Against Heaven's Will - Chapter 51

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Chapter 51: 51

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"Is that Aphrodisiac…?" Elder Yang asked in wonder before cursing as he realized something. "Fuck! Give them those pills now else they will never stop!" 

He passed three white pills to the closest of his men, forcing the unlucky fellow to enter inside the bedroom. Elder Yang didn't hesitate and left right after, waiting outside while massaging his forehead. 

How strong was that Aphrodisiac for him to even smell it in the air? It had to be at least ten times stronger than normal. It would take days before the three used up all the energy from it.

How cruel!

Elder Yang couldn't believe the three would willingly take such strong pills, so someone else had to give it to them. But who?

He didn't speculate and instead waited for his disciples to come out while repeating four words in his mind like a mantra. 

'My boys are innocent… My boys are innocent…' 

Five minutes later, Blissful Knight and his friends walked out, all three red from shame with their heads lowered. It was definitely a huge blow to their self-esteem and moral conduct that would hunt them forever. 

Before Elder Yang said anything, Blissful Knight called out angrily, "It wasn't us! We were scammed!" 

It seemed quite hard to swallow but after all, Blissful Knight had no more shame left after what just happened. 

"I figured that already," Elder Yang replied sternly as he sat on the sofa while signaling to his men to secure the area. 

When they left, making sure that no one was overhearing them, Elder Yang got cold, asking as if he was ready to kill, "What exactly happened and who did this?" 

He was naturally mad as it was akin to sabotaging his best disciples. In his mind, some powerful experts traded them Aphrodisiac pills, disguising them as some powerful pills but Blissful Knight's explanation made him speechless. 

"It was the two girls, Joy and Sky, but I'm sure those are their fake names. They lured us to the private room and told us we could do anything with them if we ate the pills they gave us. They told us it was Aphrodisiac but they took the pills as well and they looked extremely normal. Who knew they were so potent! We lost consciousness a moment after and they robbed us! All my treasures and fortune is gone!" 

Elder Yang's expression quickly evolved into sky-high anger, scolding the main disciple who was supposed to be the smartest. 

No matter what the girls did, it was his disciples' fault for falling for it. He couldn't even blame the female thieves, admitting it was a good stunt in his mind. Unfortunately, if the news of it came under the public eye, Blissful Knight's career would be over. His Dragon Steps ranking would fall drastically if the Sect learned about it. 

House of Dragons didn't support losers. Dragons didn't fall from the sky and Dragon Steps represented greatness, the peerless geniuses. Any mistake or failure would be counted to your achievements just like successes but with minus points instead. 

Elder Yang couldn't let that happen. He spent too many resources to groom Blissful Knight to such a high spot. 

"Can you still feel your Storage Rings?" Elder Yang asked as he calculated the pros and cons. 

The priority was to erase the mistake from history. 

"Wait…" Blissful Knight muttered as he closed his eyes before snapping them open with excitement. "I can feel it! It's in the south of the city, not far from here. The two girls were not strong enough to break through my seal." 

"Good, we will recover your rings later. For now, we will focus on the Celebration Party and President Wu's granddaughter. If you can get her hand in marriage, your future will be unlimited!" Elder Yang ordered. "We can't let this chance flop. Trade Union is too powerful." 

"But—" Blissful Knight tried to argue but was cut off right away. "No buts. We are already late. If we don't arrive right now, President Wu will be angered." 


Elder Yang snapped his fingers. "Everyone, gather." 

When his men came back, he gave them a warning, "Nothing happened here. Forget everything you saw. If the truth comes out to the public, I won't ask who exposed it. I will personally kill all of you." 

Gazing at his three disciples, Elder Yang repeated himself. 

"You too. Forget everything that happened. Behave as normal as possible." 

"What if the two girls expose us? We need to get them before they get the chance," Blissful Knight pointed out, clearly mad that he was put in such an awkward position. There was nothing but revenge in his eyes. 

"They won't," Elder Yang assured. "It would be courting death. No thief will openly admit to stealing. If they are smart enough to trick you, they should be also smart enough to know that." 

"Well… We approached them first, so it is not like they planned to rob us…" Blissful Knight's friend pointed out as he still massaged his butt. He immediately received glares from the other two. 

The pressure inside the hallway increased uncontrollably, making all three unable to breathe but it soon disappeared. 

"If not for the Safe Zone, I would beat you all up. Wait for the time we return to the Spirit Land. You are not going out anymore until you master all your Arts," Elder Yang commanded as he left, heading to the exit. "We are leaving!" 

His disciples could only follow, clearly scared of the Elder's anger. 

After they left, going down the main road, the very same waiter who brought them all to the private room peeked at them from the entrance. He went back inside with a smile and pulled out a Communication Crystal, activating it with a smile. 

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"Miss Joy, they finally left but they are not going in Trade Union's direction. If you need anything else, please don't hesitate to call me."

"Perfect, they are not going after us right away. Even if they did, it would be fruitless anyway." 

Just as Nuwa stepped out of the bathtub, she felt a vibration coming from her Storage Ring. It turned out to be a Communication Crystal with a message recorded on it with the exact thing she wanted to hear. 

"Ah, I can't wait to see their faces when they realize that we are the very people they want to see at the party," Nuwa added playfully.

"Do you think they will be brave enough to contest us in front of everyone and demand their Storage Rings back?" Wu questioned as she walked out as well, grabbing the towel to wipe her naked body. 

Her face was still red from Nuwa's sensual massage. Her breasts gave her a feeling as if Nuwa's palms were still rubbing on them, pinching and pulling excessively. Thankfully, it helped suck away the pent up desires that gathered after consuming the Aphrodisiac, so she wasn't mad at Nuwa's methods.

They didn't really have a choice. 

"I doubt they will do anything. They can't kill or silence us. If we expose that we robbed them with such an easy method, I'm sure all three would be completely canceled and their Dragon Steps ranking stripped. They are not going to risk it. The most they can do is try to negotiate with us not to tell anyone," Nuwa replied as she dried herself as well. 

With simple Water Qi manipulation, she pushed water droplets out of her body, making her completely dry. There was no need to use towels. 

"Do you think they did it after we left?" Wu asked with a hidden smirk, pulling out a set of clean red underwear, one that could match the dress she prepared for later. 

As she wore her panties, a strange feeling engulfed her, making her rub her butt. There was something missing. 

"You feel it too?" Nuwa questioned as she approached, already wearing her sexy black pattern. "Me too…" 

"Yeah… To think I would ever say I miss Xuefeng spanking my butt," Wu muttered with a sigh. 

Whenever they stood up from the bed in the morning and wore their clothes, Xuefeng would hug them from behind and embrace their curves. He didn't let them leave the bed without planting a kiss on their lips and smacking their butts. 

Anyone would say Xuefeng was just a pervert, but once you love the person, you want to be touched and cherished by them. Being like this for years, it became a habit for them that was hard to change.

"Once I'm done, we need to find him ourselves. I don't trust my grandpa. Knowing him, he will still try to kill him, pretending he is fair. We need to take the matter into our hands," Wu suggested, intriguing Nuwa. 

"What plan do you have?" Nuwa asked with a grin. 

Wu only shrugged secretly. 

"If he is trying to use the power he has against us, I can only take that power away from him and do the same. Without the power of the Trade Union, he can't do anything." 

Nuwa brightened at that idea. 

"Perfect! I will assist when you need me." 

Wu pursed her lips as she began to tidy up her messy black hair. 

"Let's prepare and shock them at the party. No mercy. We are going to use the party for the new operation: Takeover!"
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