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Chapter 32: The Boss in Bear Ridge is Hard to Defeat?

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Lu Chen crossed his arms across his chest and said calmly, “I’m sorry, my cousin has a bad temper. Everyone, I hope you don’t mind that.”

When everyone saw Lan Weiwei’s cold expression, they immediately shrunk their bodies to make themselves look weak.

They dared not to say anything else.

This little beauty really dared to kill people just like that!

None of them wanted to go back to the Ressurection Point, so they all immediately shut their mouths.

However, at this moment, Gu Yiming only smiled with courtesy. 

Lu Chen did not really treat Lan Weiwei as his cousin. Sometimes between men and women, there would always be some tension. Even if she was a distant cousin, it was not impossible to get married.

It was best to treat her as Lu Chen’s woman for now.

“Mr. Morning Mist’s cousin really has some interesting personality.”

Gu Yiming smiled.

“But I suggest that you don’t go into the depths of Bear Ridge. That boss can’t be defeated, at least not from the looks of it.”

Lu Chen naturally knew Gu Yiming’s good intentions. If he had not fought the Wolf Valley boss before, he would have retreated after seeing such terrifying attributes.

Now, with his attributes and having Lan Weiwei. One boss would be nothing to worry about.

Just as Lu Chen was about to speak, a few cold voices sounded from behind them.

“I, too, advise Mr. Morning Mist not to barge in.”

A man led a group of White Alliance players from afar.

The power they exuded was overbearing!

The players following behind were violently pushed aside. Everyone was angry but did not dare to speak. The people of the White Alliance were usually extremely overbearing and would not stand for complaints.

Many players had been bullied before. It was just that they did not have the strength and did not dare to go against the White Alliance Guild.

“Hehe, a bunch of people who use their power to bully others has arrived!”

“That’s right. The last time, Morning Mist killed their guild leader in one strike. It was really satisfying to watch.”

“However, Morning Mist got into trouble because of that. The White Alliance is just a bunch of mad dogs that like to p*ss on people to exert power.”

“Look at this situation. It seems like they really want to kill Morning Mist here…”

The number of people from the White Alliance increased, and soon, the entire mountain range was filled with them. This time, the White Alliance had mobilized nearly ten thousand people!

They were all elite players as well!

The six vice-presidents were even present!

Xiao Chuan, who was dressed in white, walked out from the crowd with a cold gaze.

He glared at Lu Chen and said through gritted teeth, “Morning Mist, long time no see.”

Lu Chen did not have a good impression of Xiao Chuan after all that he had done.

He only replied coldly, “President Xiao, is it?”

“Why are you here, have you not died enough? You came here today because you want me to kill you again?”

He glanced at the people of the White Alliance and said, “Didn’t I say that from now on, as long as the people of the White Alliance appear in front of me, they will all die?”

Xiao Chuan laughed coldly and said, “What big words for a small man. Last time, I was much too careless with your capabilities. This time, however, you’ll be dead for sure! I believe that all the elites of the White Alliance would be able to kill you!”

Lu Chen sneered and took a step forward. “How about you and take that chance right now!”

The atmosphere was filled with tense air. At this time, Gu Yiming stood up and stood shoulder to shoulder with Lu Chen.

“Xiao Chuan, I advise you to restrain yourself. Mr. Morning Mist is a friend of the Gu family.”

Gu Yiming said calmly.

Xiao Chuan looked at Gu Yiming and said, “Gu Yiming, I know what you said the last time. What? Do you really represent the entire Gu Family? Do you really have the confidence to go against the Xiao family of the White Alliance?” Xiao Chuan laughed after he spoke, knowing what is to come before speaking up again, “Those old men of the Gu family are all dead. I think you know about the current situation of the Gu family. Why? Are you planning to bet your treasure on this kid? Do you think he can help you and your family? Stop dreaming! Even my family can’t help you. How sure are you that this kid can do it?”

Gu Yiming’s expression was extremely ugly. The Gu family was indeed in a grave crisis. Many of the older generation had passed away.

A family conflict happened all of a sudden causing many things to crumble. Were that not to happen, he would not have been in charge of such a large family.

Before he took over, the entire Gu family had already been massacred!

He had killed countless people to secure his position!

It could be said that the current Gu family could not afford to be messed around with!

The other forces were afraid of the Gu family only because they were afraid that they would crumble even after they’ve been murdered. If they provoked this family, they knew that they would have to fight to their deaths.

“Xiao Chuan, you’re trying to persuade me with nothing. If you really want to attack my Gu family, then I, Gu Yiming, will not sit still and wait for death to come.”

Xiao Chuan’s eyelids twitched. The killing intent that this young man with a trace of gentleness displayed at this moment shocked him.

He had also heard of the bloody process of the Gu family rising to power. This Gu Yiming was not someone to be trifled with. However, as the youngest leader of the Xiao family, he himself was also not one to be trifled with.

“Hehe, since that’s the case, you can give it a try! With your current Gu family, I’m afraid that you’re not powerful enough to fight against the White Alliance!”

The conversation between the two lowered the atmosphere to the freezing point around. Causing everyone to shiver from the cold. Countless spectating players were shocked beyond words.

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Were the great families from the north and south about to fight each other?

This was a huge deal!

If this really started a war, it could be said to be a fight between immortals!

The ones who would suffer would be the collateral mortals like them!

The scene fell into a deathly silence!

No one dared to speak!

Right at this moment, a woman’s voice appeared.

“Since one Gu family isn’t enough, what about our Xu Family?”

The graceful Xu Ziyuan walked out from the crowd. Behind her was a group of Xu family members that walked with solemn expressions.

This group of people walked directly to Lu Chen’s side.

They immediately made their stance clear!

The Xu Family chose Lu Chen!

Many people felt their scalps go numb!

This was going to be a colossus war!

They were one of the top five aristocratic families in the Dragon Country!

It was said that during the glorious period, they once overpowered all the aristocratic families and became the best in the Dragon Country!

Xu Ziyuan’s appearance completely tipped the scale in Lu Chen’s favor.

This made Xiao Chuan very angry. At the same time, there was also a trace of fear!

Those people from the Xu family were all ruthless people. 

Xiao Chuan was arrogant and had strength. However, he was rational and knew when to advance and retreat.

Those people from the Xu family were different! They were complete lunatics who would not give up until one of them died, regardless of the cost.

Especially for Xu Ziyuan, that was considered someone to not be reckoned with.

Whoever offended Xu Ziyuan would offend the entire Xu Family!

Xiao Chuan took a deep breath and said, “Xu Ziyuan, is this the attitude of your Xu Family?”

Xu Ziyuan said with a smile, “This is what the old master wants. If you are not satisfied, you may go and find him yourself.”

Xiao Chuan was silent for a moment, then he suddenly raised his head and stared at Lu Chen, “No matter how many people protect you. You must die today!”

At this point, he and Lu Chen no longer had a simple personal grudge. This involved the conflict between the various major powers and the Xiao family of the White Alliance.

If he kneeled to them, it would mean that the entire Xiao family would have kneeled to them as well!

Xiao Chuan could not let his family name crumble like this, he had to stand strong!

As soon as he finished speaking, a shadow appeared in the darkness.

His voice was hoarse from the vicissitudes of life.

He said, “If the two of them are not enough, what about my Dark Night Union?”

As soon as he finished speaking, many people felt their blood run cold!

The President of the Dark Night Union — Hei Yu, has arrived!
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