After Retiring from Marriage, I became the Favorite of a Powerful Minister


Shi Qinglou, an expert in agriculture, opened her eyes after her death and transmigrated into an ancient peasant girl.

In the beginning, she was sold by her family and forcibly taken away to be buried with the rich son who was about to die of illness in the county town.

Shi Qinglou rolled up her sleeves and fought back.

Controlling evil with evil, and controlling violence with violence. She made her family cry and made them take the initiative to retire her from marriage, and support her.

After turning around, she took the initiative to marry Xiao Hanzheng, who was in a coma after being separated from his family.

Shi Qingluo looked at Xiao Hanzheng’s weak mother, weak younger sister, and well-behaved younger brother. She touched her chin in satisfaction.

From then on, she took on the important task of supporting the family, grasping the planting and breeding, leading the whole family to become rich, and accidentally becoming the richest woman in the country.

Xiao Hanzheng woke up.

His younger brother who drowned was alive and kicking. His younger sister who was dragged and buried alive after marriage was still at home. And his mother who went to the mountains to earn money to buy him medicine and was bitten to death by wild animals was still alive.

The point is that when he woke up, he had a capable little wife.

His mother and younger siblings all depend on and love this little wife.

He looked at the little wife: “You support the family, so what should I do?”

The little wife: “You are in charge of being as beautiful as a flower, and you will be my backer when you take the imperial examination and become an official.”

Xiao Hanzheng’s cold heart came back to life, “Okay!”

From then on, he rolled up his sleeves and went to work. From being a young scholar, he became the most glorious and powerful minister.

Everyone in the capital wait for Xiao Hanzheng to divorce his mountain villager wife. Countless ladies want to marry him and become his wife instead, but who knew that he will keep doting on his little wife?

Only he knew that from the moment he woke up, his little wife was his salvation in this life.

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