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Chapter 476: 476

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Chapter 476: The Man Who Came Back from the Immortal Ancient Continent


Ye Xuan activated the Beast Lair and transmitted himself, the Divine Feather Emperor, and the other six emperors to the uninhabited region in the Taien Empire.

“How was the transmission achieved?”

The Divine Feather Emperor and others were very surprised after walking out of Ye Xuan’s Beast Lair.

Ye Xuan’s transmission method was amazing.

He realized the transmission to a transmission point he had set up earlier simply by shifting his consciousness from another location.

“The Taien Empire called for a meeting on the Divine Cloud Planet, which is still far away from here.”

After walking out of the Beast Lair, Ye Xuan led the group to the Divine Cloud Planet, a planet on the territory of the Taien Empire, right away.

“Six and a half light years.”

Ye Xuan darted a glance at the Tidal Treasure Snail, which had just achieved the Emperor level, on his way.

The Real-Time Map’s range increased again after the Tidal Treasure Snail’s level-up.

And it increased almost one hundred times this time.

From five hundred billion miles to six and a half light years.

Probably because the Tidal Treasure Snail’s grade dropped to three stars from four stars, it did not reach eight or ten light years as Ye Xuan had expected.

That made him a little helpless.

He only hoped he could get some Secret Treasure with the spatial attribute suitable for the Tidal Treasure Snail in the future to enhance its grade.

But even so, six and a half light years were already enough to intimidate many people.

Ye Xuan even wondered whether average Mythic-level Beast Tamers could be compared to the Tidal Treasure Snail in terms of the detection range.

“Every time the Tidal Treasure Snail improves, the Real-Time Map’s range will increase almost one hundred times. So, when it achieves the Immortal level, will it be able to detect things that are hundreds or thousands of light years away?”

Ye Xuan shook his head.

If the Tidal Treasure Snail’s grade could enhance to the Immortal five stars, the map’s range probably would increase to thousands of light years for real.

“Lord, I’ve just got some news. It’s said some of those who disappeared at the time of the appearance of the Immortal Ancient Continent have come back.”

The Divine Feather Emperor’s Jade Amulet suddenly vibrated on their way to the Divine Cloud Planet, and she got a piece of shocking news from it.

“Some of them have come back?”

Ye Xuan narrowed his eyes. “Many of them or just a few?”

“Just a few. Divine Sovereign Starbright, the Tianyuan Star Zone’s protector, hasn’t come back, but according to the news we’ve got, the son of the old leader of the Yanshen Sect, which is a sect in the Canglan Star Zone, showed up not long ago, and succeeded to the leader’s position.”


Ye Xuan seemed to be pondering. He asked, “Do you know anything about the new leader of the Yanshen Sect?”

“Not much, I’m afraid. The Yanshen Sect is a big sect in the Canglan Star Zone. It’s too far away from the Tianyuan Star Zone. All I know is his name is Yan Yue, and he was a Beast Tamer on the peak Starlight level before.”

“But the old leader of the Yanshen Sect is an Immortal-level powerhouse. If Yan Yue were still on the Starlight level, I don’t think his succession to the leader’s position would have convinced anyone.”

“So, I assume he probably got some inheritance on the Immortal Ancient Continent and achieved the Emperor level as we did.”

The Divine Feather Emperor explained to Ye Xuan.

“The Emperor level?”

Ye Xuan narrowed his eyes. He was not sure about the Divine Feather Emperor’s assumption.

But it was true that a Starlight-level Beast Tamer could not have become the leader of a big force whose old leader was an Immortal-level powerhouse.

“You told me that the Taien Empire has a good relationship with the Yanshen Sect. So, the Yanshen Sect is probably behind the Lord of Taien this time?”

Ye Xuan said after thinking.

“Probably. But all in all, the Canglan Star Zone belongs to the Lord of Canglan. I’m just wondering how come the Yanshen Sect has the confidence to compete against the Lord of Canglan for the Tianyuan Star Zone.”

The Emperor of Copper Mount said.

He was not in a good mood.

After all, the Tianyuan Star Zone was where he was from. Unfortunately, it was too weak. Two Immortal-level forces from the Canglan Star Zone set their eyes on it as soon as Divine Sovereign Starbright disappeared.

And one of the forces was the Canglan Empire led by the Lord of Canglan himself.

“You take the Seal Beast to the Divine Cloud Planet. I will transmit myself there when you are about to arrive.”

Ye Xuan said after thinking. The remark of the Emperor of Copper Mount provoked some thoughts in him.

He was going to pay a visit to the Galaxy.

Many people disappeared after the Immortal Ancient Continent’s appearance.

He was wondering whether any of them had gone back to the Galaxy as well.


Surprised, the Divine Feather Emperor and others responded right away.

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Ye Xuan gave the Seal Beast to the Divine Feather Emperor and then started the transmission right away. He disappeared from the seven’s sight in a second.

The Beast Lair’s transmission was gorgeous. It could not only go through the chaotic star river but at a high speed.

Over a minute later, Ye Xuan reached a Beast Lair that he had hidden in the Great Xia Alliance on the Cerulean Planet.


Then, in a flash, he showed up in an office and held Lin Shiru from behind with both of his arms while she was working.

“You are back.”

Lin Shiru looked back in pleasant surprise as soon as she heard Ye Xuan’s voice.

“Yep.” Ye Xuan nodded. He asked her, “Anything special these days?”

Then he shifted his consciousness to open the Tidal Treasure Snail’s Real-Time Map.

However, he found none of those who had disappeared from the Cerulean Planet had come back.

“No, nothing happened. Why did you ask?”

Lin Shiru looked at Ye Xuan with doubt.


Ye Xuan shook his head. Then he told Lin Shiru everything that he had encountered in the past few days without holding anything back.

“You already achieved the Emperor level?”

Lin Shiru was dumbfounded when Ye Xuan was telling her he was already an Emperor-level Beast Tamer.

Her cultivation level had been enhancing these days under the effect of the Love Mark.

Therefore, she knew Ye Xuan must have progressed a lot.

But it had never occurred to her that Ye Xuan had already achieved the Emperor level.

He was already an Emperor-level Beast Tamer.

She learned there were only ten-odd Emperor-level Beast Tamers in all in the Tianyuan Star Zone the day Yan Qi and his twelve companions came from beyond the Galaxy.

And all of those Emperor-level Beast Tamers owned an empire and were very powerful.

She really had never thought that Ye Xuan could achieve the Emperor level so quickly.

That thought made her put on a proud and exciting look.

Ye Xuan caressed her. “Well, keep an eye out these days. If you see any of those missing people come back, inform me of that immediately using the Love Mark. Avoid conflicts with them. I will come back right away.”

“Yeah, I understand.”

Lin Shiru nodded. Then, looking at Ye Xuan, she said, “Are you leaving already? But you’ve just come back.”

“Of course not. Now that I am here, I certainly will keep you company for some time.”

Ye Xuan smiled and approached Lin Shiru. He conquered her with his hands very quickly.

She blushed, and he started his exploration in the mountain, the slope, the plain, the forest, the valley, and other regions in her.

He was not in a hurry to go back to the Tianyuan Star Zone indeed.

The Divine Feather Emperor and the other six were still on their way.

He could wait on the Cerulean Planet until they were near the Divine Cloud Planet, and then he would transmit himself there directly.

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