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Chapter 381: 381

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Chapter 381: Returning to Cerulean Planet

Ye Xuan was not in a rush to head back to Cerulean Planet.

He waited patiently after keeping his battle spoils.

He also did not attempt to block the space doors of both great alliances.

He was unable to do so.

Twenty space doors were connecting both great alliances (Alliance of Thousand Planets and Silver Blood Alliance) to this domain.

And it was the same for the Great Xia Alliance.

Just that to better protect their base, those from the Great Sia Alliance all chose to use a specific space door to land.

Under such circumstances, Ye Xuan would only be able to block their passage and force the Beast Tamers from both great alliances to remain in this area if he had clones, and he would need at least 20 of them.

Otherwise, this was impossible to achieve.

As Ye Xuan was waiting, more Beast Tamers from the Great Alliance of Xia returned to the base camp.

Each of them was smiling widely. The victory this time around was truly unexpected.

Earlier, a vast majority of them thought that the battle would end in futility.

None of them had anticipated that Ye Xuan would be able to rush down in time at the last moment.

And he had singlehandedly toppled the two great alliances.

During the battle, Ye Xuan almost killed the same number of Beast Tamers from both great alliances as a thousand Beast Tamers from the Great Alliance of Xia.

They were utterly astounded.

In particular, the Beast Tamers from other planets were in great awe. It was no wonder Ye Xuan was considered the most prodigious Beast Tamer in the whole Milky Way.

At the same time…

After this battle, their confidence in the Great Xia Alliance grew.

Ye Xuan already possessed such great strength despite only being Extraordinary Level.

What would happen when he attained Monarch Level?

How would the situation turn out?

The crowd inhaled deeply and their hearts were unsettled. The shock that they felt was almost equivalent to seeing the sun fall into the vast ocean.

“I really am unable to comprehend Ye Xuan’s talent and how he trains. How is he so strong?”

“Yeah, the last time I saw him, he had only just started at Bronze Level. Who knew that he would be able to grow and reach such heights within such a short span of time?”

An old man with small dragon horns growing at the top of his head remarked.

“Ka Sa, you know Ye Xuan?”

Upon hearing the old man speak, the people around him turned to look.

These individuals were considered Extraordinary across the galaxy.

And not just in Xia.

Especially since they had grown in unity as compared to previously.

“Yeah, I met him once when he came over to Dragon Horn Planet to train. Back then, he had just entered Bronze Level. During the practice, we planted a Silver Star Fruit Tree in the secret realm, and guess what happened?”

“What happened?”

“Ye Xuan entered the secret realm with over a hundred Silver Level Beast Tamers. In the end, Ye Xuan managed to obtain around 290 fruits singlehandedly. After he left the secret realm, the others did not even know that he had the Silver Star Fruits in his hands and thought that there was a problem with the secret realm.”


The surrounding crowd was tongue-tied and speechless, upon hearing Ka Sa’s recount of the incident.

It was as though they were listening to a myth.

Was he even human?

Was he already so formidable when he was at Bronze Level?

He was formidable to the extent that he could outperform a group of Silver Level Beast Trainers.

They were unaware of such an occurrence until now.

None of them knew that Ye Xuan had done such a thing.

“Honestly, Ka Sa, did you not hate Ye Xuan now?”

One of the Beast Tamers softly asked.

“Hate? How could I? When I saw Ye Xuan’s tremendous potential, I immediately carved out space on Silver Horn Planet to build him an estate so that he could stay here permanently.

Ka Sa replied looking pleased. This was his underlying reason for sparking off the entire conversation.

The Great Alliance of Xia was comprised of many different races. But to be honest, Xia was central to it.

Under such circumstances, he would be able to gain closer relations with Xia. In particular, Ye Xuan was the pride of Xia.

Undoubtedly, this would increase his stature among his circle of Dragon Horn Beast Tamers.

“Ye Xuan was agreeable to this…?”

“Of course.”

Ka Sa nodded his head.

However, he did not mention that Ye Xuan had not stepped foot into the residence ever since he had agreed to it.

In comparison to Ye Xuan, Xia’s family of four legends, Fang Luotian, often went over to Dragon Horn Race to socialize with the rest.

He made connections everywhere.

“Ye Xuan, our victory this time was all thanks to you.”

Beast Masters of Xia came from faraway to thank Ye Xuan.

At the same time, some were busy cleaning up the battleground.

But the spoils of battle remained untouched.

This time, the Great Xia Alliance had also lost quite a several beasts and Beast Tamers.

Before Ye Xuan came, the beasts from the Great Xia Alliance were all reliant on the base camp for protection, and yet more than ten Extraordinary Level Beast Tamers were killed.

However, not all of those Extraordinary Level Beast Tamers that were killed were from Xia.

Some of them were from other nations and even other races.

Hence, on balance, the number of people killed and the losses were still within an acceptable range.

At the same time, it was fortunate that Ye Xuan reached in time.

When Ye Xuan arrived, the battle had only just begun not long ago.

However, the Great Xia Alliance had not lost that many people this time around.

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“I was only doing my part.”

Ye Xuan replied with humility.

Upon seeing that he responded to their greetings, they all responded.

“There shouldn’t be much of a problem.”

When he saw that the base camp was filled with more people…

And upon understanding from Tidal Treasure Snail that there would not be much of an issue, Ye Xuan bid the people goodbye.

He did not remain for much longer.

This time, he had earned a considerable amount of luck points.

However, luck points could not be utilized on Ancient God Planet.

He had to return to Cerulean Planet to do so.

Hence, given this situation, he naturally would not be staying around any longer.

He had also heard of the Divine Temple of Hunt located in the midst of the Secret Realm.

He knew that if he had hunted beasts there, he could accumulate points that could be used in exchange for treasures from the Divine Temple of Hunt.

However, he was not in a rush to complete this task.

To him, the most urgent task at hand was to allow Tidal Treasure Snail to advance to an Extraordinary Level.


He bade the Beast Tamers of the Great Alliance of Xia goodbye before utilizing his mental energy to levitate his body and fly into the sky, towards the space tunnel connected with Xia.

“Ye Xuan….”

Upon seeing Ye Xuan leave, the Beast Tamers within this area all revealed a look of surprise.

However, the majority of the people had a feeling.

They felt that after witnessing this incident, Ye Xuan would be number one in the whole Milky Way.

But his reputation would shift from a prodigy…

To the title of one of the strongest opponents.

Being able to singlehandedly kill more than a hundred Extraordinary Level Beast Tamers was a feat that even Monarch Level Beast Tamers could not attain.

However, Ye Xuan had actually accomplished this task.

Especially when he had used an unknown and special tactic to allow for his beasts to suddenly achieve Monarch Level strength and power.

Many were shocked to the core upon witnessing the scene.

When Ye Xuan was Diamond Level, he was already killing those who were Extraordinary Level.

And now, Ye Xuan could allow his beasts to immediately advance to Monarch Level.

Given this….

Would he be able to battle with Legend Level Beast Tamers?

This was a question left unanswered.

But this was a question that lingered in the hearts of many of the Extraordinary Level Beast Tamers who were present.

“I’m not sure how the situation has evolved…”

And at the same time, in the land of Jingzhou on Cerulean Planet, a man named Wei Cheng who headed the Beast Tamers of Xia was anxiously waiting for the battle report.

Even though the battle had already ended, as a precautionary measure, the Beast Tamers did not return alone.

Especially since the Divine Temple of Hunt was located at an Extraordinary place.

Once one came back, they were unable to enter for 10 days.

Hence given this, Wei Chen and the others did not have any updates about the situation.

“Old Wei, how is it going?

At this moment, a figure riding atop the Golden Wing Verdant Roc arrived from afar and landed in the mountain valley. It was Wang Tianshan.

“I still don’t know. Earlier, Ye Xuan had already gone in. However, given that he only entered recently, we will have to wait for some time to pass, before we will know the results.”

“Then call a few more over and have them go inside.”

Wang Tianshan furiously ordered.

This time, no matter what, he could not lose.

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