Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1005

Published at 22nd of November 2021 10:08:03 PM

Chapter 1005: 1005

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When first forming totems, terra gained solid form and would split under the influence of the divine moon radiance and bane-rings.

“A cultivator’s terra will split into as many bane-rings as they possess.” However, the nine soul servants had appeared before Tianming's eyes. Why were they standing next to his terra? Was it an act of their own accord? There seemed to be no answer. 

Tianming soon discovered that his terra didn’t split. Instead, something amazing happened—the bane text on his terra flew toward the soul servants. In a short period of time, all nine of them had the same bane text as his terra. As the text flooded the soul servants’ figures, Tianming sensed a change in them. 

With the fusion of his bane text, they were no different in essence to his terra, even if they still retained some consciousness

Like his terra, every soul servant was connected to his vita in his sea of consciousness. There seemed to be an invisible thread binding his terra to his vita. There were nine additional threads based on the same bane text that were bound to the soul servants. They had become Tianming's new terrae. 

“My terra didn’t split into ten. Instead, new terrae were formed from the nine soul servants linked by my Aeonic Grandbane?” 

The Greater Lifesbane remained a profound mystery. Tianming didn’t know why this change occurred. Perhaps this was the effect of his Trisoul Prime. 

It seemed that the power of symbiotic cultivation with the Primordial Chaos Beasts had manifested in his physical body and strength. And now the power of his Aeonic Grandbane was embodied in the three parts of his soul. The two went hand in hand. 

“Now that the soul servants have become terrae, that makes ten along with my original terra. What's the difference between this and splitting into ten?” 

Tianming stared at the terrae that had bane text roaming all over. Perhaps this meant a stronger foundation. If Tianming managed to form all ten totems, then each one would possess strength based on his full terra, or that of the soul servants. 

As the bane text circulated between the ten new terrae, there seemed to be more and more bane text on their bodies. These terrae resembled the limbs of his vita, or its weapons. The number of totems was equivalent to the number of bane-rings, because every totem must have a bane-ring as the foundation of its power. 

“Terra plus bane-rings equals totems!” 

There was no doubt Tianming would possess ten totems, one more than Qingyu. 

“What’ll my totems be?” He was eager to find out. Now that the terrae were ready, his totems could be formed. “The divine moon radiance shines, terra and bane-rings combine, and totems come to life!” 

It all began with Tianming's original terra. The ten terrae lined up before him and the original terra stepped forward to face Tianming. Raising his right arm, Tianming gazed upon the bane ring closest to his palm—east. 

Under the light of the moon god, everything turned dreamlike. At this moment, Tianming's original terra turned into a mist that contained bane text, pouring into the east bane-ring. A transformation that resonated with his soul began. 

A hollow, ancient voice echoed in his vita. It was the voice he heard when he obtained the Prime Tower, the voice of the white-robed man who spoke of his Aeonic Grandbane. This time, Tianming couldn't see him. His voice, however, still roared and reverberated in his heart. 

“North, south, east, and west—the four poles of the world. The four totems keep watch, forging the heavens and earth!" Was this an explanation of the words north, south, east and west?

Amidst the roar, he personally witnessed the east bane-ring undergo earth-shaking changes. It resembled the collision of nebulae within. His terra merged with the power of the bane-ring and was transformed from its essence, turning into a totem. 

Although he hadn’t seen the appearance of the totem, he noticed an additional stroke on the bane text. It was a sword that divided the ancient character “east” in two halves. When the original terra had completely merged with the east bane-ring, another three soul servants began combining with the west, south, and north bane-rings. 

Thus, Tianming possessed terrae on the two bane-rings closest to his palm. A transformation had occurred within them. A new spiritform power was born, forming totems. 

"I already have four. I should be able to see what my totems are, right?" 

To a certain extent, the type of totem determined its strength. It was said that heavenly being totems were the most powerful. The divine moonrace’s canine voidgod, primalsea fiend, and hexachromic deergod were all heavenly being totems, which meant the descent of heavenly beings. Other types, such as weapons, plants, and artifacts, were common. Of course, whether or not a totem was powerful depended on many factors. In the face of cultivation level, the type of totem was meaningless. Huiyue Yu's luxgladii were actually stronger than Huiyue Yin's canine voidgods. 

When Tianming saw that the four bane texts were pierced by four swords, he had a hunch his totems were a weapon type—a sword! 

“Totem, show yourself!” He opened his arms. The north, south, east, and west bane-rings were vibrating and emitting a thunderous sound that caused the entire radiance hall to tremble. 

In fact, the birth of his totems was infinitely more powerful than those children. After all, the children were at the Saint stage. 

The totems Tianming formed were divine-class. Just as he expected, the moment he spread his arms and turned his palms to face the sky, four enormous, gleaming swords shot out from his bane-rings. The swords’ brilliance had Tianming squinting his eyes. 

“Damn, that’s such a cool entrance!” 

Under the colorful rays, Tianming stood with his arms outstretched, as if he were on stage with ten thousand eyes on him. The four swords then rushed out of his arms, and the sharpness that unfolded at that instant had radiance hall surging with sword ki. 

Tianming's gaze fell upon the sword the moment it emerged from the east bane-ring, that voice still reverberating in his ears. It was a heavy gold and red sword with a wide and thick blade. On its hilt was a pair of phoenix-shaped wings. Nine suns lined up from top to bottom, each of them burning with a ferocity that seemed as if it was powered by a stellunar source. This was the totem formed from Tianming’s original terra. 

“The infernal cauldron, east of the universe. The eastern god dominates the galaxy. This is the Eastdivinity Acme!” The words resounded in his ears.

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