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Chapter 9

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Monn was also worried about money in his room, just like Little Alma.

At this moment, he was sitting in front of his desk. A book that recorded his daily income and expenses was opened.

[ Tuesday, April 12th: 6 shillings to buy vegetables, 5 shillings to Alma’s allowance. ]

[ Wednesday, April 13th: 7 shillings to buy vegetables, 5 shillings to Alma’s allowance. ]

[ Thursday, April 14th: 6 shillings for groceries, 5 shillings for Alma’s allowance. ]

It was Friday, Monn wrote seriously in the notebook.

[ Friday, April 15th: 10 shillings for Alma’s allowance. ]

After writing, Monn wrote down the total amount of money he had saved at the end of the notebook.

A total of 1,346 pounds and 7 shillings!


That was all the money Monn had saved over the past two years.

‘This amount of money is enough for Alma to attend grammar school for a year…’

Monn was a little distressed upon looking at the numbers.

‘Should I go and hunt some bloodsuckers and werewolves? That should be the fastest way to get money.’


Now, Monn was not like he was when he first transmigrated.

He didn’t have any ability at that time, even if he wanted to hunt dark creatures.

But now, he had broken through to the Holy Rank!

The Holy Rank was the peak that mortals could reach on this continent!


He could activate the divine blood in his body if he went any higher!

With Monn’s current Advanced Stage Holy Rank Ability, as long as he didn’t court death and provoke a True God like the pope.

Then he was almost invincible!

He would have no problem hunting some bloodsuckers and werewolves.


Why were these dark creatures only active in the middle of the night?

Monn had become accustomed to a nine-to-five life in the past two years.

Even his daily routines were almost regular!

He went to bed at 9:30 pm and got up at 6:30 am to fish for an hour on the banks of the Gaya River.


Most of the time, he came back empty-handed.

But Monn was never tired of it!

He returned home at 7:30 am. Then he made breakfast for Little Alma and sent her to school at 8:30 am.

He would then walk from Alma’s school to work at the church.

It would be 9 a.m. Just in time!

Such schedule was rationally designed by Monn according to the [Clock-In and Out 9-to-5 from Work System].

He had to clock in at the church, or there would be no reward!

Therefore, Monn had spent every day like this for the past two years!

That had caused him to develop almost unchangeable time oppression!

Coincidentally, whether it was werewolves or vampires.

These dark creatures were active at night!


Unless he knew their lair.

Otherwise, it would be too difficult to find them during the day!

Now, he had to break his routine and habits for the gold pounds.

Monn had goosebumps whenever he thought about it!

No, he absolutely couldn’t work overtime!

Monn closed his notebook and thought in his heart!

Now, he hoped that some fearless werewolves or vampires would come knocking on his door during the day.


In his eyes, these dark creatures were all walking gold pounds!

Monn suddenly remembered when he laid on the bed.

He had punched in his card and signed into the second-anniversary reward.

In addition to the increase in strength and two spells, there was also a chance to draw a lottery!

There were still more than ten minutes before it was time to sleep. Monn directly received the lottery chance in his mind!

[ Drawing the lottery, please wait! ]

[ Congratulations, you have received a box of exquisite fish food! ]


The corner of Monn’s mouth twitched wildly, and he had the urge to curse!

It was such an inexplicable reward again!

Monn had drawn this kind of inexplicable things from the weekly, monthly, and anniversary lucky draw for the past few times!

The first time, it was a pair of socks that would never stink!


The second time, it was a pot of cactus!

Monn had never poured water on that pot of cactus, and it was still on his desk!


The third time was even more ridiculous. It was a box of toothpicks!


The other rewards given by the system were almost all good things that would greatly increase one’s strength!

Only the lucky draw made Monn speechless!


This time, it was a box of “exquisite fish food”!

How exquisite could the fish food be


Monn decided to try out how exquisite this box of exquisite fish food was since he was taking Little Alma for fishing the next morning!

He picked up the pocket watch, and it was already 9:30 am.


A strong feeling of drowsiness hit him almost instantly!

That was the power of the biological clock!

Monn closed his eyes and soon fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning.

The pocket watch pointed to a quarter past six!

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Monn opened his eyes.

The sky was turning bright outside.

He yawned, put on his clothes, and washed up.

Monn was completely awake!

He didn’t have to take Little Alma to school today, so it was alright for them to go fishing a little later.

Monn gently pushed the door of Alma’s room open.

Alma was sleeping quietly on the small bed.

Monn’s face softened a little as he looked at Alma’s chubby little face.

Then, he gently closed the door and tiptoed downstairs.

Monn cooked the same old three dishes in the kitchen!

Beef soup, toast, boiled vegetables!

Usually, Monn would cook a fresh fish soup for Alma if he could catch a fish.

But Monn’s fishing skills…


It could only be said that the fish were more cunning than him!


It was already around seven o’clock after he finished cooking.

Monn saw a small figure walking down the stairs before he went upstairs to call Alma.

“Father Monn.”

Little Alma rubbed her eyes, looking very sleepy.

But even though she was very sleepy, she still got up early.

Because she had promised Father Monn!

A trace of gentleness appeared in Monn’s eyes.

“You’re up? Go wash up and eat breakfast!”


The little girl nodded in a daze.

Then, she went to the bathroom to wash up as if she was sleepwalking. Monn was both amused and touched upon seeing that!

The father and daughter did not take long to eat.

Monn tidied up the kitchen and took out the fishing rod that he had used for more than two years after eating.

“Let’s go fishing!”

“I promise you that I will not return empty-handed today! At least… two fish!”

“Tch! Father Monn is bragging again! You said the same thing last time!”

Little Alma wrinkled her nose. She did not trust Monn’s fishing ability!

Monn was annoyed, but it seemed like what the little girl said was the truth!

“Papa will make a bet with you since you don’t believe me!”

“You’ll have to learn how to make fish soup from me if I can fish out two fish!”

“Okay! What if Father Monn can’t catch them?”

“Well… pocket money plus 10 shillings!”


Little Alma smiled so hard that her eyes squinted!

Monn was also smiling. Then he held the fishing rod, the bucket, and the two stools in one hand and held Little Alma’s hand with the other.

They slowly walked to the bank of the Gaya River.

The Gaya River was a freshwater river that crossed the Kingdom of Kate.

It was also known as the mother river.

The place where Monn was going to fish was the shallower part of the Gaya River.

Many migratory salmons and trouts stop at this part of the river in April.

So that was the best time to catch big, fresh salmons and trouts!

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