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Chapter 526: 526

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526 Never Said

“President Fu, I was wondering if you would come. I didn’t expect to really see you here. This is really fate!” Shen Ke smiled at Fu Ying.

After all, a director’s banquet wasn’t prestigious enough to invite Fu Ying.

If he hadn’t heard the news that Fu Ying had taken the initiative to ask for an invitation, he wouldn’t have believed it.

As Fu Ying looked at Shen Ke and Shen Jia, he frowned imperceptibly. However, when he thought about how he still needed to cooperate with the Shen Corporation in business and how the two families had a deep relationship, he could only nod at Shen Ke. “Uncle Shen, long time no see.”

Shen Jia smiled at Fu Ying and took a step closer to him. Then, she asked, “President Fu, what have you been busy with these days? Why haven’t I seen you that much?”

Her sweet smile attracted the attention of many people.

Coupled with her intimate tone, the surrounding people immediately thought of the rumors.

“The Shen family and the Fu family seem to be really familiar with each other. Could it be that the Fu and Shen families are really going to establish a marriage alliance?!”

“That’s really possible. The Fu and Shen families are considered equally prominent. Moreover, I heard that the Shen family raised Shen Jia as the heiriess. She’s probably quite competent.”

“That’s right. Didn’t they say that they even met Old Madam Fu? That means things are settled, right?”

Everyone was discussing. Most of them seemed to think highly of Fu Ying and Shen Jia. They even said with some certainty that the two families would definitely establish a marriage alliance.

As Shen Ke and Shen Jia listened to the surrounding words, they didn’t refute. They even straightened their backs.

This was exactly what they wanted!

Fu Ying’s expression darkened as he listened to the discussions that kept entering his ears. He looked at Mo Rao nervously.

However, the moment Mo Rao met Fu Ying’s gaze, she turned around, as if she was unwilling to look at Fu Ying.

Even she didn’t know how she should face Fu Ying when she heard this.

“President Fu, if you don’t…”

Before Gu Ci could mock him, Fu Ying glared at him. “Shut up!”

Immediately after, Fu Ying’s gaze swept across the people who were still whispering around him and he said coldly, “I, Fu Ying, have never said that I would marry Shen Jia!”

His attitude was clear.

The surrounding voices stopped and they looked at Fu Ying in surprise.

“If I hear such words again, don’t blame me for being rude!”

Everyone immediately looked away. They didn’t dare to say anything about Fu Ying and Shen Jia marrying each other.

Previously, the Shen family had always been vague about Fu Ying and Shen Jia’s marriage, so they thought that there was a chance for marriage. However, from Fu Ying’s attitude now, how could they not know that the rumors from before was spread by the Shen family!

Shen Ke and Shen Jia’s expressions were not pleasant either, but Fu Ying had given them face in front of the public. If they continued to pester him…

Shen Ke laughed. “Yes, we haven’t confirmed the marriage yet, so don’t say this for the time being.”

It was just temporary. How could he give up?!

Shen Ke turned his attention to Shen Jia.

“However, Jiajia just joined at the company and still doesn’t understand many things. You grew up with her, so I hope you can guide her more in the future.”

Shen Jia also nodded tactfully. “Yes, I just returned from my studies overseas. I’m still lacking in experience, so I might have to trouble you in the future.”

Fu Ying’s expression didn’t change. He still looked extremely cold.

“There will be cooperation, but as for guidance, it’s better to let President Shen teach Shen Jia yourself. President Shen is more qualified than me. Teaching your own daughter shouldn’t be a problem, right?” Fu Ying said calmly. “Moreover, I won’t be in charge of the cooperation with the Shen Corporation in the future, so I don’t think I will have any interactions with Miss Shen Jia.”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone present looked at Shen Jia and Shen Ke differently.

Shen Jia bit her lower lip in embarrassment and lowered her eyes, as if this could hide the disappointment and resentment in her eyes.

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