Against the Gods - Chapter 1987

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Chapter 1987

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Chapter 1987 - End of Helian (2)

Partially Edited Chapter - Rubble


On the way to the imperial palace, Helian Lingzhu had briefly told him about the current structure of the Qilin Abyss Realm.

The Helian Empire was a long-standing dynasty in the Qilian Abyss Realm. To this day, it had never been replaced.

Twenty thousand years ago, the sects who were supposed to serve the Helian Empire grew ambitious and began to cultivate their strength in secret.

The Helian Empire was complacent because it had never been challenged. By the time they found out about the conspiracy, it was already too late. The three greatest sects under its command had grown to the point where it couldn’t just stamp them out with impunity.

Knowing that their future literally depended on each other, the three sects actively helped each other out and supported each other’s growth as much as possible. The imperial family felt deeply threatened, but they could no longer suppress them openly. However, their attempts to suppress the three sects covertly ended in failure as well.

Time passed, and geniuses came and went. However, as if it was scorned by fate itself, few geniuses ever graced the Helian Empire. On the other hand, the three sects grew just a little stronger with every passing generation. Eventually, they got to the point where they could go toe to toe with the Helian Empire.

Eventually, even those beyond the Qilin Abyss Realm learned that the realm no longer belonged to the Helian Empire alone. The power was now shared between one dynasty and three sects.

The right to enter the Qilin God Realm—a secret realm that opened once every six hundred years—no longer belonged solely to the Helian Empire either. It was now enterable by the three sects as well.

Several generations ago, all three sects grew into giants that even the Helian Empire must look up to. Each sect was strong enough to defeat the Helian Empire on their own, much less the three of them combined.

Mo Beichen’s tragedy worsened their situation as a matter of course.

It was why the First Princess, Helian Lingzhu, was beyond worried for the past couple years. She was struggling to find a way out for the Helian Empire.


The three sects were the Boulder Profound Sect, the Ten Thousand Blade Sect, and the Fiery Sand Sect; the Boulder Profound Sect was their leader.

Today, Zhuai Liancheng had practically invaded the imperial palace and provoked the emperor to his face. It showed just how little they thought of the imperial family.

Zhuai Liancheng remained unperturbed despite Helian Jue’s firm stare. In fact, he practically grinned at the emperor and said, “It is true that my manners are lacking because I spent most of my time cultivating. I’m nothing compared to Brother Cangying, who surely must have memorized imperial etiquette perfectly since he spends most of his time trying to become your son-in-law.”

Crack! Mo Cangying literally broke one of his fingers due to how hard he clenched his fist.

Everyone knew that he was in love with Helian Lingzhu, and it was true that Helian Jue was planning to make him his son-in-law. However, Zhuai Liancheng managed to twist it into something ugly.

“Hmph!” Helian Jue’s voice turned cold. “Speak your business, young master.”

Zhuai Liancheng shot the only unfamiliar face in the hall—Yun Che—a glance, but he paid him no heed and said, “Don’t you want to know who the guy standing beside me is, Your Majesty?”

“I’m not interested,” Helian Jue wasn’t so far gone that he would allow Zhuai Liancheng to walk all over him.

“Perfect.” Zhuai Liancheng’s grin widened. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you when the empire changes hands then.”

He couldn’t have stunned them more if he had attacked the emperor there and then. Helian Jue, Helian Lingzhu and Mo Cangying blanched at the same time.

The empire had lost control of the three sects a long time ago, but they had never been so bold as to speak of a coup d'etat right to their faces… until now.

“What is the meaning of this!” This time, Helian Jue’s voice was as cold as ice.

“Hehehe.” The man beside Zhuai Liancheng let out a low chuckle and spoke for the first time, “I am Ximen Qi. I have come to greet Your Majesty on behalf of my father.”

“Ximen…” Helian Jue’s eyes contracted into pins. “Are you Ximen Borong’s son?”

“That's me,” Ximen Qi declared arrogantly.

“Hah!” Helian Jue sneered. “I thought the Qilin Worship Alliance worships no one but the Qilin God? To think you would lower yourself to become the Boulder Profound Sect’s lapdog. I’ve never heard a bigger joke in my life!”

The Qilin Worship Alliance was the fourth major faction to quietly rise to power in the Qilin Abyss Realm. They worshiped the Qilin residing in the Qilin God Realm as their god, and their slogan was good enough to draw many powerful profound practitioners and middle or small sects to their side. They viewed protecting the Qilin and the Qilin Abyss Realm as their natural duty, and it took them only a short time to accumulate a vast amount of reputation and power.

However, the Helian Empire believed that they were still too weak to pay any attention to. They had only popped into existence recently after all. Besides that, the Helian Empire’s attention was completely drawn by the three great sects. They just couldn’t be bothered to care about a new faction that was focused on religion and seemingly not interested in the power conflict.

Clearly, they were wrong.

“Oh no no no!” Zhuai Liancheng wagged his finger smilingly. “You got it all wrong, Your Majesty. It is not the Qilin Worship Alliance who is going to be our lapdog. It is…”

He turned toward Ximen Qi and, to everyone’s shock, saluted him respectfully. “The Boulder Profound Sect will be counting on the Qilin Worship Alliance from now on, brother Xi.”

“You flatter me, young master.” Ximen Qi smiled fondly. “When the Qilin Worship Alliance takes over the empire, we will declare the Boulder Profound Sect, the Thousand Blade Sect, and the Fiery Sand Sect our central pillars. We will bear the same honor as shame as if we are one.”

Take… over… the… empire?

Helian Jue visibly swayed on his feet. It took him several breaths before he gathered the strength to speak, “Do you understand what you’re saying, boy?”

Ximen Qi swept his gaze across the magnificent-looking main hall with a pitying look in his eyes. “Tsk! Once upon a time, the Helian Empire was so strong that not a single person dared to disobey their word. Even their brick and tile seemed to be infused with the glory of the empire itself.”

“But today? All that is left of your empire is a bunch of wastes of breath! Judging from your reactions, I’m sure you have no idea that our Abyss Qilin Realm has gained a second Abyssal Knight!”

Helian Jue was going to let his rage fly when he heard the first half of his sentence, but the second half caused him to swallow it all back down his throat.

“What… did you say?” Helian Jue was so stunned that his pupils dilated completely. “A second… Abyssal Knight!?”

“Ah…?” A shuddering whimper slipped through Helian Lingzhu’s lips as well. Anxiety like never before caught them in a vice grip.

“His name is Ximen Boyun,” Zhuai Liancheng very much enjoyed the look on Helian Jue’s face right now. “Do you still remember his name, oh lofty emperor?”

“Ximen Boyun…” It was a name that few people in the Qilin Abyss Realm were aware of. Mo Cangying growled, “He should’ve died in the Endless Fog a century ago!”

“Oh no, my uncle managed to come back alive after all,” Ximen Qi said slowly, “He even broke through his cultivation and became a Half-God! After that, he passed the trials of the Pure Land and became an Abyssal Knight.”

“Can you guess who the one was that recommended my uncle to the Pure Land? That’s right! It was none other than the Mo Beichen who hates you so, so much!”

Helian Jue visibly wobbled again.

Somehow, Ximen Qi’s grin became even more arrogant than before. “Mo Beichen has willingly become a pioneer and participated in the search for the ‘Eternal Pure Land’. There is almost no chance he will be able to return. However, his legacy will always be remembered as one of eternal glory and approval from the Abyssal Monarch himself. It’s just too bad that none of it belongs to the Helian Empire!”

“My uncle owes Mo Beichen a big deal, and he has never forgotten about it. He would have done everything in his power to fulfill Mo Beichen’s final wishes if Mo Beichen did not return…but my uncle said that Mo Beichen didn’t have any wishes. All he has left… is an all-consuming hatred that cannot be quenched!”

“Can you guess who the target of senior Mo’s ire is, Your Majesty?”

At this point, Helian Jue could not even maintain his appearance any longer. His fingers were clenched together, and his gaze was filled with fear instead of imperial dignity.

“Impossible…” Mo Cangying murmured, “This cannot be…”

Helian Lingzhu’s mental fortitude was even weaker. She was so panicked that she instinctively tried to grab something that might make her feel better, and of all the things she could’ve chosen, she actually chose Yun Che’s sleeve. 

Yun Che soundlessly pulled away so that Helian Lingzhu would miss. She was too distraught to notice this, however.

“So what?” Helian Jue uttered through gritted teeth. “An Abyssal Knight should be a noble soul who does not allow selfish desires or vendettas to affect their actions. Back then, not even Mo Beichen had done anything to me. Are you seriously telling me that Ximen Boyun, an Abyssal Knight, is going to act as the Qilin Worship Alliance’s hound?”

“Mo Beichen didn’t do anything to you? Hahahaha!” Zhuai Liancheng laughed uncontrollably for a moment before catching his breath. “If I may ask, how long has it been since the last time you fought, Your Majesty? Have you lived a comfortable life? Well, I’m sure you lived since you haven’t died and all, but did you think you might be better off dead sometimes? HAHAHAHAHAHA!”

Zhuai Liancheng’s unrestrained laughter was like a physical jab to Helian Jue’s heart. It was so bad that the Half-God energy slumbering in his heart jolted awake and engulfed him in a world of pain. However, his physical pain was nothing compared to the one afflicting his soul.

To think that the Qilin Abyss Realm would produce two Abyssal Knights in a mere century! And to think that none of these miracles had anything to do with the Helian Empire! No, it was worse! What was a miracle to others was only a black curse upon them!

“There is one thing you got right though,” Zhuai Liancheng continued, “Senior Ximen is now an Abyssal Knight, and he is no longer affiliated with the Qilin Worship Alliance. Naturally, it is beneath him to attack you. And frankly, why would he need to do it himself when we alone are enough to deal with your pathetic empire?”

Helian Jue did his best to control the rampaging energy in his heart and maintain the empire’s dignity. “You speak a lot, but you still haven’t told us why you’ve come today!”

Once again he scanned his surroundings, and once again he confirmed that the two men were alone. No one was protecting them or even trailing them in secret. It was contempt of the highest degree.

“Oh, look at me! The conversation is so pleasant I nearly forgot what I’m really here for!” Ximen Qi exclaimed in mock realization but turned serious. “On behalf of the Qillin Worship Alliance, I’m here to inform you that we are planning to found our empire to the south of the Qilin Abyss Realm and replace the current dynasty. My father will become the new emperor, and our name will be the Qilin Worship Empire!”

Before Helian Jue could so much as voice his anger, Zhuai Liancheng added, “And the Boulder Profound Sect, the Thousand Blade Sect and the Fiery Sand Sect will be joining the Qilin Worship Empire as its guardian sects. We will be forever loyal to the empire!”

“You… you bas…”

Helian Jue raised a shuddering finger and tried to point at the duo. However, his blood was draining from his face at an alarming rate, and he was literally swaying on his feet.

“Father!” Helian Lingzhu panicked and rushed over to support him.

“The Qilin Abyss Realm is neither big nor small, but there’s definitely not enough space for two empires to co-exist. I would advise you to disband your empire while you still can. If you wait until we march onto your doorstep, well… don’t say I didn’t warn you.”


A jet of blood sprayed out of Helian Jue’s lips. It flew at least thirty meters before dying the floor red.

“Father!” Helian Lingzhu screamed in sorrow. Mo Cangying gritted his teeth and appeared behind Helian Jue to catch him.

By now, the emperor had completely lost control of the Half-God energy wreaking havoc in his heart. Like the devil, it was ramming all over the place and hurting him so much that he was spasming uncontrollably.

At the back, Yun Che’s lips twitched once.

How tedious.

Who would’ve thought that his first “major” incident in the Abyss was a clown show?

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