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Chapter 40: The Secrets of the Second World!

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Lu Chen was shocked, and he looked wary.

Liu Yuan immediately ran over and said, “Don’t do anything, they’re on our side!”

Lu Chen looked at these few warriors who were dressed like machines, and he could not believe his eyes.

The technology of the Dragon Country had already developed to this extent?

Then, he saw dozens of mecha warriors fighting with the people of the Xiao family. At the same time, countless black-clothed men charged out from the darkness.

“You are being arrested. If you resist, we can kill you at any time!”

After taking down more than a dozen experts of the Xiao family, the leading mecha man said these words. As soon as these words were said, everyone from the Xiao family had become obedient.

They dared not to resist anymore. Lin, who was the strongest among them, had already fallen. They had no other choice but to comply.

Plus, there was Lu Chen who stood menacingly beside them.

They did not have the slightest chance of winning.

If they stubbornly resisted, they would only be met with death!

If they were captured, with the Xiao family’s power, they might be able to save their lives.

Therefore, the group obediently surrendered. They were very cooperative and dared not to drag things out.

A moment later, after the group of people finished dealing with the Xiao family, they came to Lu Chen’s side.

A black-red mecha warrior took out his helmet and stretched out a hand.

“Spirit Team’s Li Zhen, the higher-ups sent us to pick them up, and you too.”

Lu Chen smiled and shook hands. “Lu Chen.”

Li Zhen smiled and said, “I’ve heard of you. Even the top leader was alarmed. You’re really something, kid.”

After saying that, he looked at the half-crippled Lin not far away.

“As expected, he’s someone that the Dragon Team has taken a fancy to as well. His strength is indeed terrifying. If you have the chance, you’re welcome to join our Spirit Team and have a chat.”

Liu Yuan immediately interjected from the side, “Go, go, go. Don’t try to get close to him. He’s a member of our Dragon Team.”

Li Zhen said, “You little ray, why can’t I get closer to my future colleagues?”

Liu Yuan rolled her eyes.

Behind Li Zhen, a man in black walked out.

He was silent, he moved like an assassin in the shadows.

If he had not opened his mouth, Lu Chen would not have noticed him.

“I’m the leader of the Dark Night Union, Du Hei, number 0114. Of course, you can also call me Hei Yu.”

Du Hei extended a hand. Lu Chen was a little surprised this time.

The famous leader of the Dark Night Guild in-game was actually the leader of the Dark Night Union in real life?

It was really as the outside world had said, Hei Yu was really an assassin.

Moreover, this guy had given him a piece of top-tier equipment in the game.

“So it’s you!”

Lu Chen stretched out his finger and said, “I didn’t expect you to be a member of the organization.”

Du Hei laughed dryly and said, “I made a mistake and left the organization. If it weren’t for you, I would’ve still been a floater.”

Lu Chen said, “So… you’re like a hero or something?”

The few of them looked at each other and burst into laughter.

At eight in the evening.

Lu Chen followed Liu Yuan and the others to Peaceful Town.

They arrived at the Dragon Country building.

They met all the members of the Dragon Team in a room.

“I’m Liu Changping, welcome to the Dragon Team.”

A square-faced middle-aged man extended a hand.

Lu Chen extended his hand and said politely, “Mr. Liu, nice to meet you. I’m actually a little curious. Why did you choose me?”

Liu Changping looked around the room. There were a total of ten seats. However, besides Liu Changping, there were only five people including Lu Chen.

One of them was Liu Yuan and the other was Liu Yu.

Long Er had a pointy mouth and monkey-like cheeks.

There was also a mysterious man who wore sunglasses, wore long black clothes, and had long hair. 

Everyone called him Dicer. This was obviously a code name.

No one had ever said his real name.

Liu Changping smiled at Lu Chen and said, “Do you want to know why?”

He gestured for Lu Chen to sit down.

Then, he slowly said, “Actually, it’s all because of the opening of the Second World. I think you should have noticed the changes in your body already.

“To be able to casually defeat a heaven-ranked expert fighter here, with such terrifying strength, others might need to spend their entire lives chasing after.

“As for you, you only used less than half a month in the game to get to this point.

“This change is already terrifying enough to be scouted after.”

Lu Chen nodded, he knew that the game could affect reality.

He had already confirmed this point with his stunt in the kitchen.

What he wanted to know was what this Second World actually was!

Liu Changping looked at Lu Chen and said, “I know what you want to know.

“As for the Second World, we don’t know much about it.

“One day, we connected to the capitals of various countries and there was some information being transmitted at a special frequency.

“After deciphering the code, we finally understood what it meant.

“The Second World was going to descend into this world one day!

“At the beginning, we were panicking, we did not know what the Second World was.

“Whether the things in the Second World were going to descend or invade our reality, we still don’t know.

“After countless meetings, we’ve concluded that the Second World could connect to this world in a certain way. That would be through the Spirit Entry.

“The so-called Second World was actually created and tested by various countries.

“During the test, they were horrified to find that the improvements obtained in that world could affect this world.

“In fact, when we unlock an achievement in the game, we will gain more resources in the real world.

“The preciousness of these resources would be enough to change the structure of the world.

“According to the information we obtained, the first precious resource is in White Fog City.

“Any force in the world that becomes the first to enter a class-change in that city will obtain an extremely precious resource.

“Now you know why so many people want the scroll in your hand, right?

“The resources gained could be something that could tip the scale in any person’s favor!”

After hearing it, Lu Chen was shocked. Everything made more sense to him now.

The Second World was not a game, but an oncoming real-world!

Liu Changping looked at Lu Chen with a burning gaze and said, “So, we need you.

“Or rather, the entire Dragon Country needs you!

“Not only do you have the opportunity to be the first to enter White Fog City!

“You are also extremely powerful!

“We can foresee that in the later stage of the game, it will be a contest between the people in the east and the people in the west!

“When that day comes, you will be the one who will carry the flag of the east!”
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