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Chapter 66: I’m in the Atmosphere!

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Everyone’s hearts felt heavy. On the contrary, Xiao Bai, who was further away, could not help but reveal a look of joy in his eyes.

The scourge that had caused the Xiao family to fall into disarray in the Second World, and destroyed more than half of the members of the White Alliance to withdraw from the association, finally died!

Even Lan Weiwei, who would share the same fate as Lu Chen, felt a little uneasy in her heart.

With such a serious injury, even if Lu Chen did not die, his strength would probably be greatly reduced.

Everyone thought that Lu Chen was finished, but Ling Yin, on the other hand, wavered. This was because, in the next second, a hand firmly grabbed onto Ling Yin like an iron pincer, and he could not move! Ling Yin did not falter, instead, a trace of a smile actually appeared on his face. He slowly raised the weapon in his other hand and directly chopped down the limb that grabbed onto him!

Odd enough, Ling Yan felt goosebumps on his neck when he did that. He quickly used his other hand to pull out the dagger that was stabbed into Lu Chen’s chest and swung it down again!

This time, he did not charge at Lu Chen, he only hacked away at his arm.

The opponent in front of him seemed like he could not be killed at all. The dagger had been stabbed into his heart, so how could he still be moving and alive?!

At this moment, the most ruthless decision he made was to cut off his arm to save his life!

Blood splattered everywhere once he made that desperate choice!

Ling Yin cut off his arm and immediately prepared to return to the shadows. At this moment, Lu Chen suddenly raised the hand that held onto the severed arm!

In an instant, searchlights appeared in all four directions at the same time!

Not just the illuminated halls, but even the surrounding 1,000 meters were as bright as day. There was no chance for a shadow to appear at all!


Ling Yin finally understood what was going on. Whether it was Lu Chen being assassinated, grabbing onto his arm, or even cutting off his very own arm, every step was within his opponent’s calculations!

As for him now, without a shadow aid, he was probably only slightly stronger than a heaven rank expert.

How could he beat his opponent?

Escape was the only option!

This was the only thought left in Ling Yin’s mind.

With that, his feet soared away like the wind!

However, Lu Chen was one step ahead of him. A dagger appeared in his hand and he directly slashed it across Ling Yin’s neck.

Ling Yin felt the whole world spin, as his head fell onto the ground, dead.

Due to Lu Chen’s speedy move, his body had already run dozens of meters away from his head.

The first president of assassins had just been murdered!

Everyone was completely shocked by this scene!

How could this be!

Xiao Bai stared with widened eyes, he could not believe that his assassin had died this quickly!

The people of the Dragon Team were also incomparably shocked. This series of events had come too suddenly. They had just turned their light beams on when the other party had issued an order, but Ling Yin had actually died within that short time.

The meeting room of the high-level officials of the dragon country was completely silent.

Sitting at the very end, Gu Yiming, who had been brought in by the elders of the Gu family, swallowed hard and let out a gulp.

Too many things had happened in the past few seconds, and the turn of events was quite a shock for everyone there!

First, Lan Weiwei had been tortured by Ling Yin, who hid in the shadows countless times. Then, Lu Chen had found a loophole, but Ling Yin was already one step ahead. Suddenly, the tables turned, and Ling Yin had been killed.

This series of reversals could be said to be the biggest roundabout event ever!

It was amazing!

Only Lu Chen understood how he survived.

That was because after he had slashed 132 times with his activated Sword God State, he immediately changed his title to Dark Shura, which allowed him to be immune to damage once!

Therefore, even when Ling Yin stabbed Lu Chen’s heart, he was unable to cause any damage.

This was also Lu Chen’s second life skill!

It was because of him activating Dark Shura that his opponent was unable to escape and complete the instant kill move!

From an outsider’s perspective, this battle ended in just a few seconds. However, only Lu Chen, who was in the middle of it, understood the dangers and everything involved.

However, this time, Lu Chen now understood that even among acquired realm experts, he was a rather powerful existence.

Liu Changping’s orders were transmitted through the earpiece after a moment of silence.

“Lu Chen, you can go back and rest after you’re done. We’ll clean up the rest.”

The so-called cleaning was to clean up the remaining members of the Xiao family. Regardless of whether it was Xiao Bai, his subordinates, or even the industry workers, they all needed to be dealt with separately.

However, Lu Chen’s reply was curt, “I’m not done yet.”

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Not done yet?

Hearing Lu Chen’s words, the members of the DragonTeam were somewhat puzzled. Ling Yin’s head had already fallen off. Was there anything else that needed to be dealt with?

In the hall, only Lu Chen and Lan Weiwei looked at Xiao Bai without the slightest intention of dropping their defenses..

If the fight with Ling Yin was considered a ten, then Xiao Bai could be rated as a 100!

If Lu Chen was not sure before, then Lan Weiwei’s attitude towards Xiao Bai made him certain that this person was definitely not what was mentioned in the information they had before. He definitely was not an ordinary person whatsoever.

At this moment, Lan Weiwei reacted like a wolf and slightly bared her teeth at Xiao Bai. However, she did exert the slightest bit of fear. On the contrary, she looked a little cute.

If it were not for the current situation, Lu Chen would have wanted to rub her head.

Beside her, Rollie, who had been eating on a piece of bamboo, took out two bamboo shoots from Lan Weiwei’s pocket and hid in the furthest corner. This time, however, even when he ate the bamboo shoots, the little fellow’s eyes were still fixed on Xiao Bai. He did not look relaxed one bit.

Xiao Bai’s face revealed a faint smile. He then clapped his hands together as the sound echoed throughout the silent building. “Good, it really you Morning Mist. You’ve only trained for less than a month, yet you were able to kill Ling Yin, who has trained for nearly a hundred years.”

Lu Chen was unmoved from his spot. He glanced at Ling Yin who was lying on the ground. “Did you just watch as I killed your subordinate? If this matter were to spread, have you ever thought of how much your Xiao family’s reputation would drop from it?”

A trace of disdain actually appeared on Xiao Bai’s face. “Xiao family? Him? Part of the Xiao family?”

“Ling Yin said that he would leave after completing the Xiao family’s three requests, so why should I protect him?

“Moreover, this trash couldn’t even beat you. He should just die like the trash he is!”

Lu Chen frowned. “What do you mean?”

From the intelligence reports, not only were Lin and Xiao Bai classmates, but they were also comrades who had fought together in the past. The two of them had a relationship as close as family.

Back then, Lin was always being humiliated, and it was Xiao Bai who had personally led people to wipe out others that got in his way.

With such a history, how could Xiao Bai call the other party trash?

Xiao Bai smiled coldly, and the wrinkles on his face creased. However, his entire aura instantly rose. A strong gust of wind shot out from his body and blew in varying directions!

The strong wind blew Lu Chen’s attire, causing the clothes to flutter wildly. The wall that had been cut open by Lu Chen’s sword had finally collapsed!

Liu Yuan looked at the hall in the distance and her eyelids twitched!

Yellow grade…

Black grade…

Earth grade…

Heaven grade…

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Xiao Bai’s aura rose at a rapid speed from the beginning to the end. He did not stop at all!

“He has already broken through to the heaven grade. Xiao Bai is actually an acquired realm expert!”

Liu Yuan covered her mouth and her beautiful eyes looked at Xiao Bai in disbelief.

Liu Changping’s mood seemed to have worsened greatly as he spoke.

“It seems…. that things are about to get more complicated!”
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