Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1009

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Chapter 1009: 1009

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One man, one blade, and six bloodmoon skyfiends guarding them. Huiyue Jie’s eight Reddust Bloodeyes glared at Tianming and his lifebound beasts.

His body turned into a blur and shot toward Li Tianming! His six bloodmoon skyfiends howled, then stabbed their spiked arms at Tianming and his lifebound beasts.

This was the battle art, Starchase Bloodspikes.

With over six bloodmoon skyfiends using it, it meant over forty spikes were targeting them, as well as six scorpion tails. Each spike also produced over a thousand blood-red dots.

For an instant, it was like a sky full of bloody shooting stars bearing down on them.

Now, in his first fight since ascending, Tianming could clearly feel how much his Vita Prime had grown after overcoming his bane-rings. He had never seen this battle art before, but he could still perfectly trace the trajectory, speed, and the difficulty of the profound mysteries involved.

Tianming could tell that, if he had the incantation, he could learn this battle art in no time at all.

Most obvious was the Hexapath Samsara Sword. Many things that were difficult to understand before took just a few thoughts to decipher now.

“The greatest use of Lifesbane was to raise your comprehension. The reason the celestial orderian race and divine moonrace can rise in level so fast and cultivate so many battle arts is thanks to Lifesbane. But Lifesbane should be where I’m the strongest!”

The one thing the Primordial Chaos Beasts had never brought him was comprehension ability. His Aeonic Grandbane had, after reaching ascendance, covered up his only flaw. Seeing and dissecting the Starchase Bloodspikes in front of him was too easy now.

Huiyue Jie’s only advantage over him now was his Pentarcanic Sky astralforce!

“Kneel!” When Huiyue Jie saw him standing there, he thought Tianming had been frightened stiff.

However, he didn’t expect the Radix World Tree’s Radiant Vines and Bloodrain Sword to descend the next moment.

Tianming and Xian Xian didn’t even need words to communicate in battle, thanks to their telepathic connection. What Tianming saw only needed a moment to be transmitted to Xian Xian. Hence, the Radiant Vines and Bloodrain Sword easily avoided all of the bloodmoon skyfiends’ attacks and landed the first blow on them!

Xian Xian’s Vitalbane, Life Curse had no effect on the totems, as they weren’t living things. However, when the bane-ring characters appeared on its vines and swords, it had raised their attack power.

As for Lan Huang, with its Montseabane, Starocean Flicker, Kilofold Rings, and the Greenspark Tower all activated to protect it, it then used Azure Oceanic Purgatory to take control of the battlefield, turning the soil around it into an azure sea. It practically ignored the Starchase Bloodspikes of the bloodmoon skyfiends and threw itself at the six giant totems.

For a few moments, there was an ear-splitting clash of spikes and fangs. The totems’ spiritual attacks did damage Lan Huang a bit. However, it was so hardy it would be able to go at this for hours! The Starchase Bloodspikes were at most able to dig a few meters into its body; it was too difficult to kill Lan Huang that way.

And the one who could really harm the totems was Ying Huo. It followed behind its little siblings, unleashing its Imperial Radiance and Infernal Haze as it shot forward. It instantly pierced through the three totems right in front of it and left persistent flames burning on them.

Of course, totems suffered much less than lifebound beasts when they had holes in their bodies. They also had an advantage in numbers. Meow Meow’s lightning was the most effective against them, but the cat wasn’t present,

Hence, Tianming was clear that he could fight an ordinary Pentarcanic Sky without his totems. However, someone like Huiyue Jie, who was unrivaled within that stage, was something else.

After all, this fellow had been cultivating for fifty years and had been enjoying the stellar source and divine moon hall since he was young.

Huiyue Jie could see he still had the advantage. However, Tianming’s strength still shocked him.

“Just one month….” Huiyue Jie might have designated himself as ‘Li Tianming’s stepping stone’, but it hadn’t even been a month yet! He knew it was an opportunity, but he rejected it.

“I may want to lose, but this is too pathetic! Next time!” Huiyue Jie decided to use his full power.

When the totems unleashed their Pentarcanic Sky power, they surpassed Tianming’s lifebound beasts. Their biting and stabbing all carried great power.

Three of them even held down Lan Huang and began aiming at weak spots like its eyes and mouth with their tail and spikes!

Fortunately, Ying Huo and Xian Xian were there to assist. One dragged one totem away, while Ying Huo made its Infernal Blaze detonate on another totem’s body.

The totem shrieked and part of its bloody mist dispersed.

This showed the power of Ying Huo’s abilities were indeed more effective on totems than weapons. Of course, based on that, Meow Meow’s Blitzbane, Worldbolt Blast would be the nightmare of totems.

Alas, Meow Meow wasn’t there.

However, there was of course another, simpler solution to handling totems. And that was… another totem!

As astral bodies that could attack the spirit, that meant they were weak to it too.

Tianming made some calculations. He was indeed disadvantaged when fighting Huiyue Jie without totems. So Tianming directly prepared his totems.

Tianming himself charged at the source of the totems, Huiyue Jie. Huiyue Jie’s Voidmoon Demonblade clashed several times with Tianming’s Grand-Orient Sword, suppressing him a little.

“Your skill isn’t bad. But, it’s not enough! Come back a year later, Li Tianming!” Huiyue Jie smiled coldly. He had already decided to infuriate Tianming even more today, and was very satisfied with how impulsive Tianming was.

Suddenly, when Huiyue Jie’s blade was slashing toward Tianming again, sword light suddenly covered Tianming and resplendent sword ki billowed out. Four twenty-meter-long giant swords came out of his body and revolved around him. Then they pointed at Huiyue Jie.

Boundless sword ki rushed out of the four godswords.

The crimson Eastdivinity Acme with phoenix wings.

The gloomy and cold Westvoid Progenifiend with a baleful presence.

The black and white Southsky Chaospit, around which yin and yang energy revolved.

And the icy blue Northapex Perpetuity, which had dark green branches entwined around the blade!

Their form and presence were countless times more impressive than the luxgladii. However, when considering weapon totems, length usually correlated to strength. Twenty meters was usually a samsaran standard.

“Totems?” Huiyue Jie and Granny Yuehe were shocked when the totems popped up.

Huiye Shi had mentioned that Tianming wasn’t a pure member of the rootbeast race, and they knew he would create totems later on. Since they were at the radiance hall, these were clearly new totems. In fact, they hadn’t yet absorbed enough stellunar source to fill their power reserves.

“I see. This is your source of confidence?” Huiyue Jie couldn’t hold back his laughter.

He was jealous of Tianming’s talent, yes. But in terms of wisdom? Tianming really was someone from ‘Soulwell Mountain’. All he got were four weapon-type totems and he thought himself invincible?

As Huiyue Jie was sneering, Tianming recombined the Grand-Orient Swords.

He looked coldly at Huiyue Jie. His personal strength was, at most, on the level of two bloodmoon skyfiends.

Without a word, Tianming stabbed out with his sword. The range of his attack didn’t just include Huiyue Jie, but the bloodmoon skyfiends as well!

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