Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1079

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Chapter 1079: 1079

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"Sovereign Xi did say that I had really good luck. I just didn't know it was so good! So this is luck! I just so happened to have the keys to the very cauldron you're trying to use against me!"

Tianming guessed that the sovereign had probably reserved one of the keys for herself. As such, Tianming had a one-key advantage over the Pentamoon Slayers. Now, he was basically the sole user of the cauldron. The five of them couldn't run from the cauldron now, even if they wanted to.

"Perhaps the more you want to get lucky, the unluckier you'll be. The heavens are fair! Too bad you just have bad luck!"

The orderian cauldron had greatly added to his power. The power wasn't completely identical to the Grand-Orient Vortex; within the light-gold door was still a large portion of the vortex that Tianming had yet to tap into. However, the orderian cauldron had granted him as much power as it could.

The Pentamoon Slayers furrowed their brows in worry at the tables being turned. Now, they were the ones trapped inside with Tianming, and the only way to escape was to defeat him.

"Don't hold back!" All five of them encircled him, summoning their tenth-level ascendant totems. Each of them had six totems. The totems of the middle-aged man standing right in front of Tianming called Violetmoon were called violetdawn swordgods. They were gigantic humanoid creatures that stood four hundred meters tall and were covered in dense scales from head to tail. Each of their hands held a hundred-meter-long sword surging with a violet aura.

The man to his left, Crimsonmoon, used crimson treefiends. As their name suggested, they were huge reddish trees, each with one face on their thick trunks. Each of their leaves had a bloody mouth.

Azuremoon, a woman, stood to Violetmoon's right. Her totems were called azuremoon seafiends. They were gigantic kun-like creatures that seemed able to shapeshift as they pleased. They also had gigantic palms, within which were blue, moon-like eyes that let out cold glints.

At their rear was a lanky man whose totems were a kind of grass that was sharp as blades. They looked to number in the tens of thousands, but were actually six individual plants. They were called greenleaf bladedges and were renowned for how sharp they were, and for how troubling they were to deal with.

The last person was above Tianming, a woman called Onyxmoon. She wielded a grade-three divine spear called an Obsidian Soulpiercer. Her totems were odd holes that seemed to float above her head called black voids. Tianming wasn't sure what kind of abilities they had.

As expected of trained assassins, they were able to calm themselves down despite the shocking revelation. Then they all attacked with different styles, having perfect coordination like lifebound beasts and beastmasters, thanks to their telepathic link. All thirty of their totems attacked using different, but coordinated methods!

Even with the orderian cauldron against them, they still posed a fatal threat to Tianming. All five kinds of totems swarmed at him with bloodlust. The five tenth-level ascendants struck with their divine artifacts amidst the chaos, using their peak divine arts and causing quite a lot of waves within the cauldron. Each of their moves felt like a tidal wave that could kill.

Even though Tianming could escape the cauldron, or maybe even with it, he wanted to give it his all. "I'll take them down. No matter whether or not this will work, it's at least worth a try. Not to mention, having three keys in hand should allow me to draw more power from the cauldron. Brothers, kill them!"

All of them had been feeling rather frustrated by being pursued for so long. The power boost they had received from the cauldron was far more than Ouyang Jianwang ever could have received. It was a kind of variant nova source divine hazard power that Xian Xian used to fuel its four abilities. Not to mention, it had also learned some crude battle arts to use with its Radiant Vines and roots to attack all thirty totems.

In terms of size, Xian Xian was the largest of them all, especially after its recent evolution, which allowed even its normal vines to stretch two kilometers in length. Even though the Radix World Tree was a living whip, it had enough explosive power to dominate across the battlefield. As long as it stood, Tianming and the rest could endure. Its Trisoul Fiendsong ability was also particularly effective on totems. Despite the loud battle going on in the cauldron, the cacophony was unable to stop the flowers’ song. As time went on, it would only be more and more debilitating to the totems.

Meanwhile, Tianming and the rest backed Xian Xian up. Within the cauldron's oceanic environment, Ying Huo's abilities had suffered a bit of dampening, so it transformed to its smallest form and hid on Lan Huang's body. Meow Meow, on the other hand, took its Regal Chaosfiend form and freely swam in the water.

Lan Huang roared and sped up, slamming against six violetdawn swordgods. As their swords struck it, it activated its Kilofold Rings and ground against the weapons. Tianming also deployed all ten of his decapath era godswords, only to cause the Pentamoon Slayers to pause in shock once more.

They quickly understood more of what the sovereign was planning, knowing far more than the average person as they were her personal aides. Tianming's display of talent didn't dampen their dedication to capture him at all. If they could deal with him now, they wouldn't need to rely on the army of a hundred thousand. After all, it would be troublesome to keep this matter hidden from Orderia if Tianming ever showed all of this to the army.

The army was a desperate move by the sovereign, who had no other choice since the Pentamoon Slayers couldn't catch up to Tianming this entire time, so she would be all too happy for them to be able to resolve it without involving so many people. Whether or not Tianming could escape, the five knew that this was their chance.

"His luck and talent will no doubt help Her Majesty move to the next level. Everyone, discard all notions of it being a waste. Talent belongs only to us, the divine moonrace. Anyone that opposes us is to die without exception!"

The five of them used their battle arts and totemic calamities in perfect unison.

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