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Chapter 8

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While everything was in shambles, Lu Chen casually walked out of the game pod. Everything in his rented room was the same as it had been a thousand years ago. Nothing had changed at all.

It made him feel as though a lifetime had passed for him.

He checked the game pod and found that the nutrient fluid that maintained the player’s bodily functions had not been consumed at all.

It seemed that he had really stayed in the game world for only a day…

Lu Chen frowned slightly, but the thousand years he had spent in the cave felt surreal. It could not be fake. Those dark traumatic days were deeply engraved in his mind.

Lu Chen shook his head and did not want to relive those memories any further. After returning to the real world, he needed a good night’s rest.

He picked up his phone from the coffee table to check the time. It was two in the afternoon on September 4th.

It had been less than a day since he left the game. He opened the Second World coin exchange system on his phone. To his satisfaction, it showed that he now has a gold coin balance of 2000!

That was a total of 20 million that could be converted into real money!

As a college student who had dropped out of school, Lu Chen did not have much money on him. Moreover, he was two months behind on his rent.

The 20 million he had earned in the game was a huge sum of money for him to save himself. In the game, it might not have been very realistic, but now that he saw the redeemable value on his phone, he got a little excited.

Lu Chen thought for a while and decided to ask for 10 million to be cashed out from the game. Due to the exchange of gold coins being only one-way, he could not ask for a refund. There was no channel for real money to be exchanged for gold coins.

Lu Chen clicked a few times on his phone. A few minutes later, he received a text message.

[Dear User: A transaction has occurred with the ending number 0868. The transaction amount is 100,000,000.00.]

It was done! A hint of a smile appeared on the corner of Lu Chen’s mouth. He changed into a clean shirt and prepared to go out shopping.

After getting out of the rented house, the shops were only a few steps away from the bustling street. Lu Chen directly hailed a taxi and directly arrived at Business Street.

Lu Chen, who was 1.84 meters tall and had handsome features attracted a lot of attention as he walked down the street. In just a few minutes, a few girls even had the courage to ask for his number.

However, Lu Chen waved his hand and refused. Before he went out, he had already seen videos of himself on various major online platforms. Under such circumstances, he decided that it was better for him to keep a low profile in real life.

After shopping in the mall for about half an hour, he bought a few sets of clothes and changed to a decent fit for himself.

He spent more than 300,000 dollars in total.

In the past, Lu Chen would not have dared to imagine it, but now he had 10 million dollars in his hand. He did not care about frivolously spending his money. The pleasure of spending money came naturally now.

After walking out of the mall, Lu Chen directly hired a car and threw all the items that he had bought into the backseat of the car.

There were a lot of daily necessities inside.

Lu Chen had already planned to live in the Second World for a long time, so these preparations were necessary.

The Business Street was not far from Lu Chen’s rented house. When he moved the things upstairs, he found that the room 302 opposite him had been rented out. The door was slightly open as if someone was cleaning inside and airing the space. 

He did not think too much about it and shrugged his shoulders. 

When he unlocked his own door with his keys, Lu Chen saw a woman sitting near his kitchen area with her legs crossed.

She had a key ring on her finger, and her expression was relaxed. When she saw Lu Chen return, she was about to complain, but she was attracted by the watch on Lu Chen’s hand.

She was not a fan of luxury goods, but her eyes were sharp. Lu Chen’s watch was similar to her father’s. It was worth at least 100,000 dollars!

When did this kid become rich?

Lu Chen put down his things and said in surprise, “Lin, why are you here? Where’s the landlady?”

The girl in his room was the landlady’s daughter. There were dozens of apartments in the building to collect rent. She was a fair, rich, and beautiful girl.

The girl blinked her eyes before she came back to her senses and said, “Oh, my mother is not free today, so I’m here to collect the rent. By the way, Lu Chen, have you made a fortune recently?”

She gestured at Lu Chen’s wrist.

Lu Chen smiled slightly and said, “You sure have sharp eyes. In fact, you’re right, I’ve earned some good money recently. You’re here to collect the rent, right? I’ll transfer it to you now.”

Lu Chen picked up his phone and transferred the money over.


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The young girl picked up her phone and was shocked when she saw it.

“100,000 dollars? Bro, you didn’t transfer the wrong amount, right?”

The place that Lu Chen rented was a small apartment that was well-decorated. The location was not bad either. In Shang Hee, the monthly rent was about 6,000 dollars a month.

However, transferring 100,000 dollars in one go was too much.

Lu Chen waved his hand as Lin watched him with wide eyes.

“It’s for the rent that I owed you guys from way before, plus the rent for next year’s water and electricity, are all in there.

“100,000 should be enough. The extra money could be considered as a bonus for your hospitality. It’s all thanks to you and your family for taking care of me during this period of time.”

The young girl smiled and said, “Well, when you put it that way. How can I not accept such a generous offer?”

“At least you have a conscience.”

“Oh right, there’s a beautiful woman moving in next door. When you’re free, you should get to know her more. Don’t stay at home every day and live like a neet.”

She walked out of the room and turned her head to say, “Don’t bully her either!”

Lu Chen smiled helplessly and said, “Got it.”

After Lin left, Lu Chen closed the door. His expression was a little solemn. At first, he did not feel anything. However, after he went to the mall and came back with all kinds of heavy daily necessities, this feeling was very obvious!

First, he seemed to have endless strength. In the past, big and small grocery bags used to be very strenuous for him to pick up. However, now, it was as if there was no weight in his hands.

Secondly, his body felt exceptionally light, and his five senses were terrifyingly sharp now. He could hear everything clearly.

Even the girls on the street — who were more than ten meters away — could be caught by him when they praised his good looks.

This was completely out of the realm of reality he had ever experienced!

Lu Chen looked at the gaming pod and suddenly had a bold idea. He quickly walked to the kitchen and took out a fruit knife from the kitchen utensils.

He thought silently.

“God Sword State!”

In the next moment, something magical happened. The fruit knife, which was only a few centimeters long, was suddenly covered in a layer of white cold light!

Lu Chen’s pupils suddenly expanded. The feeling of being able to cut through anything and everything once again filled his body!

He held the fruit knife and lightly slashed at the three-centimeter-thick chopping board on the stove. Then, a cold light streaked across!

The chopping board and the stove were directly cut into two halves. The cut was so smooth, it was no different from cutting a piece of white paper.

To Lu Chen’s horror, his heart pounded from what had happened.

It seemed as though the powers learned from Second World could affect reality!
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