reputation at all. He would immediately dodge to the side and run away. After all, his reputation was not worth much. Survival was the most important thing.

However, this time, not only did Liu Changping not dodge, he held onto his shield tightly. He turned his body and stomped on the ground. He increased his speed and charged toward the rhinoceros-type monster in front of him for a head-on collision!


Seeing this scene, everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. The man and the rhinoceros crashed into each other with a loud sound as the ground shook slightly.

All the warriors were stunned by his move!
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