Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1046

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Chapter 1046: 1046

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The Celestial Astral Punch from the Violetglory Star wondersky realm was considered a first-realm divine art. There were also some ultimate divine astral arts from ancient idols far beyond, but Tianming was limited in his number of challenge attempts. He wouldn't have bothered coming to the Moonnight Patio were that not the case. After all, the Hexapath Samsara Sword was starting to show its weakness, especially when he used it against even stronger foes to come.

He told Yueshen Qi, "Take me to the third-realm divine art zone."

"Understood." She obediently did as she was told without asking too many questions.

As they weaved through the forest, Tianming noticed that the crowd thinned the deeper they went. Using his Plundering Eye, he saw countless shining spots deep within the mist deep within. "What’s that place?"

"Oh, that's the Divine Moon Lake."

"What's special about it?"

"It's the location of the formation core for our city. The imperial guide usually stands guard there."

"Ah, got it." So it was the formation core defending the capital city of the Divine Moon Realm. "Looks like Her Majesty deeply trusts the imperial guide."

"Of course. They go way back."

"Is there a story behind it?"

"Are you not here to train? It isn’t my place to speak about the affairs of Her Majesty and the imperial guide."

"Forget it, then." He looked at the lake and continued onward, looking for a suitable divine art. The realm system was just a man-made categorization, so they weren't that distinct from one another, unlike universal manna grades. Divine arts in the same realm could differ greatly in performance and results, so picking a suitable one was no easy task.

However, Tianming had a clear goal in mind. "Take me to the legacy formations considered to have the strongest divine arts by the divine moonrace."

"The strongest...." Yueshen Qi furrowed her brows. Not only was that arrogant, it was also really prideful. "The strongest technique is also really hard to master. Currently, only one person is able to use it."

"No matter. What’s it called? What's its origins?"

"It’s a technique created by our distant forefather, the Eightmoon Swordsage with octabane talent. The sword art he created is called the Moonnight Subdued Strike."

"It doesn't sound that powerful, based on the name. What's the catch?"

Yueshen Qi shot him an odd look. "You sound a little arrogant. It was named by its creator, and that has nothing to do with its power. Only a shallow person would come up with a superficial name for a technique that claims to be able to split the earth and heavens." She seemed to bear some contempt for flashy technique names.

"Alright, then I’ll witness for myself how impressive it is."

"Very well. That’s your right. However, there’s something I still wish to convey."

"Speak your mind, then."

"The Moonnight Subdued Strike is a killing strike. It is an ideal sword art for use in conjunction with totems. It isn't flashy, by any means, and a single strike will result in death. The Eightmoon Swordsage undertook many miraculous feats with that art. The one recorded in Bamboo Forest is but a simplified version that the sage devised for us. It doesn’t contain parts that can't be executed by those at the Ascension stage. The original version is a fifth-realm divine art," she said with a sense of pride.


It reminded Tianming of Li Muyang simplifying Demise of Man-Earth-Heaven for him way back when. While he found that technique to be exceedingly easy now, the sword intent contained within was still unparalleled. He deemed it a worthy thing to study when he had the chance.

As they spoke, they reached the final bamboo tree in the forest. It stretched straight through the sky and was about three meters thick, making it look more like a pillar. Though it was essentially a formation, it had no defensive properties. Anyone with the privilege was allowed to observe it.

Tianming noticed someone standing in front of the bamboo tree with eyes closed. His sword was thrust into the bamboo as he tried to comprehend the sword intent. He had a huge physique, was around two meters in height, and had a messy head of light blonde hair, which was really unique among the divine moonrace. He definitely stood out as a little brutish compared to his refined brethren.

"Can I cultivate with him?" Tianming asked.

"No. Each bamboo tree can only be studied by one person at a time," Yueshen Qi said.

"You mentioned that only one person has mastered it, right? Is he that person?"

"Of course not. The only one to have mastered the move is Her Majesty. However, this person seems to have comprehended one of the moves of the art." The way she looked at the man was a little weird, as if she was avoiding him.

"Who is he?"

"That would be Her Majesty's youngest brother, Prince Zhuoyang, Yueshen Hao." For him to be cultivating at the Moonnight Patio meant that he was under a century old. Sovereign Xi's parents weren't the previous rulers of the Divine Moon Realm, and they were still around. It wasn't surprising that they had children just a few decades ago.

"That's a rather high status," Tianming said.

"It is indeed."

"How long will this continue?"

"The young prince cultivates for around ten days to two weeks."

"I can't wait any longer. Have him leave," Tianming said all of a sudden.

"Excuse me?"

"Have him leave."

"This...." Though she was at a loss for words, she snapped out of it and said, "There isn't a need for that, right? Why don't you try another technique? Prince Zhuoyang's temper isn't the best, and I wouldn't dare to ask His Highness to leave. Not only would it be insulting to His Highness, but I also don't have that right."

"Didn't the imperial guide say to assent to my every demand?" Tianming said with a smile."This demand is beyond me," she said with a lowered head.

"Then seek out the imperial guide and ask her if I'm allowed to do that." He couldn't afford to wait that long, especially after seeing the lake of blood. There was no room for politeness when his life was in danger.

"Understood." Though she looked at him with a heart full of complaints, voice them she did not. Instead, she immediately scurried off.


Fifteen minutes later, the imperial guide arrived, looking a little annoyed. Yueshen Qi followed behind her without daring to make a sound.

"Zhouyang, stop for a bit."

The young prince opened his eyes gradually. When he turned to face them, he looked even more burly, like a powerful lion. He really did look out of place among the divine moonrace. "What is it, Imperial Guide?"

"Her Majesty has arranged for him to train the Moonnight Subdued Strike, so make way."

"Huh?" Yueshen Hao looked at Tianming and immediately recognized him. He looked blanked out. Tianming thought he would freak out, but instead, he shook his head with a smile. "I didn't think the top genius of the Divine Moon Realm would grace us at the Moonnight Patio with his presence! Well met, Li Tianming! Go ahead!"

"Many thanks," Tianming said as he approached.

Yueshen Hao made way and said, "No need for thanks. It's only right for idiots to make way for geniuses."

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