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Chapter 69: Lu Chen Unleashed His 80 Million Combat Power!

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When the Soul Tracking skill appeared, Lu Chen got more and more excited.

This skill may not seem as powerful as the True Form Transformation or Moonlight’s Blessing, however, to Lu Chen, it was definitely a very useful skill.

Especially for enemies that liked to run away or hide themselves, like Ling Yin. Once he can find an effective way to attack, it would be useless no matter how invisible an assassin could be.

If any enemy escaped thousands of miles away, then Lu Chen would be able to find the enemy no matter where they went. It could be a weapon to kill and seek revenge on others!

When Lan Weiwei transformed into the Ancient Ash Wolf King form, everyone in the Dragon Team and the conference room widened their eyes.

Although some people knew that Lan Weiwei had come from the Second World, only a few people knew her true identity. When she appeared, everyone finally confirmed that she was definitely the boss that had disappeared from the Wolf Valley!

However, everyone quickly realized that she was far more powerful than the video that had circulated on the internet.

Many people in the Dragon Team widened their eyes. 

They did not expect that such a cute girl could turn into such a menacing wolf!

This scene was witnessed by many people!

Although everything was hectic, including the scene of the house collapsing, no one thought too much about it. After all, who would have thought that there would only be a few people fighting in such a huge battle?

Although people had discovered that their skills were transferable from the Second World, there were still very few people who could not transfer it yet. There were even quite a number of people who went back to the Resurrection Point as they tried to bring their skills out of the Second World.

Their strength was only equivalent to those who trained regularly or knew a little martial arts.

When this wolf appeared, everyone was shocked.

“What the h*ll is going on? Did I really cross over from the game after waking up?”

“I didn’t enter the gaming pod! What’s going on?”

“That’s not right. There shouldn’t be a cell phone in the Second World. Moreover, the place where we woke up is indeed the real world. That wolf… why do I feel that it looks a little familiar?”

“Doesn’t it look a little like the silver boss of Wolf Valley?”

“That silver boss? Stop bull sh*tting me. If you say that this is the boss of Wolf Valley, I won’t believe it! Doesn’t it look different?”

“That’s not right! This wolf looks a little like the one that Morning Mist fought. Wasn’t there a video on the internet of Morning Mist defeating the silver boss of Wolf Valley?”

“F*ck, you’re right! The color of its fur looks exactly the same!”

“Stop bull sh*tting. That one is obviously much bigger than the one that fought with Morning Mist.”

“Definitely. I remember that the wolf had a faint crescent between its brows back then. This one has it too!”

“No way? Did it level up!”

“Eh? But why is it with Morning Mist now?”

“Please watch your words. It’s not and it, it’s a she.”


At this moment, a player named Entertaining Dinosaur suddenly appeared. “I have a shocking piece of news for everyone! Everyone, do you still remember Morning Mist having a cute girl by his side?”

“I remember, I remember that cute girl with big eyes. She looked like she was in love or something!”

“If it wasn’t for her following Morning Mist, I would have chased after her!”

“Didn’t that cute girl call Morning Mist brother or something?”

“Then… Morning Mist is my brother-in-law?”

“Bull sh*t, that’s my brother-in-law!”

Entertaining Dinosaur immediately interjected.

“Alright, alright, stop arguing! When that girl first came out, I was nearby. At that time, I remembered her calling him master!”


“I would never dare touch her! I’m afraid to get killed by Morning Mist. I don’t want to go back to the Resurrection Point…”

“So I guess Morning Mist is into these kinds of things. I want to call Morning Mist master too though…”

When Entertaining Dinosaur overheard that, he choked.

“Get lost! When the Ancient Ash Wolf appeared just now, I was observing it with my binoculars from a kilometer away. I saw that cute little girl transform into that wolf!”

“F*ck! What’s going on? Is this for real?”

“Although the contrast between cute and scary being the in thing now, this is just too much!”

“F*ck, I remember now, I flirted with this girl who seemed to be called… Lan Weiwei. Then, I was slapped back to the Resurrection Point!”

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“So, I actually offended a silver boss!”

“Props to you for trying though!”

“F*ck, f*cking h*ll. I’ve offended Lan Weiwei too. I was planning to go to White Fog City to change my job. What should I do? Will I be slapped to death?”

“You’re thinking too much. I’m sure she’s killed so many players. Do you think she’ll even remember you?”

Seeing Lan Weiwei’s appearance as the ancient Ash Wolf King, the game forum instantly exploded.

The officials and some large factions were shocked that people from the Second World could actually enter this world.

The ordinary people were shocked that the Ash Wolf King appeared in front of them. Lan Weiwei looked like a small mountain, and no one could believe that such a small girl turned into such a huge wolf!

Lu Chen and Lan Weiwei caused a huge storm of public opinion, but they did not know all of this went on because they faced a larger crisis!

Xiao Bai’s attack power was too strong. Any one of his attacks made it difficult for Lan Weiwei to block them. If Lan Weiwei had not transformed into the Ash Wolf King, she would have been defeated long ago.

Even so, her health bar continued to drop tremendously. Moreover, even if Lan Weiwei used all her firepower, she could not hurt her opponent at all.

The defense of a spiritual master was too strong. The difference made Lan Weiwei feel somewhat weak.

If not for the Frost Domain being able to reduce the opponent’s speed by half, Lan Weiwei’s HP would have been emptied long ago.

At this time, Lu Chen was not idle either.

The moon in the sky gradually turned from white to purple!

The moonlight sprinkled on the ground and shone on Lu Chen’s body. His attack power soared crazily!




With the support of the moonlight stored in his body, his combat power directly surged towards +140,000!

It did not stop either!

With the support of the Sword God State, his attack speed increased by sevenfold!

It directly reached 1,120,000!

At this moment, Lu Chen already felt physically strained. After all, he had not really completed the class change, so his endurance power was very limited!

Even though his attack speed was enough to unleash 132 slashes, his body absolutely would not allow it!

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He slashed out nonetheless, he had to try his best!

With that, 72 slashes ensued!

In a second, he directly unleashed 81,160,000 combat power!

At this moment, even the great elder of the Dragon Team in the meeting room could not help but take a deep breath!

If it was him…. he knew he would not be able to block such a fierce attack!
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