Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1110

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Chapter 1110: 1110

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Gods began raining down on the continent once more. The residents of the continent didn't know why the divine moonrace would come to get themselves killed again. No matter how many people they sent, it would take some time before they could infiltrate the continent to begin with. With prior experience, Tianming's swords went flying all across the land, slaying or crippling anyone that dared to make an appearance. Many of them even retreated mid way, with many deserting back to the Divine Moon Realm.

"Don't be a fool. Her Majesty offended someone that should've been left alone. After all the losses, she still asked us to come get ourselves killed!"

"Her Majesty was too proud, and still refuses to admit failure!"

"The astral killer is causing chaos at Divine Moon Skycity and this puny Li Tianming has killed more than a hundred thousand of our own. Why hasn’t Orderia been notified yet? What's the point of having us come down to kill mere mortals, and even dying in the process?"

"Not to mention, if Orderia finds out about this, the divine moonrace won't be able to get off scot-free either!"

"I knew we shouldn't have come down! There were at least a hundred and fifty thousand others who didn't. Her Majesty is confused and we shouldn't have obeyed."

"That's right! Running now isn't an issue either! There's no way Her Majesty can hunt down all of us!"

More and more disobeyed their orders, with only a small few daring to actually continue descending after seeing Tianming's bloodbath. They all thought that there was something off with her strategy. It was really hard to justify these kinds of casualties, especially when they would barely be able to deal any damage to the continent in the first place with Tianming causing death and destruction wherever he went.


"Let's go, comrade!"

"He's a monster, let's admit it. The divine moonrace can't handle someone like him."

Most of them didn't know Sovereign Xi's true goals in capturing Tianming. To them, Tianming was just someone who had crossed their sovereign. Given how terrifying he was, and with the shadow of the astral killer still hanging over them, killing Tianming felt like a fool's errand.

"Who knew that the wise sovereign would actually fall so far just because of two people."

"Our entire race has basically fallen at the hands of those two! How vexing!"

"I feel like the best thing to do now is deploy the astral defense formation so that nobody can come to the Divine Moon Realm. Then we should inform Orderia and get them to deal with Li Tianming and the astral killer! Li Tianming has heavily sinned after killing more than a hundred thousand of us!"

"We’ve branched out from the celestial orderians and we monopolize communication with them. We just have to flesh out the story a bit and those two fiends will die for sure!"

"I knew we should’ve reported to them in the first place instead of playing it tough!"

"That's right, and now we're being sent to get ourselves killed. What's the point?"

"Everyone, retreat! Don't bother killing yourselves! I don't want to be sent home as just a head. My wife and child are still waiting for me there."

More and more convinced themselves to retreat. At the end of the day, only around ten thousand people truly fulfilled the sovereign's order, and Tianming had ten thousand providence swords, so locking onto them was far too easy. Filled with rage, he didn't show any mercy toward the suicidal zealots. However, the more he killed, the weirder it began to feel.

"With the last two attacks, she had some goal in mind. But why does it feel so disgustingly dumb this time? No, she's no fool! Even now, she must be trying to pay me back and manipulate me! Then... if she’s willing to abandon Divine Moon Skycity for a gamble, she might come straight down herself!"

Tianming quickly reacted to the odd situation.

"Where is she?" He focused his mind on the many points of view, rapidly scanning through them for the venomous woman.

"Xiaoxiao!" Interestingly, even Lin Xiaoxiao had a mental link with him through the Omnisentient Threads. In other words, she was one of his many believers, unlike Feiling, who had a completely different relationship with him compared to that of a ruler and a subject. Thus, he wasn't able to see Feiling's point of view during his search. Even so, he managed to find the sovereign through Lin Xiaoxiao's vision, because she had been with Feiling the entire time since he had left to fight. Sovereign Xi now had her eyes on Feiling.

"Ling'er showed up when she tried to save me!" Tianming's rage surged immediately. "Knowing that my dynasty is no longer my weakness, she went straight for Ling'er! She really knows how to identify weaknesses.... Impressive! However, I bet you have no idea how powerful I am down here. I'm even able to instantly locate you! Sovereign Xi, you think you know everything, but you lack the imagination to consider things that are far more powerful than you."

He immediately sent five thousand providence swords toward Taiji Peak Lake. They traveled like countless shooting stars, and the friction they had with the air even resulted in an ear-piercing sound. Meanwhile, Tianming quickly charged over with his actual body as well. His reaction was so quick that Sovereign Xi didn't even have a chance to make her approach. She couldn't even fathom that he would react to her presence so quickly. Not to mention, Tianming hadn’t brought his lifebound beasts with him, so they quickly showed up and surrounded the sovereign.


The defrosted lake sparkled in the spring weather. Feiling and Lin Xiaoxiao stood at the entrance of Soulburn Hall, looking at the swords of light coming down from above. All of a sudden, a fatal sensation came from behind them. Feiling rapidly pushed Lin Xiaoxiao away as her clear eyes turned blank all of a sudden. She turned back and clashed with a beam of moonlight that enveloped a sword held by a vexingly beautiful woman. She smiled as she thrust the sword toward Feiling's face.

"You really are good looking," Sovereign Xi's foxy voice said.

"Hmph." Though the sovereign had expected to easily be able to disfigure Feiling, she didn't think she would be met with a belittling gaze instead. Right as the tip of her sword was about to strike her nose, the cold girl scattered into countless crystals.

"What?!" She had just shattered out of nowhere. Sovereign Xi had come to capture Feiling, but how could she possibly do it now? She didn't understand how this could ever have happened.

Right as she was panicking, Feiling reformed some distance away and looked at the sovereign. "A clown like you dares to try taking me prisoner?"

It was the first time Sovereign Xi had been called a clown in all her life. She had a feeling that the girl wasn’t just a normal person, but it was too late to turn back now. Suppressing her annoyance, she came striking again. Right then, a bird and a cat showed up in front of Feiling and unleashed their abilities to obstruct the sovereign. She had no choice but to force her way through them to get to Feiling, furrowing her brow as she did so. Lan Huang had already shown up behind her at Xuanyuan Lake, while Xian Xian appeared behind Feiling and used its countless vines to shield her.

"Sick woman, you dare to come for Ling'er too? Don't you know death when you see it?" Ying Huo mocked.

"It's one thing for you to parade around like a boss in your turf, but do you think you can do the same in ours? Haven't you lost enough? You've gone too far, even daring to come for Ling'er! There's no way you'll be allowed to escape!" Xian Xian's spiritform snapped.

The four of them were really protective of Feiling. This time, they were joined by Lin Xiaoxiao and the Archaionfiend as well.

"Do you think your ragtag bunch can stop Us?" Sovereign Xi cursed at how even mere animals were looking down on her just because she had suffered a few losses. "Very well! Since all of you are really important to him, you’ll all be Our captives! Even a single one of you will be enough to get him squirming and pleading"

She struck with blazing speed mid-speech. Xian Xian's vines and the abilities of Meow Meow and Ying Huo alone weren't able to stop her as she rapidly closed the distance between her and Feiling. Even though she was a bit moved by Feiling's gaze and beauty, that didn't stop her from wanting to crush her. Although she was pretending that she didn't care, she was burning with rage the whole time.

I’ll use your life to take the life of your man! she thought.

"Just because you said so?" Feiling said with a smirk.

The sovereign started; it felt like she had been seen through completely. Though they were so close to each other, Feiling seemed really distant for some reason. 

That instant of hesitation was all it took for a fatal threat to approach.

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