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Chapter 319: 319

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“Lose Mine, I would like you to tell me more about the contents of the letter.”

Communicating with me seems to be entrusted to the closest Benno, and it was Benno who opened his mouth the most when looking around.

Because the guild chief is with me, I will explain as carefully as possible.

“When the aristocratic child becomes 10 years old, he will study at the aristocratic house during the winter. This is where the aristocratic children from other territories gather together.”

Starting from the explanation of the Aristocratic House, rankings by influence have been ranked for each territory, and since lord candidates will continue in the future, Ehrenfest will send a trend and raise the ranking , Tells Aub Ehrenfest that he was ordered.

“Through the aristocracy, the trend to spread from Ehrenfest to other territories is Linshan, hair ornaments, cooking recipes and tools, plant paper, ink, books … all related to me. Aub Ehrenfest seems to have thought that I was awakened to spread to the territory. “

“So, Rosemine, who has been going to the Aristocracy this year, has already spread …”

I told Benno, “That’s right.” Benno’s eyes say that you can say it before you leave, but it’s a problem even if you are scolded like that.

“I heard about the outbreak just before leaving for the aristocracy, so I couldn’t get in touch with you, but did you have any notifications from the civilian?” [19459002 ]

“For a while there was a notice not to leave Linshan, hair ornaments and books out of the territory. From that notice, I thought that it would be lifted and spread at once. I’ve been preparing for that “

“Surely Benno. Shakugan ( Cancer ) That’s right

It is Benno to make preparations to spread with a notice not to go outside the territory.

“So, what is the current situation regarding the spread of the epidemic? Is it that the fact that Rosemine is returning here has already spread?

“First of all, I thought it would be better to spread everything in the first year, rather than expanding everything at once,”

This is to impress that Ehrenfest is not a one-off shop by keeping the trend out and keeping it out for a long time.

“Sure, every time you visit, a merchant will go to the place where new things are made, and nobles from other territories will go to check the actual thing. “Ehrenfest will be a big change because there are few customers from other territories.”

As a travel merchant, Otto, who had been walking across various lands, said so, narrowing his eyes a little. Compared to the adjacent Flehrturk and Ahrensbach, Ehrenfest is less attractive for other territories to visit and there are fewer nobles in and out of other territories.

It seems to be even more so, since it is now ordered by the lord and nobles from other territories other than those who have given permission cannot enter.

…… If you are told, have you ever seen other aristocrats?

“This year, I decided to open four items at the Aristocratic House: Linshan, hair ornaments, cattle curls, and plant papers.

“Are you sure you’ve taken it to have been well-received among Ehrenfest nobility?”

I lightly spoke with the words of the guild chief.

“In addition to that, I thought it would be relatively easy to increase the number of workshops. It’s a pre-escape-type product that you want to earn as much as you can before the manufacturing process expands. I think it will come out in other territories too. “

If you know how to make it, you can make it with me and Lutz in the poor. It is easy to imitate. That’s why I want to make as much as possible and earn as much as possible when it starts to become popular.

Gillberta’s Otto, holding Rinshan and his hair ornament, whispered while tying his lips.

“And we will spread the printed matter in anticipation of the trend of things that can be imitated by other territories. It’s hard to prepare a printing machine to spread the printing. Even though it has not yet spread, it will take a long time to spread to other territories. “

If the secret is how to make the printing press, the printing industry could monopolize for a while at Ehrenfest, Benno raised his lips.

“I would like to expand the book at the Aristocratic House with the goal of increasing the number of printing offices in Ehrenfest and starting to bring manuscripts from other territories in the next few years. I always want to spread as soon as possible, but … ”

“Lose Mine, if you are too hasty, there are many things that will get rid of things. It’s better to infiltrate slowly but surely.”

Don’t hurry. Make sure you have the right roots! I feel Benno ’s sub-voice is heard. The reddish brown eyes are not laughing in the sorrowful laugh, so I think that is probably not wrong.

“At the tea party I attended, Rinshan and hair ornaments had a very good reputation, and Kathkarr was praised for being easy to eat with a rustic appearance. I think that there will be more and more territories that I would like to deal with until the lord meeting in the future. “

“… Klassenburg? What is this big game again?”

It was the guild chief who took my eyes off my words. They may only be familiar with the names and influences of other territories because they only tighten the commerce.

Unlike the guild chief, Benno and Otto seemed to get caught in a different place than the name of Klassenburg.

“Rosemine, what does it mean when other territories are coming out?”

“The social season of the Aristocracy is the second half when everyone finishes the lecture, but I rushed back for the dedication ceremony and returned here. So the teachers and the Lord of Krasenburg still I have only had a tea party with the cadets and the second prince, so I don’t know how the aristocracy will be without me. “

“… Rose Mine, did you say that only the teachers, the territory and the royal family are having a tea party right now?” Then, the client of this hair ornament is … “

It was the guild chief who turned his eyes away from the face and turned his eyes to the ottoes. It seems to me that it has been a long time since I have been associated with aristocrats as a guild leader.

“Yes, I want Gilberta to make a hair ornament for the second prince to celebrate the adult celebration of Krasenburg’s lord.”

“… what awkward …”

A sympathetic gaze is directed at Otto from the guild leader and his followers. But Otto’s face did not change much.

“Can you ask me about the hair color and the color of the clothes you wear? Teo, please refrain”

“I’m smart”

When I explain Egrantine to Otto, Theo who refrains from Otto writes it down.

“If you are like a goddess of light, the hair color is closest to Lutz. If you gloss with Linshan, it will be a more similar color. The costume is the red of the earth goddess Gedrulich That’s right. ”

Talk about whether there is a color you want to add other than red corralier flowers, how much the size will be, and what to do with the price.

“… Do you know Otto? A gift to the royal family?”

Otto gave up his shoulder lightly in the length of his guild.

“I know, but are you so frustrated? The royal family liked the hair ornaments that Rosemine had put on. The best thing for Gilberta now that you can’t make it elsewhere Once created, there is no more …. ”

Otto reflected his gaze on the hair ornament that I have in my hair. One of the hair ornaments that Turi made while sleeping.

“Gilberta’s craftsmen are constantly evolving with new haircuts and new forms of flowers every time they make hair ornaments. I’m proud of that. I think that if the best craftsmen use the finest yarns and make new decorations as before, they can meet Rosemine’s expectations and eventually the royal expectations. “

“But Klassenburg and the royal family …”

It seems that only the guild leader knows clearly the difference between Ehrenfest and Klassenburg. Benno lightly gave up his shoulders to a guild leader who was not convinced.

“The guild leader, if you look at it roughly, isn’t Klassenburg or the royal family like the same family of lords as Rosemine?”

“Not the same, Benno!”

“From the point of view that we can’t fail, there is no big difference between Ehrenfest’s senior aristocrats, other territory’s senior aristocrats, and the lords’ families. The opponent is an aristocrat who can easily crush us.

Just as an aristocrat, unreasonableness passes through to commoner merchants. So Benno argued that there wasn’t much difference for a merchant in the sense that customers of Ehrenfest’s noble and royal families could not fail.

…… I’m relied on how to set up this belly.

“That’s what Otto and Benno say. You might feel more comfortable with your royal counterpart because you can take the form of dedication from here.”

Since it is a request from me, the degree of tension will be quite different when dealing with me and dealing with other senior nobility. In addition, the royal family is not the direct counterpart of Otto. It is the adoptive father who feels that his stomach hurts.

“Lose Mine, how long is the deadline? When will there be an adult ceremony?”

“Aristocratic ceremonial ceremony is the end of winter. Please wait until then”

“I’ve been smart”

After I ordered hair accessories from Egrantine, I exhaled lightly.

“And then, with regard to plant papers, this name makes it easy to know the raw materials, so the aristocracy says only new paper. However, this is difficult to understand, so there is no need for something new. I thought it would be. “

“Is there any candidate? That, like Gutenberg …”

Benno’s eyes were squinted, not going to give a strange name again.

“No, I wonder if it’s better to use the name of the person who made it first, so I’ll use Lutz …”

“If that’s the case, I think Mine is better.”

Rutz immediately said so. It ’s written on my face. I thought Lutz was a good name, but it seems no.

… Mine paper? Quick dismissal. There is no need to leave my name.

Marc, who looked sorry for Lutz, opened his mouth asking for permission to speak, with a soft smile.

“How about using the name of the production area? Ilkner has a very different paper from Ehrenfest, so why not name it like Irkner or Ehrenfest?”

“I think the name of Ehrenfest will be sold in the middle of the paper at the same time”

Benno also recommended the place name to support Marc.

Certainly, the quality of paper varies greatly depending on the materials that can be taken. A place name is more likely to be established than a person’s name, and it is also an advertisement.

“… Yes, let’s use Ehrenfest paper”

I found out that Lutz exhaled as if he was relieved.

“Rose Mine, do you think the Ehrenfest paper is likely to sell?”

“I don’t know yet. I use it on a daily basis in libraries, lectures, minutes, etc., but it’s not used by everyone in Ehrenfest. I thought the students were not aware of it just because they were attracting the attention of the teachers. ”

In my words, the guild chief stroked his chin, “I think so.”

“If you are a senior aristocrat or higher, you can get the same parchment as usual without having to bother to get a new piece of paper. It’s not a price you can afford. “

“Sure, that’s true. I give it to students who do manuscripts in the library, thinking that they should feel as easy to use as possible. It’s normal to be given paper when manuscripts, so it may not be that easy or everyday. “

“If there are a lot of materials, it may be much less bulky than wooden cards, but it will be difficult for students to understand.”

The guild chief seems to have changed from wooden bills to plant paper in order to manage the materials in the commercial guild. He said that if paper to be managed becomes paper, it will save much space compared to wooden cards.

Benno, who moved to Irkner and Haldenzell to work, seems to have come to the conclusion that paper is better than wooden cards, given the amount of baggage to carry.

“You may want to ask Aub Ehrenfest to first ask the Ehrenfest civilian to sell the paper. If the civilian knows that the material will be easier to work with, the other territory Will your enthusiasm change when you recommend it? ”

“… Yes, let’s make a suggestion”

It would be a problem if the lord does not use the special product of his territory. Let the adoptive fathers use it more and more. The best customer of plant paper is me, and the second is not good for temples and commercial guilds. We have you use gutsuri in castle and infiltrate nobility through civilians.

“Yes, I’d like you to make a tool for storing paper. I’ll collect Gutenberg again and talk about it.”

There are many things I want for office supplies, such as binders, files, and boxes for organizing paper. The chief guild who picked up my words saw me as if he had found a prey.

“Lose Mine, would you like to leave it to other firms as well as Printemps firms? There are many people who want to tie a cocoon”

I slowly leaned to the guild’s words.

“I use the Printemps Shokai as my own, so if I want to work, I wonder if I can get the work from the Printemps Shokai? That’s the way the merchants in this city are.

“That’s right …”

The guild chief said the workload was too biased by my large order. However, Gutenberg is busy with everyone, so if you think it wouldn’t be a problem if you turn it around, Benno’s exclusive woodworking workshop could make my work work for Ingo. Maybe just lacking trust and quality.

“I trust Gutenberg, including Benno, so I don’t say anything about how much they are convinced to do the work, and if I am satisfied with the work done, I will give priority to the work that the person is good at. “

To be honest, Gutenberg is a group of craftsmen and merchants who can meet my demands. Johann, Ingo and Heidi were introduced by Benno. And the work I’m good at was good enough for me, so I’m only going to distribute the work after that.

There are some Zacs who have sold themselves that their arms are better than Johan, but I’m basically welcome if someone with good skills can help.

“However, now that the work from the lord is getting more and more exciting, I don’t want an opponent who causes troubles. I’m working from a busy person who feels like Benno who wants to distribute work to someone. I don’t think I’m going to turn around. “

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The guild chief’s proposal was discontinued, with the merchants talking about it. I don’t feel like rushing into the troubles between the companies.

“Because I’m a little nervous, Benno doesn’t monopolize all my work?”

Benzo nodded slowly when he saw Benno, thinking he couldn’t hold it all.

“As for paper, we need permission from Rosemine to make a new workshop, so we haven’t increased it, but Linshan began to become more popular among Ehrenfest nobility. We are increasing the number of workshops by telling our sisters and relatives who are married to the town about the manufacturing method. ”

…… Linshan’s workshop increased while I was sleeping.

“So, if you buy oil as a raw material from a food processing workshop and only manufacture Linshan at the workshop of the Gilberta Company, it may be possible to further mass-produce. Because it is material and ratio “

“I see.”

Theo and Leon of Gilberta Chamber of Commerce, who deals with Linshan, stare lightly and write down my words.

“Does the hair ornament seem to be mass-produced?”

“From the Sewing Association, we have been making handicrafts for winter since last year to make the simplest items for the commoner. The craftsmen are trained by pulling out the end of the Darua contract while requesting flowers. “

It seems that some mass production is possible by dividing the craftsman according to the difficulty of the request. It seems that it became necessary to mass-produce it because it was popular to wear a floral ornament on the costume among the noblemen of Ehrenfest.

And, according to the story that Turi has been the owner of the lord in a few years, it is said that making hair ornaments for girls is like a fast way to advance.

…… If you receive a request from the royal family, Turi will become a legend. It ’s amazing, it ’s amazing.

The high tension in my heart didn’t appear in my face, and I saw Benno and said, “I’m impressed with the ease of turning.”

“If there is no problem with Linshan and hair ornaments, should we increase the paper workshop from the next spring?”

“Rosemine, Haldenzell comes first”

“After the dedication ceremony, we will gather together to some extent in the social world. If there is something missing from Gill’s report, please submit materials.”

“I’m smart”

It seems that there is a certain degree of prospect. Wow, applauding Mr. Benno in his heart, the guild chief asked, “What is the treatment of Kathalkar?”

“If requested, Kathalkar will be selling only basic recipes at the lords’ meeting. Forerunners who have been devised for some time will be advantageous. And this is extra information, but the central person is sweet. Cattle curls with the strong sweetness of the honey taste are the most popular because they are too used to the taste too much. ”

“Huh? Does it taste honey?”

The head of the guild is astonished that he didn’t expect to receive such information. Since the guild head has to work a lot in the future, it’s like investing upfront with information.

“After the territory meeting is over, merchants from other territories will increase, so please refer to it.”

“I’m sorry”

“What I want Gustav to ask is to be ready to accept merchants and travelers. If the number of tourists increases, will there be a shortage of lodging? It must be done …. Probably the aristocrats are not very interested, but the merchants of the commoner will see the downtown area. “

If you want to gather people, it is best to have the merchant come to Ehrenfest, but if there is no merchandise at that time, the customer’s heart will go away and the merchant who came from far away will be angry . If the number of survivors increases and there is a scramble for scarce products, security and other factors can be easily disrupted.

“To maintain security, you will need close contact with soldiers, and you will need to work with associations related to inns and restaurants. I want to leave it to the commercial guild.” [19459002 ]

The chief guild widened his eyes, but I smiled.

“Please continue to turn to the firm that wanted you to turn the job”

“I’m smart”

“For those who know only this city, it may be difficult to see the shortcomings. I heard that Otto was a travel merchant. When I heard opinions about the beauty and security of the city from various people, it was new. There may be discoveries. “

“Huh …”

見 て Marc praises Benno, who seems to be laughing, looking at the stunning guild length from his side.

Benno became a serious face and saw me.

“Lose Mine, what exactly is a lord meeting?”

I was asked by Benno, but I have never attended the lord meeting, so I don’t know at all. For the time being, all I know is that all Jurgenschmitt lords gather and hold a meeting.

“I’ve never participated because I’m not a lord. I’m not sure, but I’ve heard from Aub Ehrenfest that there is an agreement between lords on distribution and transactions.”

The guild leader knew better than me about the lord meeting.

“I only receive the results, but I have some familiarity with the lord meeting because I send merchants to other territories and move travel merchants”

guild chief tells us about some of the changes that have happened at the lords’ meetings so far. It seems to be a meeting that will bring about a big change in the territory.

“Aub Ehrenfest will be called when the blizzard stops to have a meeting about where the Ehrenfest will make a contract with which territory at that lord meeting.”


“That’s … I’m worried about Rosemine. Thank you very much.”

The words of the chief guild were not understood by me and tilted my head. According to the guild chief, the lords and nobility usually do not take into account the circumstances of the merchants of the commoner, so it seems that the decision made at the lord meeting will only arrive as an order through the civilian.

Speaking of aristocratic methods that don’t see the common people as the same human beings, that’s right, but I don’t think it’s very successful.

“Normal aristocrats don’t have a meeting with us like Rosemine. It’s the end of the order, and if it fails, all the responsibility is assumed to be here. It ’s a very thankful story just to have a place for it. ”

…… That’s normal and unreasonable, and I’m convinced that it is too jealous and the influence of Ehrenfest is low.

When I proposed, the adoptive father and the chief priest didn’t talk with the merchant until now, because he was stunned, “Do you give the merchant’s opinion to the lord meeting?” It seems.

“As for the meeting at the Italian restaurant, Aub Ehrenfest was thought to be unable to hear this opinion with a civilian, so it may be a little easier for us to change to the next generation. I don’t know “

…… When I hear that, I’m just a good lord who wants to go out to the downtown area, and my adoptive father, who just wanted to eat new food, thinks so much and listens to the opinions below.





「アウブ・エーレンフェストとの話し合いの場に連れて行く者は、本日の同行者で問題ありませんか? 人数を決めて、招待状を出さなければならないのです」











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