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Chapter 5

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In a place named Peaceful Town.

A man in a neat suit was reading the Second World Official Forum on his phone with a frown.

“Rabbit-hunting demon?”

“Epic-grade teleportation scroll?”

His slender fingers tapped on the table as he suddenly spoke.


As soon as he finished speaking, a few servants quickly entered the room.

“Go and investigate the origin of this person named Morning Mist in this game called Second World.

“Also, send someone over as soon as possible. If possible, buy all the three scrolls that he gained!”

The servants were shocked. “Young master, all three scrolls?”

One had to know that the price of the scrolls had already been raised to 200 million!

Three scrolls meant that he would have to offer at least 600 million up!

Even for their family, it was not an easy task to fork out 600 million in petty cash in one go. The young man in the suit nodded and said, “That’s right, there are three of them. It’s useless to take only one.

“Holding these three scrolls in my hand would be equivalent to me being half a month ahead of those other players!

“So I’m pretty sure you know what I mean when I saw I need all three!”

The servant’s heart skipped a beat. Half a month was enough to prepare for anything!

He immediately nodded and said, “Yes, I’ll do it right away!”

After saying that, all of them quickly disappeared from the room. At the same time, in the real world and in the game, various forces began to pay attention to a person.

Morning Mist!

Outside the Novice Village, Lu Chen felt that there was some trouble. Ever since he left the Novice Village plaza, there was a large group of people that always followed him from behind. The number just kept accumulating. Perhaps it was because the actions he did had garnered a lot of attention. It could have caused him to become the focus of everyone’s attention.

If it was just a random fan crowd, Lu Chen would not think much of it. However, he could clearly feel that there were many malicious gazes in the crowd.

There were whispers of them calling him a man who had a treasure that he did not deserve.

Were Lu Chen to lose all his money right now, he would probably attract a lot of flies to the pile.

“Morning Mist, right? Let’s get to know each other…”

Soon, another man blocked Lu Chen’s path.

“Get out of the way!”

Lu Chen’s voice was cold. This was already the seventh group of people he had rejected.

That person’s expression showed one of hostility. It was obvious that he was very embarrassed about being rejected.

Seeing Lu Chen walk past him, he said coldly, “What are you so arrogant for? You’ve received so many good things. Do you really think you will have a good ending?”

Lu Chen ignored him and directly stepped into the wild monster area.

His goal was to level up. In other words, to increase his strength. He knew his current situation, so leveling up was imminent to protect himself. At this moment, Lu Chen saw a grassland in front of him, and a few gray Wolves appeared above him.

The information of the wild monsters appeared when he checked the attributes.

[Thin and Weak Wild Wolf]

[Level: 1]

[HP: 100]

[Attack: 55]

[Defense: 4]

It was obvious that this was an extremely weak wild monster. Its attack power was only 55. Even if Lu Chen took its damage head-on, the monsters would only be able to deal 5 damage to him.

Lu Chen began to approach the Wild Wolf. 

The eyes of the people around him were burning with passion. Many people came over after hearing the news. They had heard all sorts of legends about the rabbit-killing demon for the past half day. However, they had never seen how powerful this demon was in battle.

Lu Chen glanced at the people around him and a cold smile appeared on his lips. Initially, there was nothing in his hand. with a thought, a sharp iron sword appeared!

[Player’s sword proficiency has been detected to be at Max level. Do you wish to switch to the title of Sword God?]

Lu Chen did not hesitate at all and directly gave the order of agreeing to it.



In an instant, the iron sword in Lu Chen’s hand suddenly burst out with a terrifying sword intent!

“Holy sh*t, what’s going on?”

“This doesn’t feel like he’s fighting a level 1 wild monster. Why do I feel like he’s about to slash a big boss?”

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“The f*ck, is this a f*cking ordinary iron sword? Why is it completely different from mine?”

“Look at the golden words above his head. S-sword… Sword God?”

“The heck, how is this possible? Someone already has a golden title at level 1?”

[Sword God: Your understanding of the sword has reached an unfathomable level. When you use a sword-type weapon, you will receive a special effect bonus. This effect will grow with your level!]

[Sword Intent: When you use a sword-type weapon, it will burst forth with sword intent. Attack power will be increased to 500%!]

[God of Swords State: A state whereby your attack would be accurate and sharp. It will cause irreversible damage. Items damaged by the God of Swords State can not be recovered. 10 MP is consumed per second in the God of Sword State.]

[Godly Speed: The speed of your sword attack is now godly. The attack interval will be greatly shortened. Attack speed increased by 500%.]

In an instant, the system sent out a message, letting Lu Chen know the attributes that the Sword God possesses!

It was as if he had returned to the time when he was hunting rabbits in the cave.

The kind of natural state where his heart was as clear as a summer’s day was born spontaneously. It was as if no matter how strong the enemy was, he could kill them with a single slash!

Lu Chen’s gaze was sharp. On the system interface, the buff given by the Sword God’s title was simply too heaven-defying!

With a 500% attack bonus, his current 50 attack points could be directly increased to 250 points!

His attack speed of 0.5 seconds could be increased to 2.5 seconds. In other words, he could now deal over 500 damage per second!

After all, he was only level 1and all his equipment was starter types of equipment.

Lu Chen could not suppress the excitement in his heart and directly slashed at the Wild Wolf!


The sword rippled in the air. Lu Chen seemed to turn into a ray of light and flashed past the monster.

Suddenly, a red number floated in the air.


Before everyone could see clearly, the Wild Wolf’s corpse was cut in half, and it fell to the ground. On the grass, a bottomless crack was directly cut open!

It extended all the way, and was at least 10 meters long!

“What the f*ck just happened!”

“Is this the f*cking attack level that a level 1 player should have?”

“A single sword slash that could even shatter the ground?”

“This is too f*cking awesome!”

“May I ask if we’re playing the same game?”

The spectating players were dumbfounded, and their eager gazes instantly dimmed. They now looked at Lu Chen with a hint of fear. In this world, they could freely fight with players in the wild.

However, from the current situation, if they wanted to fight Lu Chen, they would have to consider the option of death before attacking.

Lu Chen clearly felt the gazes of those people. This was what he wanted, to intimidate those rascals that have been bothering him for the longest time.

[Your level has risen to level 2.]

[4 free attribute points can be allocated.]

With a flash of golden light, Lu Chen’s level rose to level 2.

In his mind, came the sound of the system’s notification..
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