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Chapter 967

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Chapter 967: Encirclement By the Hong Clan

Killing intent also flashed across Xiao Yan’s expressionless face as he looked at Hong Li striding over with a savage smile. These people from the Hong clan were indeed hateful…

“Hong Li, aren’t you ashamed of attacking someone from the younger generation with your status?” Han Chi looked at the pale-faced Han Xue by the side before involuntarily crying out with a furious voice.

Hong Li momentarily paused. He glanced at Han Chi and coldly laughed, “What younger generation? His strength is comparable to even those of our generation. Han Chi, if your Han clan wishes to intervene, you can step forward as long as you aren’t afraid of the Wind Lightning Pavilion making you repay after that. Hee hee…”

Han Chi’s face turned green upon hearing the threat within Hong Li’s words. However, he really did not dare intervene. The words that Chen Yun had mentioned earlier had completely suppressed the Han clan.

The Wind Lightning Pavilion was a great being that the Han clan could not fight against.

Hong Li once again gloatingly laughed when he saw that Han Chi did not dare to make any unusual movements. He clenched his hand and a sharp broadsword appeared in it. The snow-white blade reflected a cold glow under the sunlight that caused palpitations in one’s heart.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

The broadsword in Hong Li’s hand was randomly hacked a couple of times in front of him. One could see that even the air itself had formed a slight depression. Although this Hong Li was really hateful, his strength was not weaker than Han Chi. According to Xiao Yan’s guess, it was likely that this fellow was also an expert who had half a foot in the Dou Zong class.

However, regardless of whether this person had half a foot into the Dou Zong class, as long as he had not truly entered that level, Xiao Yan would not feel even the least bit of fear. Half a foot into the Dou Zong class and a genuine Dou Zong were not even close to being the same!

Powerful deep-green-colored Dou Qi slowly surged out of Hong Li’s body. A wild wind suddenly appeared, whistling as it blew over the arena. The Qi Method Hong Li practiced was of the wind affinity. Dou Qi of this affinity usually leaned more toward speed and agility. Moreover, its offensive strength was also quite strong.

“Hong Li, swiftly finish that brat off!”

Chen Yun’s cry was suddenly transmitted over while Xiao Yan was pondering the Qi Method in his heart. However, the cry this time around faintly had the addition of anxiety.

The cold smile on the corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth grew even wider as his gaze swiftly followed the voice and turned. He could see that Chen Yun, who still had a look of superiority earlier, had already been suppressed by the Earth Demon Puppet until he was at a disadvantage. Each time it swung its fist, he would be forced to dodge in a miserable manner. With the strength of the Earth Demon Puppet, Chen Yun was completely no match for it in a head-on collision. Since the puppet could not use a Dou Skill, it was likely that his situation would not become more treacherous.

Even though this was the case, anyone could tell that Chen Yun only had the ability to protect himself under the attacks of the Earth Demon Puppet. He did not have the ability to retaliate.

Chen Yun’s situation was also absorbed by Hong Li’s eyes. His heart involuntarily quievered. It was unexpected that the puppet would be so strong. Even Chen Yun had ended up in such a situation. Looks like he needed to quickly settle this matter. Otherwise, once the puppet killed Chen Yun, the unlucky ones would be their Hong clan.

Hong Li’s fist tightened when he thought until this point. Deep-green-colored Dou Qi lingered over his body like a tornado. He held the broadsword tightly and laughed ferociously at Xiao Yan. His feet immediately stomped viciously on the ground as he transformed into a blurry figure that suddenly shot forth!


With the increase in Hong Li’s speed by the wind affinity Dou Qi, he managed to appear in front of Xiao Yan within a couple of blinks. The broadsword in his hand emitted a ‘shua shua’ sound as it danced, forming a couple of glaring blade glows which violently hacked at Xiao Yan with lightning-like momentum.

The blade glow landed on Xiao Yan’s body and penetrated it. However, it did not lead to even the slightest amount of blood being spilled.

“An afterimage huh?” Hong Li’s eyes coagulated slightly.

Xiao Yan’s figure appeared around ten meters behind the afterimage. His gaze was ice-cold as he looked at Hong Li who was looking over. His hands curled into a fist and a fierce jade-green flame surged out from it. After which, he separated the flames into a cluster of green flames and a cluster of invisible flames.

The temperature of the arena suddenly surged when the two kinds of flame appeared. It seemed that even the moisture in the air had been completely vaporized at this moment.

Hong Li’s heart was startled when he sensed this change. His body moved with his thoughts as he once again charged toward Xiao Yan in a lightning-like manner.

Xiao Yan’s expression did not change in the face of Hong Li’ attacks, who had a killing intent all over his body. He activated the Three Thousand Lightning Movement to its limit. Numerous after images appeared in a dazzling manner as he dodged all of the attacks from Hong Li. With his speed, it was natural that Hong Li had difficulty catching up to him. Hong Li’s heart also gradually became more furious when he saw that he was being delayed one second after another by Xiao Yan.

While holding back Hong Li, the two clusters of ‘Heavenly Flames’ in Xiao Yan’s hands swiftly began to merge. With Xiao Yan’s current strength, merging an Angry Buddha Lotus Flame, created from two ‘Heavenly Flames,’ was an extremely smooth task without the slightest difficulty. The only flaw was that it would need a little time. However, this little flaw was perfectly covered with the support of the Three Thousand Lightning Movement.

Following the gradual formation of the Angry Buddha Lotus Flame in Xiao Yan’s hand, a frighteningly violent energy slowly spread out from it. Upon sensing the strength of this energy, both Hong Li’s and Han Chi’s group experienced a change in their expressions. Under this energy that was filled with destruction, even they could faintly sense a little fear.

“What a frightening Dou Skill… if I end up struck by it, it is likely that I would, at the very least, end up seriously injured or even killed…” Han Chi involuntarily wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead as he spoke in a heartfelt manner. He looked at Hong Li and Xiao Yan flashing all around like a cat playing with a mouse and sensed the increasingly wild and violent energy in Xiao Yan’s hands.

“Looks like he had shown mercy back then. From his performance today, even I would likely have difficulty lasting ten exchanges in his hands… how embarrassing.” Han Tian laughed bitterly. Only now did he understand why Xiao Yan had said those arrogant words when faced with his test a couple of days ago. It seemed that in the eyes of that person, his little strength was not worth being afraid of…

“Xiao Yan should have some background. Otherwise, by just relying on himself, he would have difficulty reaching such a stage regardless of how outstanding his talent is. Forget about the frightening puppet. Just this never ending stream of high class Dou Skills is something that even the younger generation in a faction like the Wind Lightning Pavilion cannot compete with…” Han Chi muttered. From this, it was possible to tell that just what kind of frightening stage Xiao Yan’s strength had reached. However, this was only an estimation. After all, they had never accurately predicted Xiao Yan’s strength.

Han Tian and the others also shared the same thoughts and nodded their heads upon hearing his words. Regardless of how great one’s talent was, there was a limit to one’s ability. It was impossible for someone to split one’s attention to do other things while focusing on training. Moreover… they clearly knew in their hearts that Xiao Yan had another frightening identity. A tier 6 alchemist!

While his strength had reached such a stage, his alchemist skill had also reached a level that an ordinary person had difficulty achieving. This was an unbelievable thing from many people’s point of view. The reason was that just any single one of the two would exhaust an incredible amount of effort from a person. If one were able to truly rely on oneself to reach such a stage in both areas, it was likely that the person could only be described by the word ‘monster.’

“Everyone from the Hong clan, listen up. Surround this brat!”

While Han Chi and the others were muttering among themselves, Hong Li, who was unable to catch Xiao Yan after a long chase, completely lost his patience.

Quite a number of people were startled upon hearing Hong Li’s roar. These fellows were really shameless. Forget about bullying someone younger despite their age. Now, they wanted to bully others with numbers. The face of this Hong clan had been completely lost today…

Some of the experts from the Hong clan hesitated for a moment after hearing Hong Li’s roar. However, they could only clench their teeth, harden their faces, and charge forward.

“You shameless bastards!”

Seeing the actions of the Hong clan, Han Xue, who had just become a little calmer, immediately revealed a furious expression. She could not be bothered with the restraints a woman should have as she cursed incandescently. She wanted to charge forward again, but was grabbed by Han Chi.

“Father, Xiao Yan has helped our Han clan. We cannot just simply do nothing, can we?” Han Xue struggled as she asked.

“Ugh, why is it that you are so reckless today? If you were to go, you will only become Xiao Yan’s burden and end up dragging him now. Is this helping him?” Han Chi frowned and reprimanded.

Han Xue only bit her lower red lip and stopped upon hearing this. She attempted to explain, “He is someone whom I invited. I cannot just stand idly by the side and watch him die…”

“Don’t pay me lip service. Do you think that I don’t know what you are thinking?” Han Chi snorted. He involuntarily smiled and sighed when he saw Han Xue’s somewhat embarrassed pretty face.

While they were arguing over on the Han clan’s side, the ten plus experts from the Hong clan had formed a circle that wrapped Xiao Yan within it. This caused Xiao Yan to have difficulty using his agility to dodge.

“Run. Weren’t you happily running around like a rabbit? Once the old me chops off your legs, I will see just how you run!”

Hong Li’s face was savage as he looked at Xiao Yan who had stopped. He held the broadsword and strode over. However, he had just taken two steps forward when his body stiffened.

Xiao Yan’s tall body stood on the stone platform. His dark-black eyes calmly looked at Hong Li. At this moment, the flame in his hand had already completed its merger. A palm-sized beautiful jade-green flame slowly surfaced on his hand. Following the slow rotation of the fire lotus, threads of tiny dark-black spatial lines swiftly spread from it.

“Have you enjoyed the chase?”

Xiao Yan looked at Hong Li’s stiffened face before glancing at the experts from the Hong clan within a ten meter radius from him. The corner of his mouth was lifted into a dense cold smile as he softly asked.

“Pull back!”

Hong Li’s eyes shrunk slightly as he cried out in a stern manner.

“It’s too late…”

Xiao Yan smiled. His body slowly disappeared in a ghost-like manner while the jade-green fire lotus remained in its original spot. After which, a bright crystal glow, which carried a destructive strength, suddenly exploded!
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