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Chapter 525: 525

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525 Fu Ying’s Arrival

If they could exchange business cards at such a banquet, it meant that there was a high chance of future cooperation.

Mo Rao gave Mo Yuan a thumbs up. “As expected of an ace manager. How impressive!”

“You and your brother are so close.” Gu Ci couldn’t help but marvel.

When Mo Rao, who was still joking with Mo Yuan, heard Gu Ci’s words, she immediately thought of Gu Ci’s sister.

Seeing her and Mo Yuan’s interaction, Gu Ci probably thought of his sister.

“Don’t be sad. I believe your sister will definitely be happy to see you like this,” she said comfortingly.

Gu Ci smiled at Mo Rao. “Yes, I hope my sister doesn’t worry about me.”

When Mo Yuan heard Gu Ci mention his sister, his heart skipped a beat and his body stiffened for a moment.

However, Gu Ci was focused on Mo Rao and didn’t notice Mo Yuan’s abnormality.

Although Mo Yuan was a little wary of Gu Ci, he didn’t want Mo Rao to discover it, nor did he want to alarm Gu Ci. Therefore, when facing Gu Ci, he would take the initiative to speak to him.

Therefore, the three of them maintained a harmonious atmosphere.

As for Fu Ying, who was late, the moment he entered the banquet hall, his gaze kept sweeping across everyone in the banquet hall.

After discovering Mo Rao’s figure in the corner, he walked towards her without hesitation.

However, when he approached, he realized that Gu Ci was also there. His originally happy expression instantly darkened.

Fu Ying glanced at Gu Ci, then he smiled at Mo Rao. “Rao Rao, long time no see.”

Mo Rao looked up when she heard the voice. When she saw Fu Ying, she subconsciously thought of what Shen Jia had said previously and tensed up.

“Long time no see.” She suppressed the emotions in her heart and smiled as she nodded.

After receiving Mo Rao’s answer, Fu Ying’s mood instantly improved, and he ignored Gu Ci even more.

“Brother, long time no see.”

When Mo Yuan heard Fu Ying address him, he rolled his eyes in front of Fu Ying. “I’m not your brother. Don’t call me that.”

Although the two of them had temporarily formed an alliance regarding Gu Ci’s matter..

In other aspects… Fu Ying could forget about it!!

Fu Ying didn’t mind Mo Yuan’s attitude at all. He was already used to it.

At this moment, Gu Ci, who had been ignored by him, suddenly said, “President Fu, I remember that the Shen family is also at this banquet. Don’t you need to greet them?”

His tone was teasing, and the meaning of his words couldn’t be more obvious.

Fu Ying’s expression darkened as he looked at Gu Ci gloomily. “I don’t have much interaction with the two of them, so there’s no need to greet them.”

Gu Ci wasn’t afraid at all. He looked straight into Fu Ying’s eyes and smiled. “The good news about you two has spread throughout the industry some time ago. Is there a need to refute it?”

Fu Ying naturally understood that Gu Ci was talking about him eating with Old Madam Fu and Shen Jia previously.

Someone had leaked the news and added fuel to the fire, saying that the two of them had already met each other’s parents and were about to get married.

Fu Ying tried to shut them up, but as the news spread, many people found out about this.

“Mr. Gu, you’ve been in this circle for so long, so don’t you know that some news is just an exaggeration?” As he spoke, the corners of his mouth curled into a mocking smile. “Or is Mr. Gu so stupid that you jump to conclusions from insignificant evidence?”

“What do you mean?” Gu Ci’s voice turned cold.

Fu Ying wasn’t to be outdone. “I mean it literally. I think you can understand!”

The two of them glared at each other, and the atmosphere instantly tensed up.

Mo Yuan, who was at the side, watched the two of them bickering. He raised his eyebrows, but he had no intention of helping to mediate.

Mo Rao rubbed her forehead in frustration. Just as she was about to stop the two of them, footsteps sounded. Mo Rao couldn’t help but look up. She saw Shen Jia, who had left with Shen Ke, holding Shen Ke’s hand and walking over with a smile.

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