Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 102

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Chapter 102: - The King of Lifebound Beasts!

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The Six-Winged Goldroc was defeated by the little chick before it could even use its spiritsource ability! Needless to say, that was enough to traumatize Wei Lingxuan, and before she could even fully process that, the little chick had already disappeared in a flurry of fiery shadows, charging towards her.

“Lingxuan, watch out!” Even Wei Guohao and the rest could no longer keep their cool.

“Die!” Her eyes turned bloodshot as she entered a state of hysteria from having her lifebound beast defeated. She refused to believe her eyes! She knew what Li Tianming was capable of, and it was only with Princess Ling’s attachment that he managed to defeat Wei Qingyi back then. Yet, the princess wasn't attached to him now, but her goldroc was still beaten down solidly. The more she tried to deny her utter defeat, the more emotional she became. With the Goldfault Sword in her hands, she used her Daylight Aurora Sword Art once more. Launching a total of eighteen strikes, she struck at the little chick.

Surely there was no way the beast could counter that!

Ying Huo swooped down like a meteor, the momentum empowering its claws even further. With its agility and the destructiveness of its claws, it was no doubt Wei Lingxuan’s worst nightmare. The eighteen strikes seemingly hit the little chick, and yet, each and every one of them had passed through thin air! This was her proudest martial art, one that even Wei Tiancang had praised before! Rooted to the ground, she watched in terror as the little chick appeared in front of her.

“We don’t welcome flat-chested girls here!” With a vulgar battlecry that bordered on fowl play, Ying Huo struck Wei Lingxuan’s chest with its claws.

With a horrendous metallic screech, the chainmail sank in towards her body. While it wasn’t broken, the impact was enough to send the girl flying back into the group of Wei disciples. Even with the Silver Seraphic Armour, her internal organs had been injured enough to the point that she was coughing out blood. It was possible that without the armour, she would have probably died from that claw!

“Lingxuan!” The watching disciples quickly helped Wei Lingxuan up. They were not just furious, but also shocked. Who would believe them if they said Wei Lingxuan and her beast were defeated single-handedly by Li Tianming’s beast, without being able to even resist meaningfully? If it wasn’t because he had witnessed it for himself, Wei Guohao wouldn’t have believed it even if Wei Tiancang told him that. But what had happened right in front of their eyes was clearly no dream. Who would have thought that just minutes ago, they were joking about breaking Li Tianming’s third leg?

The most shocked of them all was still Wei Lingxuan, who was suffering from both physical and mental trauma.

“Xuan’er, are you alright? Xuan’er!” Wei Guohao’s eyes were likewise bloodshot as he looked at the blood flowing out of his sister’s mouth, but that couldn’t hide the trembling in his body.

“But how! How is he this strong?!” Wei Qingyi had an even weaker mentality, and he was already on the edge of crying right now. Fear completely overwhelmed him within the next few moments, Li Tianming's figure becoming a phobia of his. Wasn’t he just some cripple from the countryside, doomed to fall behind the geniuses of the sanctum? How could he have overcome them? Wei Qingyi wished to intimidate Li Tianming with some threats, but he realised that he couldn’t even produce a single peep.

“That’s for disrespecting your elder cousin. Next time, don’t think you can get away this easily.” Li Tianming’s casual remarks floated into their ears, angering them even further.

In fact, Li Tianming had been emphasising his relationship with the Wei Manor and his ‘cousins’. There was no need for that at all, all things considered. It was all part of his plan to save Wei Jing. Mu Yang once mentioned that the lack of capable juniors had always been something Wei Tiancang was worried about. If Li Tianming could provide a cure to this problem, then the chances of Wei Tiancang curing his mother would be much greater too. The best way to solve the problem would be to integrate into the Wei Clan, and announced to the world that he, Li Tianming, was a member of the Wei Manor. Only then would his grandfather recognise and acknowledge his achievements.

“Li Tianming, don’t you think you can leave here intact today!” Wei Guohao’s face was blue from seeing his sister’s injury. He was different from Wei Lingxuan. Barely three months younger than Li Tianming, he had been given all the resources he needed from young. He was eighth level Spiritsource, one of the Heavenly Septuplets, and also the star of the Wei Manor’s younger generation!

As the fifth place on the leaderboard and one of those carefully selected by the sanctum to participate in the Abyssal Trials, Wei Guohao was a cut above Wei Lingxuan. How could he let Li Tianming beat up his sister and then leave scot-free?

He had of course heard of the promise between Mu Yang and Li Tianming, that if Li Tianming could beat him then Mu Yang would accept Li Tianming as his disciple. Wei Guohao himself had always languished over the fact that he was not able to inherit the position as the next Potentate from Mu Yang. He couldn’t blame Mu Yang for that, since it was actually Wei Tiancang who didn’t allow Mu Yang to accept him.

In fact, Wei Guohao had always been quite indifferent towards this promise Mu Yang had made. Everyone knew that it was just an empty promise, considering that it was impossible for Li Tianming to ever accomplish it. Therefore, he had shrugged it off as a joke and never thought about it.

But now, he could no longer take it as a joke.

“Didn’t the Vice-Potentate make you a promise that he would accept you as his disciple should you defeat me? Well, now is your chance.” Wei Guohao squeezed the line through the gap of his teeth.

Li Tianming laughed. “You sure about that?”

“Of course.” Wei Guohao handed Wei Lingxuan over to Wei Qingyi and the rest, his eyes letting off a golden radiance that locked on to Li Tianming.

“Third brother!” Wei Lingxuan had finally recovered enough to be able to speak, though her face was still as pale as paper.

“Yes, Xuan’er.” Wei Guohao’s heart hurt just looking at the state his sister was in.

“His improvement is tremendous. I really didn’t expect him to be this strong today…” Wei Lingxuan bit her lips. She just couldn’t allow Li Tianming to get away with this.


“So today is your best chance to cripple him! If you don’t do it today, perhaps even you wouldn’t be able to in the future! Promise me that you will break his legs and make sure he can never stand straight again. Promise me, third brother!” Wei Lingxuan cried with teary eyes.

“Third brother, we need to get rid of this threat once and for all before he gets any stronger with the Flameyellow Rock. His presence is a blight upon us all, and both he and his mother would just shame the clan. Since he’s so cocky about it today, just do as what sis Xuan told you!” Wei Qingyi added in a panic. For a normally egoistic person, he looked like nothing but a coward right now.

“I don’t need you to tell me that. Even though I don’t think he will ever be able to catch up with me, I might as well get rid of this threat today.” Wei Guohao’s lips curved. He had a bulky build, and his muscles bulged with power. Compared to Wei Lingxuan or Wei Qingyi, he looked much more like a metal-type beastmaster! It was as if Li Tianming was facing the Vajra Ape.

“Li Tianming.” He was much calmer already than the hysterical Wei Lingxuan. Yet his eyes were so red as if they would drip blood any second.

“You mean, cousin?” Li Tianming smiled at Jiang Feiling and held her hand, before facing Wei Guohao.

“Do you want to break your left leg first? Or your right?” Wei Guohao asked.

“Why are you so interested in my leg, do you intend to put it on display somewhere? Or perhaps you want to take it everywhere with you, so your sister can lick it anytime she wants to?” Li Tianming was never scared of them.

“Since you like to talk so much, then I shall cut off your tongue first!” Wei Guohao stepped forward towards Li Tianming, and the entire stone bridge trembled from his physique. With another step, his lifebound beast soared out of his lifebound space into the air, illuminating the land around them!

Li Tianming knew that Wei Guohao’s beast was seven-star, as per the case for the Heavenly Septuplets. Seven-star beasts were known as royal beasts, crowning them as the king of all lifebound beasts! They were born to rule over other lifebound beasts, and their aura alone were enough to frighten those of lower stars.

The royal beast that took to the air from Wei Guohao’s body was a goldroc, one even bigger compared to Wei Lingxuan’s! It was the low-tier seven-star lifebound beast, the ‘Eight-Winged Goldroc’! Li Tianming’s own Four-Winged Goldroc would have needed two evolutions to be able to reach that form. It didn’t just have two more pairs of wings than Midas, but was also far superior in terms of bloodline.

As the magnificent beast hovered in the air with its four pairs of wings, Li Tianming would soon learn why no one ever imagined that he could possibly defeat Wei Guohao.

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