Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1076

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Chapter 1076: 1076

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"The rate of growth of my Lifesbane Will is much higher compared to my Imperial Will." It was a mountain of a difference. In the second level of the Violetglory Pagoda, Tianming had scanned more than five hundred thousand elite ascendants' experiences and analyzed them to aid the growth of his wills. However, observation was only one part of the equation. Whether he could truly grasp and understand the lessons depended on his comprehension.

"If I had access to a stellunar source now, I'd be able to bring my astralforce to the next level for a breakthrough. However, I have far from enough now. Not to mention, I can't just rely on the experiences from seniors to grow my wills. I have to give it my own thought and gain my own insights as well. It's more important that I grow through experience."

Even though it would be a slower process, it was bound to be a more stable one. When he left the pagoda, he started waiting outside. Ye Lingfeng would come two days later to meet with him, just like he had eight days ago. However, Ye Lingfeng didn't come on time like before!

"Did something happen to him?" Perhaps he had been discovered and had to run away, or he might not be in this world anymore. Even though he had only escaped his predicament ten days ago, could he already be wrapped up in another sticky situation? From within the wondersky realm, there seemed to be some commotion in the outside, foreign world. The other Violetglory disciples also noticed it and were talking about it; some legacy lands had even been closed as a result.

"Feng must be behind all that." Though he had seemed confident that they would still be able to meet regularly, it seemed that the plan had failed this second time around.

"He must be in some desperate situation. There's no way he'd miss this otherwise."

Tianming couldn't just continue waiting. Right as he left, he received a transmission stone from Feiling; the Flameyellow Continent was in trouble.

"The troubles just keep piling up." Not only was Ye Lingfeng missing, the existence of his dynasty had been revealed. Feiling's note read: 'We're exposed. The enemy might be sending elites down any time now.'

Back then, Yusheng Luo and Huiyue Du alone were able to dominate the entire continent. This time around, Sovereign Xi wouldn't hold back in order to achieve her goals. "She'll do anything to get me to submit."

She had guessed that Tianming had come from the chaos skyjail before he destroyed the formation. However, her response was something inevitable from the get-go, since he decided to resist her. His only respite was the fact that the sovereign wouldn't personally be coming down to catch him.

"What do we do? Feng is in danger and we're going to be in even bigger trouble," Meow Meow said. 

Tianming and his dynasty were fundamentally connected. He wanted to ensure the continent would be free from the clash between the specters and the divine moonrace, but the day had still come. He had mentally prepared himself for this eventuality.

"Since there's no option for us to run, we just have to face this." He looked toward the moon and said, "Meow Meow, stop and wait."

"The ones on our tail aren't far off. They'll catch up if we stop."

"Yes. Right as they arrive, charge past them as quickly as you can toward the Divine Moon Realm."

"Aren't we going back to the Flameyellow Continent, first?" Ying Huo asked.

"It's pointless to do that right now. I want to absorb some stellunar source, first." Only power could change the Flameyellow Continent's fate of extermination. "I won't abandon them! Saving myself is the same as saving them! I've been quite lucky so far, so I'll make this bet!"

"Alright. I've been zig-zagging this entire time. If I travel in a straight line, I'll be able to overtake them by thousands of miles!" Meow Meow confidently said.

They waited for a bit until they saw five flashes in the distance. "Let's go!"

"Sit tight and don't get flung off!" roared Meow Meow as lightning sparked all over its body. It charged straight forward at a most blinding speed; like a lightning bolt, they shot past the pursuers and disappeared.

"Is he going back to the Divine Moon Realm?"

"Maybe he's going to turn himself in?"

"Let's give chase!"

The Pentamoon Slayers vanished as well.


Prince Fengyue stood before a crowd in front of the ruins of Huiyue City's divine moon hall. His eyes were red and his usual noble and elegant aura was replaced by cold desolation. Now, everyone knew that his parents, descendants, and even wife had been killed. Only a handful of his relatives survived. The realm had been mourning for their loss over the past few days; even the prince had personally returned to attend his parents' burial.

However, he didn't stay to continue the mourning. Instead, he immediately left Divine Moon Skycity for Huiyue City. The order to mobilize their troops had arrived. Apart from the sealed Divine Moon Skycity, the other cities of the Eightmoon Skycities ruled by the seven great clans, the Huiyue Clan included, had to send out more than ten thousand ascendants each; they would assemble an army of a hundred thousand!

The clans immediately acted after receiving the decree and sent their troops to gather at Huiyue City, each led by their respective clan leaders. Huiyue Tianhong, Huiyue Tianyu's younger brother, was now the acting clan leader.

Word was that the mission was to make Tianming pay the price for destroying the Divine Moon Skycity’s formation core. Everyone in Huiyue City, including Huiye Yin and Huiyue Yu, flocked to join the army. Tianming and the astral killer had greatly wounded the pride of the divine moonrace over the past few days. The death of the moonfather and moonmother had only added fuel to the blaze. Once they knew that Tianming had a dynasty in the world below, they all knew that the sovereign was forcing Tianming to return and accept his death sentence.

Even though Orderia had decreed that stellunar source worlds were forbidden from interfering with the worlds below, nobody but Sovereign Xi herself could go to Orderia. Thus, they would be none the wiser. After all, she was the administrator of the realm.

The army of a hundred thousand and the seven clan leaders came to Prince Fengyue.

"It's just the lower world. We only need a hundred of us, so why gather so many?" someone asked.

"I heard that Her Majesty wanted to be thorough. That fiend must pay the price, no matter the cost."

"Thousands of people in Divine Moon Skycity have died, and it's all on Li Tianming."

"Even so, massacring billions of lowly people is a little excessive, right?"

"It's not. Even a hundred million of them can't compare to the life of a single royal."

"Not only that, Li Tianming even managed to kill the ninth-level saint moon guide. We need enough numbers to completely crush him, given his talent. We have to make sure he can't turn the tables, no matter what."

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