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Chapter 72: Lu Chen’s Bountiful Rewards!

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Lu Chen admitted that after the earth-shattering battle yesterday, his combat experience and combat strength had indeed improved.

However, he would not be so arrogant as to think that he was some sort of fated wonder!

Could it be that the strength he obtained in the main world could be synchronized with the Second World?

But if that was the case, then when the Second World descended, the first elder and Xiao Bai, these spiritual experts, would probably be invincible right away, right?

Would that mean killing bosses could be as simple as eating and drinking?

The only explanation could be that only after the Second World descended, would the increase in strength obtained in the main world be counted in the Second World!

However, in the main world, everyone’s improvement speed was constant.

Even a peak expert like the first elder would not have gained much of a change in just a month or two. Even if he wanted to increase his strength as soon as possible, he would definitely decide to go to the Second World first to train. 

Only someone like him lacked the experience to fight experts in the main world. Thus, when he fought Ling Yin and Xiao Bai in the main world, there was a huge increase in his strength, which was displayed on the interface in the Second World.

Thinking up to this point, Lu Chen’s eyes suddenly shrank.

According to this logic, in the real world, Xiao Bai, whose strength had been suppressed to that of an ordinary person, had now become a pseudo-spiritual expert. After this battle, he could even become a true spiritual expert.

Then his strength could probably measure up to the Guardian General that overlooked White Fog City!

That was terrifying!

When the White Alliance had been developing wantonly in the Dragon Country, Xiao Bai had not been there at all. This meant that when he first entered the game pod, he had not been in the Dragon Country at all.

If there were no accidents, the next City Lord would soon appear!

If Lu Chen had known this would happen, he would have directly borrowed the item that he had given to Hei Yu from the Dragon Country’s higher-ups. That way, he would have two in his possession.

He could have directly teleported to Xiao Bai’s side, killed him, and then teleported back to the Dragon Country!

Back then, he had been careless. He had not expected that such a huge hidden danger would be left behind.

Should he use the ability of the Secret Whisper skill from his Dark Shura title?

[Dark Shura: Your understanding of darkness has reached an unfathomable level. When you use a hidden weapon, you will receive a special effect bonus. This effect will grow with your level!]

[Shadow State: When you transform into a shadow, your body will be hidden into the void. Ordinary attacks can not deal any damage to you. When you encounter special damage, you will be immune to it.]

[Shadow Kill: When you use a long-range hidden weapon, your attack can surpass the opponent’s armor. This attack will not deactivate the Shadow State!]

[One Hit Kill: When you use a close-range hidden weapon, Shadow State will be deactivated. Attacks will surpass the opponent’s armor. Critical strikes, dodges, and shield blocks from opponents will be ignored. Deals 300% true damage!]

[Secret Whisper: You can curse an enemy in the dark. This enemy will be cursed with the curse of darkness. When you deal damage to the enemy, there is a 50% chance of killing the enemy in one hit. This skill ignores all immunity effects. Cooldown time is 30 days!]

Although there was a 30-day cooldown period, once used on an enemy, the enemy would be cursed forever. Plus, there was a 50% chance of dying.

However, after some consideration, he decided to not act on this.

Xiao Bai was already considered a defeated general. If he could defeat him once, he could defeat him a second time. Moreover, rather than using his skills on such a defeated general, it would be better to use them on the next powerful boss, such as the Guardian General of White Fog City.

Improving oneself was always the way to go!

Somewhere further away, not only did the White Fog City’s Guardian General suddenly sneeze, he looked around, but found nothing.

Lu Chen shook his head, clearing his mind of distracting thoughts.

He looked at his interface again. This time, he had improved by a lot!

[Your Sword God title has been strengthened!]

[Your Shield God title has been strengthened!]

[Your Blade God title has been strengthened!]

[Your Bow God title has been strengthened!]

[Your Undead title has been strengthened!]

[Your Dark Shura title has been strengthened!]

[Name: Morning Mist]

[Level: 25]

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[Class: Hero (now able to change class to War God)]

[Titles: Sword God (hidden), Shield God (hidden), Ax God (hidden), Blade God (hidden), All-rounded master (hidden)]

[Vitality: 2,500]

[Strength: 2,356]

[Agility: 2,381]

[Intelligence: 3,012]

[HP: 38,030]

[MP: 23,000]

[Attack: 24,860]

[Attack Speed: 18]

[Defense: 1,050]

[Magic Defense: 1,200]

[Reputation: 3,000]

[White Fog City Lord Set: Every attack in battle can increase a player’s attack power by 1%! In White Fog City, all damage caused will be increased by 100%, and the attributes will be doubled. You can control the movement of White Fog City. In White Fog City, you will be immune to 99% of all damage! Magic damage received in White Fog City will be reduced by 90%. The player’s magic resistance will be calculated on White Fog City. HP will be shared in White Fog City and will recover 100% HP every second! Can be teleported to any corner of White Fog City! Skills used in White Fog City will have no cooldown and will recover 100% maximum MP every second.]

[Item: Teleportation Scroll x1, Class change to Sword God Scroll x1, Shadow Dagger x1, Sky-piercing Mirror (broken) x1]

[Ancient Wolf Transformation: You can summon a full moon regardless of the terrain and climate when howling. It will also deal 500 light attribute magic damage to enemies under the moonlight every second!]

[Moon God’s Blessing: You have been blessed by the Moon God. You can use the moonlight to recover your status and remove negative attributes. When you fight under the moonlight, you will receive a battle strength buff. The specific buff will increase with the user’s affinity with the moonlight.]

[Current Affinity: 65 (you will receive a 50% attack bonus in battle!)]

[Light Magic Resistance: +50%]

[Note: When the affinity reaches a certain value, an additional special effect will be unlocked. You can now store moonlight 0/100,000.]

When Lu Chen saw the increase in his attributes, his entire body went numb. Although his battle this time could be said to be a narrow escape, it was really worth it!

With those two weapons alone were enough to consider this battle a win. His various attribute bonuses had also received a huge increase.

However, what caught Lu Chen’s attention the most was that his reputation value, which was originally only 1,000 points, now had suddenly reached 3,000 points.

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What was going on?

Other than fighting, he did not do anything else. He had no idea what was going on with the real world outside!

“What a surprise! The cute girl next to Morning Mist is actually a silver boss, the Ancient Ash Wolf King!”

“That’s awesome! This time, I’m completely convinced.. I just want to say on behalf of everyone else, Morning Mist is amazing!”
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