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Chapter 67: Danger! A Hidden Spiritual Realm Expert!

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Liu Changping continued on, “If he’s just an ordinary acquired realm expert, why would the Xiao family hide it?

“With such an expert around, the Xiao family’s status could have skyrocketed.

“Xiao Bai’s strength seems endless!

“Has he reached the peak of the acquired realm?!”

Liu Yuan found it hard to believe. If the acquired realm was hard enough to achieve, the peak of the acquired realm was an existence that could absolutely crush other ordinary acquired realm experts.

If the first president of the Dark Union, Ling Yin, faced an expert at the peak of the acquired realm, he would definitely not have the slightest intention of assassinating him. Instead, he would flee as far away as possible!

As expected, Xiao Bai’s condition had risen to almost the peak of being in the acquired realm. Although his speed had slowed down, he did not stop at all.

Lu Chen and the others felt the pressure Xiao Bai exerted onto them increased as made his way.

Prior to this, Ling Yin and Lan Weiwei’s combat strength were not that far apart. It was just that his methods were eccentric, just like how Lan Weiwei, who was still in her ancient wolf form, faced Lu Chen.

If it was not for the fact that Lan Weiwei had used a powerful skill, she would probably have been killed by Lu Chen as well. However, her special skill was still on cooldown and could not be used immediately again. Otherwise, Ling Yin might not have been a match for Lan Weiwei who had high attack and defense points.

After all, Lan Weiwei’s bloodline can continuously be upgraded after she receives the Moonlight’s Blessing. Once she enters a berserk state, she might be able to barely enter the early stages of the acquired realm.

However, Xiao Bai was apparently different. His aura had already reached the peak of the acquired realm, giving people a great sense of pressure.

Although Ling Yin had given people a great sense of pressure before, the feeling that Xiao Bai exuded was completely different from Ling Yin.

If Ling Yin gave people the feeling that he was like a dangerous poisonous snake, then Xiao Bai was like a ferocious tiger that only had murderous intent.

As everyone was shocked by Xiao Bai’s sudden change, an almost inaudible but also exceptionally clear sound suddenly rang out in everyone’s ears.

It was as if a glass had suddenly shattered, or the sound of an egg cracking. The sound was extremely soft but extremely sharp.

As the members of the Dragon Team were looking around in astonishment, someone shockingly discovered that the hair on Liu Changping’s arm had all stood up!

His mouth was wide open, and his eyes stared into the distance. He was so shocked that he could not speak for a long time. After a full half a minute, he growled at everyone and gave an order, “Everyone, retreat at least 2,000 meters from here immediately! Pay attention, run as fast as you can, and don’t look back!”

The others who were from another location could no longer wait for an order when they heard that noise. They hurriedly took out their communicative devices and asked, “Leader, should we gather somewhere else”

Liu Changping did not even have time to pack his equipment. He directly dragged the two members beside him and ran out without caring about their lives. 

“Leave all your equipment, don’t bring any with you!

“With Xiao Bai’s location as the center, run to a place at least 2,000 meters away! That Xiao Bai…”

“He’s a spiritual realm expert!!”

Liu Changping’s roar could be heard from every walkie-talkie. Everyone felt as though the temperature around them had dropped by tens of degrees when they heard him!

A spiritual realm master!

If an acquired expert could dodge bullets and weapons, then a spiritual master would definitely be invulnerable to any attacks whatsoever!

Ordinary pistols could not penetrate their defense at all, and their attacks were stronger than a missile launch!

This kind of fighting strength was incredible and could be considered the top of the country. Each spiritual realm expert was considered a national treasure, and they were the people that the country would focus on protecting.

The focus of protection also meant strict surveillance and defense.

In the Dragon conference room, the high-level officials of the Dragon Country looked at everything in front of them in great shock.

Perhaps ordinary people would not care about that slight sound, but everyone present was sure what that sound meant.

This was precisely the symbol of an acquired expert stepping into the spiritual realm — Cocoon Breaking!

The higher-ups were all stunned.

Originally, some of them watched and commented on the battle anxiously. Some people nodded their heads in satisfaction because the Xiao family had been destroyed and Lu Chen had risen. Some people even smiled and drank their drinks happily as they prepared to leave after the meeting.

The moment the sound of Cocoon Breaking was heard, everyone stopped moving.

The secretary, who was still refilling the tea for everyone, gripped the teapot so hard that their knuckles turned white. After that, he remained motionless like a wooden figure. He did not even notice that the tea had spilled out of the cup.

A large pool of tea flowed onto the table. After that, it flowed onto the outfit of another long-bearded old man. Only when the old man realized that something was burning him… Only then did he come back to his senses. “Should we ask the chief to send out the great elder of the Dragon Team immediately?”

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Another executive immediately replied, “I agree! When an unknown expert appears, we can always ask the great elder to come out and then report to the chief who is first-in-charge!

“After all, this matter had gotten way more serious than we expected. We must contain it as soon as possible!”

The Dragon Team was an important combat team that only the higher-ups of the Dragon Country knew about. Even the reserve members were at least second lieutenants, and their strength was at least a late-stage yellow grade expert!

The leader of the Dragon Team, Liu Changping, had the strength of an early-stage heaven grade expert. However, only the top higher-ups who truly understood the Dragon Team knew that after every leader of the Dragon Team retired, they would become part of another Dragon Team run by Zhang.

Liu Changping was certain that there was an acquired realm expert in the country because of this.

However, he did not know that the first elder of the Dragon Group had the strength of a spiritual realm expert!

He was also the only acquired realm expert in the country who had not entered the mystic realm!

The difference between an acquired realm expert and a spiritual realm expert was extremely huge. Lu Chen was definitely not a match for the other party.

The third chief in charge, who sat in the first seat furrowed his brows tightly. His eyes continuously flickered, and then he said in a steady voice, “There’s no need. Report it to the chief that is first in charge normally and deal with it according to the procedures of newly discovered spiritual realm experts.”


“There is no but. This is an order.”

The third in charge took a deep breath and continued speaking, “Even if we find the first in charge now, it will take at least two hours to get to the Xiao family. This time could be enough for Xiao Bai to kill Lu Chen hundreds of times. It’ll be meaningless.”

As he said that, he took out his phone and dialed a number. 

In the hall, Xiao Bai’s phone rang. Xiao Bai glanced towards the sound and picked up the phone. His voice was a little gloomy as he answered, “What’s the matter?”

In the past, whenever the third in charge chief called the head of the Xiao family, the other party’s attitude would be on good terms.

However, today, everything has changed.

Xiao Bai no longer needed to pretend to be kind anymore.

The third in charge chief was obviously dissatisfied with the change in the other party’s attitude. “I hope that you can give him a way out. You should know the importance of Lu Chen to our Dragon Country.”

“Of course I know.”

Xiao Bai’s voice was emotionless as he spoke with a blank face.

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“As long as Lu Chen is around, the Dragon Country will rise because of him.

“And his growing curve could be enough for the Dragon Country to crush all the other countries in the world. However…” Xiao Bai paused for a moment. “I also know that Lu Chen is a sworn enemy of our Xiao family. If he leaves this place alive today, you will no longer have the Xiao family by your side.

“I have given him a chance, more than once, in fact.

“Since he didn’t want it, then he should just die.”

With that, the phone in Xiao Bai’s hand shattered.. Then, with a raise of his hand, a gust of wind formed into the form of a tiger’s claw as it directly charged towards Lu Chen!!
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