Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1015

Published at 28th of November 2021 01:40:03 AM

Chapter 1015: 1015

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Tianming didn't think leaving like this was bad by any means. After all, he didn't take anything from the Huiyue Clan by cultivating to the Ascension stage or awakening his totems. Instead, Feiling had been tied up by the Moonsoul Blooddragon. This was completely unwarranted and had completely made Tianming utterly disappointed in them. Now that he had wings of his own, he no longer had a need to stay there. The fact that Yuehe had immediately gotten Huiyue Hai to monitor him meant that they weren't going to show him any mercy, either. Tianming wouldn't be surprised if Huiyue Hai tried to kill him if he attempted to escape.

"If my guess is right, the Veneramoon Formation is shut tight." Tianming had heard that in the opposite direction he was heading in—the far north—the killer spared no effort to attack the formation, and only then managed to get out. It appeared that the formation could change between barrier and defensive modes. The main purpose of barrier mode was to keep people from moving in and out of it, but the defensive mode was meant to attack any enemy within its domain. Right now, the Veneramoon Formation was in its barrier mode, so it should be much easier for Tianming to deal with.

"The Huiyue Clan thinks they can stop me from leaving just because they sealed off the formation, and even sent Huiyue Hai to monitor me. I'm definitely being targeted by them."

Even so, a sky plunderer like him wouldn't have any problem with that. He finally reached the border of the formation. With the city in so much chaos, nobody other than his tails were paying close attention to him. He took Feiling with him and immediately placed his black hand on the formation. It seemed to be around the level of the Skysource Hellshaker Formation, but Tianming was much stronger than he had been back then.

"That's enough," Huiyue Hai said as he emerged from behind them, looking judgmentally at Tianming and Feiling. "What’re you trying to do? You intend to destroy our formation?"

"Of course not. I'm just admiring your impressive handiwork," Tianming said, turning around.

"Enough. I know everything about you now. Come back with me and accept your punishment!" he said in annoyance. The matter with Huiye Shi had been ruined by Tianming, who later went on to defeat his son. He had been rather annoyed with Tianming for quite some time. Naturally, he also knew of how he had defeated Huiyue Jie and ruined one of his bane-rings. Though he was impressed, he didn't let it show, for he held a grudge against Tianming.

"What do you mean?" Tianming asked, stalling for time.

"Are you still playing dumb? The two of you don't look even remotely identical. How are you siblings? I think you're lovers, right? To think that you were toying with Shishi and messing with her feelings. You were just trying to use the Huiyue Clan for your own cultivation, right? Now you've offended the clan leader's family. Do you think you can escape just like that? I bet you didn't expect this. The formation used to only prevent entry, but now exit is also prohibited! You won't be able to leave."

Tianming was perfectly happy with Huiyue Hai's misunderstanding. That would mean Huiye Shi wouldn't be blamed for being their accomplice. He would hate to drag her down after all she had done for them.

"No way!" he said, faking his anger.

"Just go back with me and you'll find out. And there I was wondering what you were planning. You were trying to leave, eh? You came here and took what you wanted, and even destroyed a bane-ring. Even if you have unbelievable talent, you're nothing but a useless animal if you aren't put to good use by the clan!" Huiyue Hai stretched his hand out to nab Tianming. His power was on the level of Liu Yizhao and Yusheng Luo at the Hexaunity Sky level, putting him well in the ranks of the elite.

Even if he wasn't as talented as Huiyue Jie, his centuries of experience and cultivation still made him far stronger! Tianming immediately sensed danger and tore the formation open before leaving with Feiling. Ying Huo popped up for a moment and used its Sixpath Infernal Lotus to obscure Huiyue Hai's vision.

"Impossible!" He was dumbstruck at the sight of a seventeen-year-old youth breaking through the formation and leaving. Normally, only divine moonrace with the crescent forehead stigma would be able to leave the formation in that state. Though he was shocked, he managed to react immediately.

Nobody shall be allowed to leave Huiyue City! He charged through the flames and touched the formation. The stigma on his forehead shone and opened a path for him to leave. He immediately gave chase, ignoring his parched throat from the flames. There's already a killer on the loose and toying with us. How dare this child shit on our heads at a moment like that?!

He wasn't aware of Yuehe and Huiyue Jie's plan and had only witnessed his bane-ring being destroyed. As far as he was aware, Tianming had ruined Huiyue Jie's bright future and he was livid about it. What he didn't expect was that Tianming and Feiling would immediately mount a feline creature covered in black lightning after leaving the formation and swiftly zip away. With Blitzbane, Worldbolt Blast, Meow Meow's speed was now at an incomprehensible level. When the bane text mixed in with its lightning, it sped up without a seeming upper limit. Having had more than enough sleep, Meow Meow had stored up more than enough lightning, only for it to be released at this moment to propel itself kilometers away in an instant.

"It's far too fast!" Even Tianming could barely take it. He had Feiling sitting in front of him on Meow Meow's back, cradling her waist with one arm and grabbing onto Meow Meow's fur with the other. Otherwise, he wouldn't even be able to stably sit on it.

"Fear my absolute speed, human!" Meow Meow boasted, accelerating more and more.

Feiling was almost being flung off its body. Tianming had to move his arm higher up to make sure she didn't fall, causing Feiling some surprise. Looking down and seeing his arm practically on her chest, she blushed. "Big Brother, w-w-what are you d-doing?!"

They were running for their lives. "Calm down. I need a better grip to make sure you're sitting tight," he said with the most serious voice he could muster.


"A lightning-type lifebound beast? What ridiculous speed!" Huiyue Hai immediately saw Meow Meow speed off using tens of thousands of black lightning bolts to propel itself. However, he smirked. "It just so happens I'm a perfect match."

The bane-rings on his arm let out a bolt of purple lightning that caught up to the black lightning bolts beside Meow Meow, melding with them and vanishing from sight. The next instant, Meow Meow was already beyond his field of view. "You might not know it, but I'm the best lightning seeker in the Divine Moon Realm. Do you really think you'll be able to run from me?"

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