Against the Gods - Chapter 1867

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Chapter 1867: 1867

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Chapter 1867 - Black Dust

A vast cloud of dust and smoke silently settled over the Deep Sea Divine Region.

The northern region profound practitioners, whose devilish blood had been boiling as they prepared to trample over the Western Divine Region, were finally allowing the battlelust and malice to bleed from their bodies. It was clear that Chi Wuyao's current strategies all revolved around avoiding battle. She did not want the core forces of the Northern Divine Region to sustain any further damage.

However, she also wanted to make sure that this dark hand that currently covered the entire God Realm continued exerting its oppressive pressure. In fact, she wanted it to exert even more pressure.

It was clear she was far better at controlling people than killing them.

Of the western and southern king realms who had surrendered, either willingly or otherwise, Chi Wuyao had used different methods to squeeze every bit of utility she could out of them. But she had also made sure that they still remained firmly under her iron fist.

The Deep Sea Divine Region was already surrounded by Deep Sea profound ships that were waiting outside of it. This also included the Blue Sea Fierce Shark who had left first with all the members of the Deep Sea Realm’s royal bloodline.

The surprise Chi Wuyao had sprung on everyone, Cang Shuhe, was also among those on the Blue Sea Fierce Shark. However, she still had not made an appearance. That was fine with Yun Che, as he had no interest in her whatsoever. He didn’t even get Cang Shitian to call her over so he could see what she looked like.

A bunch of black profound arks had landed in the center of the Deep Sea Divine Region, and the dark profound practitioners started to load their sorely wounded bodies onto them. They also brought with them the remains of their kinsmen and battle honors which would last until the end of eternity as they prepared to return to the Northern Divine Region.

However, they would soon return with even more of their kinsmen. After all, how could they be absent from Yun Che’s grand coronation ceremony?

“The Blue Dragon of the west and Shuhe of the south. Two people whom you have absolutely no relationship with or feelings for, one of whom you have never even seen before, can be forcefully made into your concubines just like that. This is what it means to be an emperor.”

Chi Wuyao came to stand by Yun Che’s side before she continued her leisurely discourse. “No matter whether it is a living person or a dead object, as long as you have sufficient reason and they have sufficient worth, you can seize them as you please and no one will be able to defy you.”

“I’ve only ever wanted the status that comes with this position.” Not a single ripple had appeared on Yun Che’s face as he absorbed Chi Wuyao’s words. “As for what comes next…”

“How about this? You deal with the big things and I’ll deal with the little things?” Chi Wuyao said with a charming laugh. In truth, Long Bai was already dead and Yun Che had even taken key figures from every divine region as concubines, so there really weren’t any “big things” that was left for Yun Che to deal with.

“... I’ll have to trouble and burden you then,” Yun Che said in a rather guilty voice. There was no one else under the heavens besides Chi Wuyao that he could wholeheartedly entrust his burdens to.

Chi Wuyao’s alluring eyes curved into lovely crescents as her cherry lips twitched up into a most bewitching smile. “This humble concubine doesn’t deserve such words from the Devil Master. A successful emperor is most proficient at using other people, and isn’t this humble concubine also someone under your command?”

“...” As Yun Che stared into Chi Wuyao’s eyes, his own eyes grew unfocused and distant, and he unwittingly stretched out a hand to touch her face.

It was at this time that Hua Jin’s voice suddenly rang from outside the hall. “Master, Cang Shitian seeks an audience with you.”

Yun Che’s hand froze in mid-air before ever making contact with his target. After that, he immediately turned around and said, “I’ll go out and take a look.”

He descended from the World Dragon City and into the midst of the dark profound practitioners who were preparing for their departure. All of them, whether near or far, immediately kneeled before him. He would not be able to tell how the profound practitioners of the other divine regions would regard him after he became the emperor of the God Realm, but he could be sure of one thing. The Northern Divine Region’s loyalty towards him, a loyalty that transcended even belief and conviction, was something that would perhaps endure for all eternity.

“Daoqi,” he called out.

Fen Daoqi’s figure quickly drew near to Yun Che. He bowed deeply at the waist and said, “What instructions does the Devil Master have for me.”

Yun Che raised a hand and a jade magatama that flashed with a gloomy black light appeared above it. As Fen Daoqi’s eyes started to violently tremble, the magatama slowly floated towards him.

“It is also the right time to return this Burning Moon Exquisite Devil Jade to your realm.” Yun Che said solemnly. “The core of the Burning Moon’s strength has practically been cut to zero, and the heavy burden of rebuilding it will now fall on your shoulders.”

Fen Daoqi extended a hand that was trembling with uncontainable excitement. He very carefully took hold of the core of the Burning Moon’s divine inheritance and stared at it blankly for a very long time. Then he kowtowed towards Yun Che once again and said in a quavering voice, “Before this Daoqi dies, I will definitely make sure that the Devil Master will see a whole and reborn Burning Moon Realm once more.”

“People who can perfectly inherit the Burning Moon divine power can only be encountered by fate and luck. However, the current Burning Moon cannot afford to rely on this lengthy and uncertain method. Find a few people from your Burning Moon bloodline whose bloodline is pure enough and whose innate talent is high enough. I will naturally ensure that their bodies will become perfectly compatible with the Burning Moon divine power they are to inherit.”

“As for the rest, it will all depend on your own efforts… and the luck of the Burning Moon Realm.”

The gratitude on Fen Daoqi’s face multiplied as he kowtowed to Yun Che. “The Burning Moon… thanks the Devil Master for his blessing and favor! We thank the Devil Master for his blessing and favor.”

“You may leave.”

Fen Daoqi turned around and left, tears of gratitude streaming down his weathered face.

“Yan Wu,” Yun Che called out another name.

After Yun Che used his light profound energy on her, Yan Wu’s external wounds had disappeared in a few short days and she had recovered from about sixty percent of her internal injuries. It also seemed like she had grown up a fair bit after Yan Tianxiao’s death.

“Devil Master.” She stopped in front of Yun Che and inclined her delicate head in deep respect.

Yun Che slowly extended a hand towards Yan Wu and a broken piece of pitch-black jade, no bigger than half the size of a fingernail, could be seen resting in the palm of that hand.

After a brief moment of confusion, Yan Wu’s body suddenly stiffened as if she had been struck by lightning. Both her hands flew to her mouth as the sorrow that had started to recede once more rushed back to her face, her resolute and focused eyes instantly flooding with tears.

“I searched for several days, but I could only find this,” Yun Che said in a gentle voice. “It still contains a bit of his aura. I originally wanted to hold onto it as a keepsake of him, but after thinking about it… I think that it should belong to you.”

This tiny piece of shattered jade was part of the pitch-black jade button that Yan Tianxiao always wore around his waist.

Yan Tianxiao had burned up his body and soul, so he had turned into grey ashes when he had died. After that, even those ashes had been blasted to the four winds by an enraged White Rainbow Dragon God, so none of it could be found.

As such, this small piece of shattered jade was the only thing left of him.

Yan Wu stretched out a hand to take the piece of jade. She pressed her hand to her heart and remained silent for a good long while.

Over the last few days, she had frantically ransacked the battlefield in search of any remains of her father, but she couldn’t even find a shred of cloth… As a result, this tiny piece of jade, which had accompanied her father for many years and still contained a shred of his aura, was currently giving her the hope and comfort she so desperately needed.

“The current Yama Realm is undoubtedly at the weakest and lowest point in its history. However, such a burden has now fallen on your shoulders. As a woman, this must be something far too cruel for you, but aside from you…”

“Devil Master, please do not worry.” When Yan Wu finally raised her head to look at him, all the tears had disappeared from her eyes. “I will not let anyone look down on Yan Tianxiao’s daughter!”

“... Mmmm.” Yun Che gave a small nod of his head. As he patted Yan Wu’s shoulder comfortingly, the only thing he felt was a fragile weakness that caused his heart to ache for her.

Now that he had addressed Yan Wu, it was Huo Tianxing’s turn.

“Desolate Calamity Realm King, when you return home, I want you to personally hand over the bodies of Tian Muyi and his son to the Imperial Heaven Realm. After that, choose at least thirty people of good potential from the juniors of the Imperial Heaven’s royal bloodline. I will personally groom them.”


Cang Shitian entered the main palace of the World Dragon City. Once he saw Chi Wuyao, he immediately dropped to his knees and spoke in an earnest voice, “Devil Queen, I beg you… Please spare Shuhe.”

“Oh? Spare?” Chi Wuyao graced Cang Shitian with a smile that didn’t seem like a smile. “What do you mean by those words?”

Cang Shitian’s head remained bow as he said, “Shuhe’s life has been one of misfortune and sorrow. The biggest reason that I gritted my teeth and snatched away the throne from my father was to protect her. Given her extremely frail body, even surviving until this day required several miracles. She simply can’t bear any heavy burdens, much less succeeding me as god emperor or becoming a royal concubine of the Devil Master.”

“I beg that the Devil Queen choose someone else. As long as it’s not Shuhe, anyone else from the Ten Directions Deep Sea Realm will do. I will also swear my eternal loyalty to the Devil Master and Devil Queen if you just accede to this plea of mine.”

Chi Wuyao’s devilish eyes half-narrowed as gloomy light spilled out of them. After that, she suddenly let out a low laugh. “Hah, this is a sight I thought I’d never see. Given your intelligence, Cang Shitian, you should know that the more you’re worried about something, the less worried you should look. If you lay all your cards on the table like this, aren’t you simply laying bare all your weaknesses to this queen?”

Cang Shitian slowly lifted his head to look at her before saying, “It is the person who attempts to be clever in front of the Devil Queen that is the true fool.”

“Take a guess then. Do you think that I will really change my mind?” Before Cang Shitian even had an opportunity to reply, Chi Wuyao continued, “There’s no need for you to answer. Since you already know that I’ve made up my mind, you should also know that I won’t change it. But what you are truly asking for is not for this queen to change her mind. No, you are asking for a promise from me.”

“That’s right.” Cang Shitian did not deny her words. Indeed, attempting to hide something from Chi Wuyao or trick her was simply a fool’s errand.

“This humble Shitian dares not ask for this promise from the Devil Master, so my only alternative is to turn to the Devil Queen! I swear that I will definitely serve you with loyalty from now onward and even death will not sway my heart.”

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“Hmph, loyalty is never something that can be expressed with one’s lips.”

Chi Wuyao’s body shimmered and she had already moved past Cang Shitian. As she slowly strode toward the palace doors, her faint devilish voice rang in Cang Shitian’s ears. “If Cang Shuhe didn’t exist, do you think that this queen would dare to put such trust in you?”

“However, it is precisely because of this that Cang Shuhe will live a good life from now on. To ensure your loyalty and devotion, we will have no choice but to treat her well, right? Furthermore, the Devil Master’s light profound energy will grant her a new lease on life. She will be able to escape the pains and illnesses that have plagued her for her entire life and she will also be able to perfectly inherit the Deep Sea divine power.”

“What’s more, our Devil Master has always despised the bullying of women, so you need not fear that she will come to any harm. In fact, the status she will achieve at the Devil Master’s side will depend entirely on her own actions. However, even if she has no desires and does not feel the compelling need to fight for the Devil Master’s attentions, she will now be able to live proudly and openly like everyone else. But unlike everyone else, she will also have a status that places her far above most of the universe. Isn’t this far better than the life she was living before?”

Cang Shitian remained on his knees as he turned to face the Devil Queen. However, Chi Wuyao had already vanished from sight.

He still knocked his head against the ground and said in a quavery voice, “I thank the Devil Queen for granting my wish.”

Devilish might, weak points, handicaps, and a heavy debt of gratitude… Cang Shitian knew that he, the previous God Emperor Shitian, could forget about ever escaping the palm of Chi Wuyao’s devilish hand. The only thing left for him to do now was to get rid of all the filth that should not exist in Yun Che’s universe.


After several days had passed, all of the black profound ships took to the skies. It was time for the northern region profound practitioners to make their way back home.

Of the large army of darkness that had accompanied Yun Che out of the Northern Divine Region, only Chi Wuyao, the Three Yama Ancestors, and the Nine Witches remained.

“So where are you headed off to next?” Mu Xuanyin asked.

“Well, naturally it’s the Dragon God Realm,” Chi Wuyao replied with a small chuckle. “I mean, how could we miss the opportunity to plunder the number one king realm that has reigned imperiously over the rest of the God Realm for the last million years?”

“Qilin Emperor, it’s your turn to be the bad guy this time. This is honestly a pretty lucrative job, even stealing ten or twenty percent will net you a grand fortune. So I believe that the Qilin Emperor has no reason to refuse, right?”

The Qilin Emperor hurriedly replied, “I wouldn’t dare! I wouldn’t dare! Every blade of grass on the Dragon God Realm belongs to the Devil Master. How could this old man dare to take even one of them for himself?”

“Xuanyin, come with me. It won’t take too long. After that, I’ll accompany you back to the Snow Song Realm.” Yun Che’s body unconsciously leaned towards Mu Xuanyin… but he was immediately pulled back by a vicious tug from Qianye Ying’er.

“No.” Mu Xuanyin shook her head. “Bingyun has been mourning me for several years, but I simply wasn’t able to show myself or meet her during that time. Now that everything has come to a close, I need to immediately head back to comfort her.”

“Then… Caizhi, you...”

“I want to make a trip to the Star God Realm,” Caizhi whispered. The jade box in her hands contained the remains and possessions of the six Star Gods. “It’s also about time for me to release the Dragons of Absolute Beginning from their duty.”

“Meiyin, you…”

“Father has sent me dozens of sound transmissions over the last few days, so I’ll be accompanying my sister back to the Glazed Light Realm. If I don’t, I think Father will be worried sick,” Shui Meiyin said as she stuck out her tongue at him.

Yun Che, “(?_?)”

When danger imperiled him, none of them were willing to stray a single step from his side, whether he knew it or not. However, now that no power in this world could threaten Yun Che any longer, they could finally lay down the heavy burden in their hearts.

“God Emperor,” Qianye Bingzhu said. “Your vital energy is sorely wounded and you are in urgent need of some quiet and rest. Allow us to escort you back to the Brahma Monarch God Realm.”

“No,” Qianye Ying’er replied in a cold and calm voice. “I will accompany the Devil Master to the Dragon God Realm. Moreover, I will recover even faster if I am at the Devil Master’s side. There’s no need for you to meddle.”

“Yes,” Qianye Bingzhu could only obey.

“I want you to inter Uncle Gu’s body in the Brahma Heaven Tomb. Also…” Qianye Ying’er’s voice suddenly grew hushed as she stole a look at the distant Qianye Wugu. “Make sure to take care of that old man.”

“Don’t you worry, God Emperor.” A very faint smile appeared on Qianye Bingzhu’s face.

Before too long, the auras of all who were present started streaking off in different directions.

Dust no longer chaotically swirled in the wind. It started silently falling back down to the ground, but now, this dust had quietly been dyed a deep black color.

No one dared to predict the future of the God Realm.

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