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Chapter 27: The Palace of the Ash Moon Wolf Clan

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The palace was as transparent as crystal.

Lu Chen carried the unconscious Lan Weiwei and pushed open the door to enter.

At this moment, Lu Chen’s negative drawbacks from overexerting his body had become more serious, and his body was becoming indescribably weak.

He suspected that these states would directly affect the real world were he to leave the game now. After all, if he could bring Lan Weiwei into the real world, who knows what else could be brought over.

At this point, Lu Chen had already completely treated the Second World as another real world.

[Ding! Due to the overuse of your body, you will be in a weakened state for a month. All attributes will continue to decrease as time passes.]

The system displayed a red warning.

It had only been a short while, but Lu Chen’s four-dimensional attributes had dropped by 10 points and were still dropping.

Lu Chen cursed silently in his heart. If this palace did not give him any compensation, he would burn it to the ground!

Lu Chen stepped into the main hall. The temperature inside was very low, and there were all kinds of reliefs on both sides.

It was as though they were expecting something grand to happen.

The moment he stepped into the palace, Lan Weiwei’s body lit up with fluorescent light, and her body floated up automatically. Suddenly, as though she was being attracted towards something, her floating body moved in a certain direction.

Lu Chen clicked his tongue in wonder and followed closely behind Lan Weiwei. He looked at the relief sculptures on both sides along the way and roughly understood some of the content it was trying to express.

It seemed to be showing the history of the Ash Wolves.

A long time ago, a pack of wolves lived in this valley. They resided around this very lake. One night, the Wolf King who was resting by the lake, saw a woman fall from the Moon Palace.

The woman fell from the sky down to the lake. When she fell, the Wolf King was awakened by the sounds of water splashing

He quickly pulled the woman out of the water.

She looked to be a very weak human. So, many wolves suggested eating the woman.

Only the Wolf King hesitated in doing so.

On the third day, the woman finally woke up. She was terrified when she saw the huge wolves that overpowered her. The wolves opened their bloody mouths and were ready to bite the woman. At this time, the Wolf King appeared. He ordered his people to retreat and saved this woman’s life.

As the Wolf King, he said that he had the right to deal with his prey. So, the others had to back off. 

The woman survived!

She stayed with the wolf pack by the lake. The sun and the moon alternated with time. 

The woman taught the wolf pack how to absorb moonlight. Many wolves were baptized by the moonlight and turned into human forms.

After an unknown amount of time, the Wolf King saw the woman in the very lake she fell in one night and slowly rose into the sky. She rose like a bright moon and flew straight to the sky.

That night, the woman left, leaving the wolf pack that she had lived in for many years.

From that day onwards, the Wolf King’s howl turned desolate and distant.

At the highest point of the lake, it always howled towards the bright moon!

At first, the wolves did not notice anything different. It was not until later when one of the wolves was looking up at the moon and absorbing the moonlight, they could vaguely see a faint shadow in the bright moon.

It seemed to be the silhouette of a woman.

From then on, every lone wolf that howled at the moon would be bathed in the moonlight and gain power from it.

These lone wolves were also known as the Ash Moon Wolf clan!

After Lu Chen finished the story, his heart was filled with shock!

He seemed to have seen a corner of this world from the story of the Ash Moon Wolf clan!

He would have missed out on such an opportunity if he had not met Lan Weiwei!

Lu Chen’s mind returned to reality and saw that Lan Weiwei was still floating somewhere.

After taking a few turns, Lu Chen could no longer remember the way out from this maze-like hall.

There were wolf heads everywhere, and symbols of the moon.

There were all kinds of murals everywhere. As well as countless sculptures of wolf heads and human bodies.

Finally, after half an hour, Lu Chen followed Lan Weiwei to a golden palace.

Inside, there were four huge ivory-white stone pillars, and they were as thick as ten people hugging each other.

In the middle of the palace was an altar. Above it, there was a silvery-white ball of light that looked like the moon.

Lan Weiwei floated directly to the altar, and then she stood there blankly as if she had lost her soul.

Lu Chen stood further away from the altar. Oddly enough, he felt that this place was extremely mysterious.

Right about when he decided to move towards the altar, the bright moon shone with the outline of a woman.

“I really didn’t expect that after tens of thousands of years, the Wolf King of the Ash Moon Wolf clan would actually submit to a human.”

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The voice came from the female apparition.

Lu Chen asked warily, “Who are you?”

The woman said, “You don’t have to ask. Now is not the time for you to know. This place has been asleep for so long. It’s time for everyone to wake up.

“Since you’ve passed the test here, according to the rules, you can obtain the treasures from the Ash Moon Wolf Clan.”

The woman’s figure flew over, and a slender index finger that was as white as snow extended out from the void. It directly pointed at the center of Lu Chen’s brows.

He did not have time to resist as he felt a cool sensation enter his mind.

[Warning! Your mental state is on the verge of collapse.]

[You will be forced to log off in three seconds.]

Lu Chen’s meaning began to blur. Before he lost his sight in the game, he saw a ball of light get absorbed into Lan Weiwei’s body.

After a long time, Lu Chen slowly woke up. When he opened his eyes, he saw Lan Weiwei blinking her eyes at him.

She no longer had the cold and aloof air of a royal sister. Her big watery eyes had been staring at him this whole time.

She opened her mouth and shouted, “Master, I’m hungry!”

The strong contrast in behavior surprised Lu Chen.

“Okay, okay, okay. I’ll make you something to eat now.”

He had just stood up when he gasped in a breath of cold air!

His whole body was in pain as if it had experienced the effects of war. Even standing up was a little difficult!

Lu Chen’s mouth was full of bitterness. He had guessed correctly!

Everything in the game would really affect his reality!

Right now, it had turned dark. A corner of the curtain in Lu Chen’s room was exposed. The moonlight outside was able to shine through between the gaps.

The moonlight just so happened to shine on Lu Chen’s body. As it did, a cool feeling came over him, and Lu Chen instantly felt much more comfortable.

He quickly pulled open the curtains further apart.

There was a huge silver moon hanging in the sky.

As the moonlight fell onto him, Lu Chen felt indescribably comfortable. After a moment, the pain all over Lu Chen’s body eased up by a lot.

After a while, only then did he stand up from the recovery.

When he looked at himself in the mirror. On his forehead, there was a strange symbol, like a vertical, curved crack.

Lu Chen reached out and touched it, but it soon faded away, disappearing into his skin.

What in the world was that?

Was it the woman in the palace that did this to him?

Lu Chen smiled bitterly. 

Did he just become a member of the Ash Moon Wolf Clan?
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