Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1049

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Chapter 1049: 1049

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In other words, while Yueshen Qi wasn't willing to sleep with the prince, she did have some kind of relationship with him. Otherwise she wouldn't go to such a quiet place to meet him alone.

"Will you really keep it to yourself?" Yueshen Qi asked.

"I can't be bothered spreading it." Tianming turned to leave.

"Wait!" Prince Zhuoyang roared.

"What's up?" Tianming asked.

"I don't trust you. Since you like to meddle in business that's not your own so much, then die."

"What the flying—" Tianming had no words. This was the worst he had ever felt for trying to do a good deed. By now, he was standing in the formation already, so the prince decided to kill him without letting anyone else know, just in case. If word of this were to spread, it would be a huge scandal.

"Are you two serious?" Tianming was a little impressed.

Prince Zhuoyang and Yueshen Qi looked each other in the eye. He said, "I'll kill him. You’d better reinforce the formation for me to stop him from leaving."

"Then... at least let me give birth to my child," she said with her head lowered.


"You have so many women at your disposal. Why me?"

"Cause I like it. It's a fetish, alright?"

Tianming was really messed up after hearing that. These two had truly expanded his horizons. So there was a breed of men who really liked messing with the wives of others after all. What was worse was Yueshen Qi, who didn't even seem certain in her rejection of him.

"I'm gonna puke." Tianming could only blame himself for his bad luck. He turned around and stretched his black arm toward the formation, but the two immediately attacked.

Yueshen Qi was a hexabane and her totems were vines, just like Yusheng Luo's. The vines stretched out from her bane-rings toward the sky to encompass the surroundings. They didn't attack Tianming, but stuck to the inner surface of the formation to stop him. Now, he had to go through layers to leave the formation. Based on her totems, she seemed to be at the Hexaunity Sky level, but a sixth-level ascendant was no threat to Tianming.

Yueshen Hao, the Prince Zhuoyang, however, was stronger, despite being younger than Yueshen Qi. The fact that he dared to go for the kill meant he was confident he would be able to kill Tianming. After all, it normally took years for one to improve at the Ascension stage. Little did he know that analyzing the post-Lifesbane-curse Tianming with previous divine moonrace geniuses as reference was a huge mistake. Tianming's public record was his victory over the fifth-level Huiyue Jie. If Yueshen Hao also knew that the death of the sixth-level Huiyue Hai was Tianming's fault as well, he would no doubt have reconsidered.

"What do we do if Her Majesty finds out we killed him?" Yueshen Qi asked nervously.

"Only the two of us know, nobody else! Not to mention, my sister's flesh toys all end up vanishing without a trace anyway." He couldn't wait to vent his rage at Tianming for being asked to step aside. That was the main factor of his current decision.

He charged at Tianming with full force, not intending to hold back in the slightest. He wielded a sword covered in golden flames. Its hilt looked like a rotating compass that seemed to make the flames stronger. It was called the Sungod Cycle.

With the Sungod Cycle in hand, the prince's six sun-like bane-rings burned like six flaming eyes. Then, six totems came out of them. Though he personally called them sunsbane, they were actually a variation of moonsbane called gold moonsbane. Even so, it still seemed more powerful than Huiyue Jie's teardrop-like blood moonsbane. Each bane-ring was the size of a fist and seemed to radiate explosive power.

The totems that came out were domineering, to say the least. In terms of age, one could calculate the prince's age to be less than a hundred. However, he was at the Heptaglory Sky level. However, he should be considered to have six and a half bane-rings instead as he was much stronger than Huiyue Du, being an elite royal.

His totems also burned brightly with golden flames. Each of them stood tall with a golden greatsword in hand. They were all heavenly being totems with humanoid forms, being the most well-rounded among all totem types. They were even adorned with a suit of heavy armor. Their heads were devoid of mouths and noses; instead, all they had was a single bright sun that looked to be their eyes. They were called blazing firegods.

Based on his totems alone, Yueshen Hao no doubt ranked among the top five. Tianming really felt annoyed at getting into trouble in his attempt to save a damsel. Though he wanted to leave, they kept trying to stop him. Putting aside the prince's totems, even Yueshen Qi's totems were causing him trouble.

Forget it. Let's beat them up before we go. It won't take much time, he decided. His greatest gain after coming to the capital was his beasts' evolution. They all had more than forty-five hundred stars now.

"Go!" With his decisive order, Ying Huo, Lan Huang, Meow Meow, and Xian Xian all struck fiercely and swiftly. Xian Xian's main tree body had grown quite a bit since its evolution. Though it primarily excelled in grand battles, it was plenty capable in small-scale fights like these, too. Xian Xian immediately spread throughout the formation and wrapped its Radiant Vines around Yueshen Qi's totems, then covered them in barrages of Bloodrain Swords. At the same time, its purple Fiendsong Mares bloomed and began ringing as it executed its Trisoul Fiendsong, a terrifying ability that, while not affecting the caelum, couldn’t be avoided by the terra and vita.

The bells sounded really clear at first, but the sound grew more and more discordant. It was a hypnotic lullaby that caused the vitae of Yueshen Hao and Yueshen Qi to waver, severely affecting their totems in the process. However, sleepiness was but the first of the many symptoms to come. The ability would then damage, confuse, and finally control the soul! As long as the flowers were ringing, it wouldn't stop. Xian Xian alone was enough to severely hamper the totems, to say nothing about Tianming’s other three lifebound beasts.

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