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Chapter 9

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Knock knock knock.

While Lu Chen stood in his place horrified, there was a knock on the door.

Lu Chen took a look at the mess in the kitchen that he had destroyed and rapidly blinked. He shook his head, walked out, and closed the kitchen door.

He quickly suppressed the shock in his heart and calmly said, “Wait a moment, I’ll be right there.”

The door opened and a tall woman appeared. She wore a fitting suit and her white shirt was tightly taut. Her slender legs were wrapped in black leggings as she stood confidently with her high heels on.

A pair of lively eyes were looking at her curiously.

“You are?”

Lu Chen was a little unfamiliar with this face. If it was a woman he had come into contact with before, he would definitely have an impression of this beauty. The woman was clearly stunned for a moment. She had not expected Lu Chen to be so good-looking.

“Hello, my name is Liu Yuan. I just moved into the apartment opposite you today. I hope that we could be friendly neighbors.”

Lu Chen sized up the woman. Her figure was hot, but she did not have a vulgar look. Instead, there was an air of confidence that surrounded her. This kind of temperament and beauty was really rare to find.

“Hello, I’m Lu Chen.”

He reached out a hand and shook the woman’s hand.

“Oh, aren’t you going to invite me in?” Liu Yuan asked with a smile.

Lu Chen scratched his head and thought of the mess he created in the kitchen. He then said a little awkwardly, “I’m sorry, it might be a little inconvenient for you to come in.”

A hint of surprise flashed across Liu Yuan’s pretty face.

How was that possible?

Had she been rejected?

‘What’s wrong with this guy? In order to get close to him, I even especially changed into tight-fitting clothes. Is it because I’m not charming enough?’ she thought to herself.

She forced out a smile and said, “No… It’s okay. I’m hoping to come in next time then? I won’t bother you anymore.”

After saying that, she turned around and went back into her apartment. After the door closed, Liu Yuan’s face instantly darkened. Then, the voice of the leader came through the earpiece.

“How’s the mission going for you, 0927?”

Liu Yuan kicked one of her high heels away and threw her outerwear against the sofa. She then spoke in distress, “0927 here to report. The mission isn’t going well. I just talked to him, and he doesn’t seem to be interested in me.

“According to the information gathered, this kid should be a promiscuous person, but he didn’t even give me a chance to enter the house.”

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone. “0927, did you use the wrong method?”

Liu Yuan kicked away another high-heeled shoe and said, “I don’t know how to interact with boys in the first place! Leader, you’re making things difficult for me!

“I’ve never been in a relationship in my entire life! How would I know how to get closer to boys?”

There was no answer on the other end of the phone, only a peal of faint stifled laughter could be heard. From that, Liu Yuan’s face turned even darker.

“Ahem, Yuan Yuan…”

“Uncle, we’re currently on duty. Please call me by my code number!”

Liu Yuan said angrily.

“Okay, okay, okay. 0927, you’re already at the age of 23 or 24, I don’t know. The organization agrees that it’s okay for you to use this opportunity to fall in love. I’m just saying… if that kid’s a reliable person…”

“Go to h*ll!”

Liu Yuan’s face flushed red, and she immediately cut off the connection. Then, she turned over and looked at the tightly shut door angrily.

‘Isn’t he just a 20-year-old kid? We’ll see about that!’ she thought to herself.


On the opposite side of the apartment, Lu Chen could be seen cleaning up all the items that had been destroyed in the kitchen.

His face looked a little solemn. He held the fruit knife in his hand, and it kept flashing.

He was almost 100% sure now, the power provided in Second World could definitely affect reality. Although it was not as exaggerated as in the game, it was still ridiculous enough to happen in real life!

If this fruit knife could cut the chopping board and the stove in half, what kind of concept could be gained from that?

What if it was a different weapon?

It was no wonder that the whole world was promoting this game!

It was no wonder that all the major official forces paid so much attention to the game!

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He was sure that the higher-ups must be keeping high-ranked secrets about this game!

Second World was definitely not an ordinary game after all…

At this moment, Lu Chen thought of many things. Perhaps in the future, the structure of the world could change because of special events in the game!

The possibilities of things changed caused a fire to burn passionately in Lu Chen’s heart. In that case, he decided that it was of the utmost importance for him to train and become the most powerful in the game!

Lu Chen looked at the game pod and his eyes bore no hesitation. He directly stepped into it!

Right now, he had countless golden titles, a large number of game funds in his hands, and three epic-grade teleportation scrolls!

His starting point as a starter player was probably the highest in the game right now!

As the light covered Lu Chen’s line of sight, he once again returned to Second World. At this time, most of the people outside the Novice Village had already left.

Lu Chen crossed the Wild Boar grassland in front of him and directly walked towards Stone Mountain.

This was the place that the game map had specially marked for him. The entire Stone Mountain was red, indicating that it was an extremely dangerous location.

There was also a boss marked on the small map. This was the Wild Boar King’s territory!

A level 10 elite boss!

Lu Chen, who had made up his mind to quickly increase his strength, did not want to blindly farm those ordinary wild monsters. Fighting a boss could gain a huge amount of EXP, gold coins, and various items.

It was undoubtedly the best choice for him!

Lu Chen quickly walked towards Stone Mountain. The players along the way decreased as he got closer to the mountain. Obviously, no one dared to approach this place.

In less than 10 minutes, Lu Chen saw a hill-sized mountain of meat lying at the foot of Stone Mountain.

The two fangs gave off a chilling aura, and the mane of the creature looked like steel needles. The entire body was pitch-black, and it emitted a terrifying pressure!

[Mutated Wild Boar King]

[Level: 10 (bronze)]

[HP: 3,000]

[Attack: 750]

[Defense: 50]

[Skills: Earth Stomp, Death Slam]

[Earth Stomp: The Wild Boar King would stomp on the enemies within a 500-meter radius with brute force, causes 1,000 damage, and stun them for 3 seconds!]

[Death Slam: The Wild Boar King’s slam will lock onto a target, causing 2,000 damage!]

Lu Chen looked at the Wild Boar King in front of him and felt his scalp tingle!

With 3,000 HP and 50 defense points, it was no wonder that no one dared to contend with it. Its attributes were too strong.

Coupled with the area of effect skill — Earth Stomp, it could basically kill as many players as it could! There was also a full 3 seconds of stun that came after, it was not enough time to save someone.

There was also the Death Slam, when locked onto the target, the attack would definitely be too overwhelming for a player to handle.

That was why, on the second day of the game, no one still dared to contend with the Wild Boar King!
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