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Chapter 73: White Fog City’s Hidden Benefits!

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“Morning Mist, can I have your number? As long as you take me through the job transition process, I can accompany you for a month. You don’t have to come to me, I can directly teleport into your city!”

“Morning Mist, I want your number, I can accompany you for half a year!”

“Get lost, you’re a man, what are you getting involved in?”

“Everyone, calm down. Look in the mirror and see how big the gap is between you and Lan Weiwei!”

“Well, that might not be the case! If you’re tired of eating vegetables, you would want to eat delicacies if given the chance, right? I’ll take whatever he wants to offer”

“Before that, I have a question… The path of White Fog City from Bear Ridge has been opened, but the white fog has not dispersed?”

“Same question here. I saw a lot of people walk around in the white fog and come out. Some people did not even come out. Has Morning Mist not opened the gates of White Fog City yet?”

The battle that Lu Chen was recorded and shared to others, thus causing his popularity to skyrocket.

These videos quickly spread out, and the response on the internet was extremely strong!

Everyone began to join in the discussion. Not only did the officials not stop it, they even intentionally or unintentionally spread the news that Xiao Bai had betrayed the country and that the entire Xiao family and the upper echelons of the White Alliance had been contained.

The message being sent to the citizens was controlled as well!

Originally, Lu Chen was only seen as a strong person, but now he was seen as a messenger of justice!

Not only did the game players hold Lu Chen in high esteem, but even the children also regarded him as their idol!

Of course, there were very few people who could provide Lu Chen with 3,000 reputation points. They had to be fanatical or pious.

In White Fog City, Lu Chen had just arrived, and the huge castle was already well prepared.

All kinds of class change masters were ready, and there were a total of 10,000 craftsmen. He even saw the NPC who had first accepted his tens of millions of rabbits.

At this moment, he was looking at Lu Chen with a smile. He let go of the granary and walked towards him.

“City Lord, look, this is the rabbit that I bought from someone back then. The prices were very low, so I could buy plenty, and it was enough for our city to eat for several years! Take some!”

The fat merchant’s face was full of joy. He even reached his hand out for Lu Chen to shake.

To be exact, he was not aiming for Lu Chen’s praise, but for the White Fog City Lord’s set.

He did not realize that the City Lord in front of him was the youth whom he had ruthlessly bargained with before!

Lu Chen’s face was stoic. Lan Weiwei, who was at the side, vaguely understood the situation. She ended up covering her mouth and snickered at the fat merchant.

However, Lu Chen did not blame the other party as he was just an NPC. Moreover, he was now his subordinate.

“Good… well done…”

Lu Chen was momentarily at a loss for words. He only managed to utter a few things that did not have any meaning.

This made the fat merchant even more excited. 

“I knew that you would definitely need this! City Lord, I’ve also received some other things. Do you want to take a look?

“I was worried that you’d punish me for purchasing such things. Since you like it, I’d be honored to show you the other things!”


Lu Chen and Lan Weiwei were dumbfounded.

It sounded like a hidden mission had been activated!

Without any hesitation, he let the other party lead the way forward. However, Rollie was obviously willing to go because the bamboo in the residence was really delicious!

After walking for more than half an hour, they finally arrived at a huge open space.

In the open space stood a few large buildings that looked like thatched cottages. These buildings were several thousand square meters wide and a height of several tens of meters.

The fat merchant proudly opened the first warehouse. “City Lord, look, these are our wild rabbits!”

Lu Chen looked over. The rabbits that he had killed for a thousand years were all here. Even the way he had stacked them when he took them out was the same as before. They had not changed at all.

Naturally, these rabbits would never go bad in the warehouse.

The fat merchant was still chattering proudly on the side. “I bet you’ve never seen so many rabbits. These are all low-priced rabbits that I bought from a silly boy…”


Lu Chen could not listen anymore. If it were not for the fact that the other party was his subordinate and an NPC, he would have sent this man back to the Resurrection Point…

However, if the fat merchant was not embarrassed by this way of taunting the main character, the only one who would end up being embarrassed was Lu Chen!

Although the fat merchant could recognize Lu Chen, he could tell that Lu Chen was unhappy.

He quickly shut his mouth and led Lu Chen to the next warehouse. “Look, this is the refined iron I bought from someone!”

When Lu Chen and Lan Weiwei saw the pile of refined iron, they were stunned.

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These refined iron must be at least hundreds of thousands of tons here!

Originally, Lu Chen was still thinking about how he could forge weapons with only craftsmen and no metal, but he did not expect this problem to be solved this quickly!

This fatty was not bad!

Lu Chen looked at the fat merchant with satisfaction in his eyes!

The fat merchant looked a little depressed. “It was difficult for me to collect these refined iron. I collected them from different people, one kilogram by one kilogram each.”

Lu Chen quickly comforted him, “Thank you for your hard work…”

However, before he could finish, he said, “I really want to find that st*pid kid who sold the rabbits though. I know that he has many things, and it’s easy to deceive him…”

Lu Chen’s face instantly darkened again!

He finally could not hold it in anymore and reached out his hand to pat the other party’s head. “Shut up! From now on, you’re only responsible for leading the way, and you’re not allowed to speak!”

The fat merchant did not know what he had done wrong, but he could only obediently do as he was told.

One warehouse after another was opened.

Medicine storehouse…

Cultivation storehouse…

Clothing storehouse…

Everything was impressive, but it was more shocking when he saw the gold coin warehouse, Lu Chen could not hold it in any longer!

With such a huge mountain-like warehouse, there should be at least a few million in there!

Previously, Lu Chen was quite miserable. He only had a total of 1,000 gold coins on him.

Now that he suddenly became a millionaire, it actually felt somewhat unrealistic!

“These… These are all mine??”

The fat merchant placed his right hand in front of his left chest. With a smile on his face, he bowed slightly. “Respected City Lord, these are all your wealth!”

Lu Chen’s breathing became somewhat intense, he felt like he was about to faint. Lu Chen could already imagine his happy life as the City Lord.

However, he also understood that these gold coins could not all be used by him. After all, the expenditure of White Fog City should be taken into consideration as well.

He confirmed once again to make sure, “Is there any use for these gold coins?”

“Yes, we need to pay the salaries of the class changing masters and craftsmen, as well as the construction of the city.”

Lu Chen licked his lips, his eyes filled with excitement, “Then what about the rest?”

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The fat merchant replied, “I’m afraid that for the rest of it, it’ll be up to you, City Lord.”

“Huh? What do you mean?” Lu Chen felt that something was not right.

“City Lord, this money is not enough to sustain the city. I hope that you can earn more money to support our White Fog City!”

“What the-?!”

The word f*ck almost came out of Lu Chen’s mouth as he gasped in despair!
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