Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1107

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Chapter 1107: 1107

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The divine moonrace's ears were ringing as they fled in fear and confusion. They had been terrified into running out of nowhere and could barely process it. Tianming's ruthlessness and the odd human-shaped continent would be burned into their memory forever.

"Is this really a Welkin continent?"

The huge army of three hundred thousand had lost fifty thousand of their own even before encountering a single normal human on the continent, and the remainder were running with their tail between their legs. The Flameyellow Continent had defeated a combined four hundred thousand divine moonrace elites! They had been oppressed for far too long and finally got to vent their frustrations. Tianming gave chase the entire way and only stopped when he was near where the Kilostar Domain used to be. While the Omnisentient Threads were still present, the energy transmission had stopped around that height.

It was only to be expected. After all, they were just normal cultivators; it was already miraculous enough that they could share their energy with him in the first place. He would only be able to fight at that level near the continent. When he lost the power boost, he noticed that he couldn't sustain Myriadsword Providence for long, with nine tenths of them vanishing and only leaving behind around a thousand or so. Those that remained were also not nearly as powerful as before.

"Without their power, Myriadsword Providence is only a normal totemic calamity that can change the forms of the godswords, not a ridiculous godslaying ability."

On the Divine Moon Realm, and in the astralscape of order by extension, Tianming was only a seventh-level ascendant; he was all too aware of that fact. He had only managed to fulfill his duties by borrowing the people's power, but his true strength still relied on his personal abilities.

The divine moonrace didn't notice that he had run out of power and thought that they had been able to escape for good. Though, if he hadn't run out, he could have just gone to the Divine Moon Realm and wiped them out. By now, one hundred and fifty thousand gods had perished on the mortal continent. In hindsight, the continent had only produced ten gods in the past two hundred millennia. It was staggering in comparison.

"The history of the Flameyellow Continent shall change today!"

Tianming descended back from the skies. Soon, the threads filled him with power once more. The battle was finally over and he returned to Taiji Peak Lake. Many people were waiting for him there.

"Can we return home instead of staying in hiding from now on?" Li Caiwei asked expectantly, tears in her eyes.

"Yes!" Tianming answered.

"Great! There's only one word to describe you: monstrous!" Ouyang Jianwang said.

Tianming had returned, and all of them were still here.

"The threads on our bodies are truly mystical. Tianming, you definitely discovered a brand new cultivation technique," Xuanyuan Dao said, feeling his thread with his eyes closed.

"It's just like a formation spirit thread. Truly amazing. Now, a true god that has eyes all over stands right before us. It is beyond words," Yi Xingyin said.

This could not have happened in their wildest imaginations. The humans of the Flameyellow Continent themselves were shocked, let alone the divine moonrace. However, only Tianming knew that this came from the legacy of the Primordial God-Emperor. It had all started when he first absorbed Omnisentient Will to boost his cultivation path of sovereignhood.

Despite their victory, the continent needed time to recover. Tianming could also finally take a breather, though he knew this was only a small setback for the sovereign. Someone like her wouldn't give up that easily. There was still much more to come, but before that, he had something he was more concerned about. He turned to look at a fairy-like girl smiling gently at him.

"Big Brother," she said, waving.


The crisis of the continent was over, but what about hers?


A cold woman sat on the throne in Xi Palace. She could barely rest lazily like she had before. Instead, she sat at attention with her palms on her thighs, no longer wearing her mask and exposing her beauty for all to see, though her sour mood ruined her looks somewhat. Or perhaps it was the missing mystique and imagination factor that her mask had afforded her. What was even more tragic was how the Pentamoon Slayers, Prince Fengyue, and the imperial guide had all died. There was no longer anyone she could confide in. She could finally taste how true solitude felt.

Once more, Tianming had escaped her grasp. Not to mention, the astral killer had slipped away after showing up in front of her. The latter was a matter of a power difference, but the former was truly unexpected and inexplicable.

"I sent a total of four hundred thousand gods down there. How long until you come kneeling before me?" She couldn't stand Tianming, but she wasn't worried that he would be gone for long. As long as the Flameyellow Continent was around, Tianming would be her puppet. She was more concerned about Bodhi roaming free.

"Do we seek out the celestial orderians for help? That won't do.... Even if they can help me, they'll ruin my plans if they run into Li Tianming. His talent shines too brightly—there's no way they won't notice. I should worry about breaking through first."

Though Lingfeng was an alternative she could have used, that had been ruined by Tianming as well. There was nothing she could do but wait. There was no way he wouldn't come groveling for forgiveness after she sent three hundred thousand troops down to the continent.

Right then, she received a transmission stone and her lips contorted into a smile. "One hundred and fifty thousand dead?"

She crushed the stone. "They must be crazy. Who dares play a prank like this?"

Then, another transmission stone came. "The first hundred thousand are all dead and fifty thousand of the three hundred thousand were lost? The remaining two hundred and fifty thousand are retreating?"

She stopped smiling and fumed with rage. "Who dares make a joke like that?!"

The entire palace shook with a sudden pulse of power. "Nonsense!"

She had been calm this whole time, but by the time she got the third, fourth... fiftieth transmission stone that reported the same thing, it wasn't just a funny joke anymore. They all corroborated the report that Tianming had singlehandedly wiped out one hundred and fifty thousand gods, including the eighty thousand that had scattered across the continent. They were picked out and slaughtered one by one. The rest she had sent were terrified into retreating. There's no way someone would orchestrate such a large-scale suicidal prank.

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