Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1059

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Chapter 1059: 1059

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Within the Bamboo Forest in Moonnight Patio, Yueshen Qi and Tianming were together.

"I'm envious that you’re allowed to learn Moonnight Subdued Strike," Yueshen Xi said.

Tianming was actually looking past the final bamboo tree toward Divine Moon Skylake. He drew the Grand-Orient Sword out without looking at Yueshen Xi and charged forward as quickly as he could.

"Hey! Where are you going?! Divine Moon Skylake is forbidden! You can't enter!" However, Tianming disappeared before his eyes in an instant. "What in the world? I have to look for the grand moon guides!"

By the time he left, Tianming had already reached the huge, misty lake. It looked almost fairy-like. The formation core that protected the city, the Brightmoon Divine Formation, was hidden beneath it. There were five layers of divine formations protecting the core. Altogether, they were about at the same level as the Skysource Hellshaker Formation. That was really high-level protection. Even if Bodhi were there, it would take him more than two hours to break through all of it.

"Sovereign Xi, since you're asking for my life, I’ll cause you endless trouble!" He had known long ago. The naive humans, divine moonrace, and specters were the ones to suffer the most in the ensuing chaos. It was a fatal balance they were in, and the weakest of them all, the Flameyellow humans, were sandwiched in the middle of it. As the representative of the weakest faction, he didn't have a choice.

"I wanted to leave to lead Bodhi here at first. But you left me no choice but to break your Brightmoon Divine Formation and let him in! I won't be able to survive unless you start killing each other."

Tianming had been enduring his searing rage this entire time. Finally, he could vent it before the nova source pulse. It just so happened that the imperial guide wasn't there and had joined the sovereign somewhere else.

Even so, the Divine Moon Skylake was guarded by many elites. All he could do was desperately fight. Without a single word, he used his black arm on the five divine formations and tore them apart. Luckily for him, using his Plundering Arm on formations caused no commotion and alerted nobody. He easily went through three layers as he forged onward.

"The imperial guide can come back at any time! I have to maximize every single second I have!"

Finally, he broke through the fifth layer and reached the lake. It was ten times the size of the blood lake and filled to the brim with divine patterns that were probably part of the formation core.

There was a large hall next to the lake that seemed to be the imperial guide's residence. The reason she stayed there was that she valued peace and quiet; not to mention, the formation core had to be protected at all costs. Normally, nobody could even reach it unless they were the core members, or in other words, the saint moon guide and ten grand moon guides.

Even so, grand moon guides were hardly there all the time, as they also had to guide disciples. So there were only a few of them present at any given time. When Tianming barged into the formation, he encountered a handsome, short-haired girl with an athletic figure who just happened to be leaving. She was none other than Yueshen Wushuang.

Spotting him there, she immediately found it weird. "What are you doing here?! How did you get in?!"

"Try to stop me and you'll die!" Tianming growled, immediately summoning his four lifebound beasts and cardinal godswords, which were fifty meters in length, and sent them flying toward the eighth-level ascendant. They corresponded to the attributes of fire, ice, fiend, and yin-yang.

"Are you crazy?" she snapped. This sight was completely out of her imagination. The seventeen-year-old brat actually seemed to pose a fatal threat to her. First, Xian Xian began taking root beside the lake, spreading its thousands of vines and roots into the lake in almost an instant. Soon, the roots began affecting the formation. While the formation was strong, its core was rather weak.

Yueshen Wushuang could immediately tell what he was going for. "You're the one going around killing people! You're gonna die trying to destroy the formation core! Everyone, someone's trying to sabotage the formation!" she cried as she started fighting. She was actually rather taken aback at the thought of the cold killer being a mere brat like Tianming, and the sovereign's pet no less.

As she called out for help, Lan Huang's huge body shot past her into the lake, splashing water all over. Now in the large body of water, Lan Huang's nine kui seas began to spin, giving it absolute maritime superiority.

The effects on the city's formation were immediately obvious. Countless people saw the formation above them flicker, rumble, and even shoot bursts of energy into the city.

"What's going on?!"

"Someone's attacking the formation! The killer is here!"

"They dare to attack Divine Moon Skycity?"

The city was breaking out into chaos. Tianming knew that elites would be flocking to him immediately.

"No, it doesn't look like someone's attacking from the outside! There's someone sabotaging the formation core!"

"But it's being guarded by the imperial guide! Everyone, don't panic!"

The royals seemed far more levelheaded than the rest of the populace. However, everyone that took note immediately flocked to the Moonnight Patio.

"Everyone, calm down. The formation core is made up of the water in the Divine Moon Skylake. It can absorb a lot of powerful shocks. The formation is shaking because someone made their way into the Divine Moon Skylake, but if they want to destroy the core, they have to destroy the entire lake! No normal person can achieve that within a short period of time, and the sovereign and imperial guide will kill the troublemaker before that happens!"

That seemed to reassure most people. Tianming also noticed how difficult it was to actually destroy the formation core. He turned to Lan Huang and Xian Xian and asked, "What do I do? The water is a part of the formation core, so if you have to swallow the water to disrupt it, you'll need to drink at least a fifth of it. Can you two do it?"

"It’ll take some time! Sis and I will work on it together!" Lan Huang roared.

"Good. I'll make sure nobody gets to you!"

Lan Huang had to focus entirely on disrupting the formation, but Xian Xian could still support Tianming, Meow Meow, and Ying Huo in combat. By now, Yueshen Wushuang was charging toward Lan Huang.

"Stop her!"

Other powerful elites would soon be coming. From the moment he had decided to enter the lake, he could no longer turn back from this fight to the death. Yueshen Wushuang was a core member of the royals, and her totems were called blacksky panthergods. Like their name suggested, they were entirely pitch black humanoid figures with panther heads. Both arms wielded powerful crescent-shaped claws, each of them more than ten meters long. They came forth from Yueshen Wushuang's bane-rings and stood around three hundred meters tall. Yueshen Wushuang was fast as lightning as she circled around her totems toward Lan Huang, wielding a black divine spear that looked to be around the second grade, akin to Prince Zhuoyang's Sungod Cycle.

"You're courting death!" she roared. She was far more furious than when she was beating up her disciples to guide them. But before she had taken two steps, lightning exploded in front of her. Amidst the countless lightning bolts, a gigantic feline creature with a fiendish aura appeared.

The clouds above boomed and crackled. Meow Meow was surrounded by Ninefold Chaos Thunderscape. It opened its mouth and shot out Misty Hellthunder, enhanced further by Blitzbane, Worldbolt Blast, forming a two-hundred-meter-wide electric disc that rolled toward her at blinding speed before exploding. The blast shook the entire Moonnight Patio once more as all six of Yueshen Wushuang's totems were sent flying.

"Since when was he so powerful?" She was flabbergasted as her face twitched from the zaps. What was worse was that, when she turned around, the white-haired youth with black and gold eyes that matched his two swords stood before her with four totem swords imposingly raised. A palm-sized bird was even hiding on one of the totems. The sight was explosive, to say the least, as he charged through the forest of lightning bolts.

"Yueshen Wushuang, I'll send you to hell in three breaths' time!"

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