Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1113

Published at 15th of January 2022 11:40:03 PM

Chapter 1113: 1113

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Without mercy, Tianming sent his providence swords flying. The final moment was upon them; he wanted to kill her for sure.

Amidst all the chaos, the sovereign smiled. "Li Tianming, We've taken a liking to you. If We were a few hundred years younger, We definitely would’ve spoiled you with love and dedicated Our all to you like other women, because you’re worth it."

"Scram." Tianming only had one word for her. Right as the storm of swords was about to swallow her, her two remaining totems burst into fire and turned to ash before being absorbed back into Sovereign Xi’s body, which strengthened her to a point where she was able to shoot through the skies like a beam of light.

"She's still able to run?"

Sovereign Xi had converted two totems into power for escaping. Now, all seven of her totems were gone, but it afforded her terrifying speed. Tianming quickly redirected the providence swords and gave chase. While she was really fast in the beginning, she began slowing as time passed.

The chase continued into the realm of the stars. Countless glowing swords chased after a single beam, and a few of them even managed to draw blood. There were many more waiting to swallow her up, but her luck seemed to turn around. Right as Tianming's swords were about to envelop her, she left the range of the Flameyellow Continent, causing the providence swords' power to decrease. Eventually, they began faltering due to lack of energy.

"I was so close!" Tianming was really frustrated. "However, all seven of her totems are gone, and she was wounded as well. Even if I go to the Divine Moon Realm, I should be able to defeat her with my own power and the orderian cauldron."

Sovereign Xi was in a much too pitiful state, with many of her cards used up. Tianming didn't give chase for now, as there were still around three thousand divine moonrace remaining on the continent that he needed to deal with. But before he returned, he saw a hand falling from above. He picked it up and it appeared to belong to Sovereign Xi.

"Looks like the last few swords even took off her hand." That could only mean that she was even weaker than before, being crippled in one arm. Tianming looked at the fingers and saw a white jade spatial ring. Since she was running for her life, there was no way she would dare to return. Nervously, he opened the ring up and searched. There were many treasures within, from manna, divine ore, divine herbs, divine artifacts, and even a few pills, not to mention her personal artifacts like clothes. More importantly, there was a rope, and it turned out to be the dimensional rope.

"Feng's blood and rope are now both in place." His luck was too good for him to be able to get her hand right at the last instant. "Now that she's lost a hand and her totems are damaged, she's far weaker than before. All she can do is hide, and she's helpless against me and Bodhi. Her entire race is also beaten and battered, so now’s the best time to save Feng!"

Tianming felt rather emotional. Ye Lingfeng's fate was something that bothered him a lot, especially after he didn't show up to their scheduled meeting. Given his priorities, Tianming had to save the humans of the continent, too. Not only had the situation there been dealt with, but he’d also had a turn of luck with Ye Lingfeng's situation.

"The heavens won't disappoint those who work hard, after all." The main reason he had wanted to kill Sovereign Xi in the first place was to get the dimensional rope, and now that he had it, his goal had been achieved. He stopped giving chase and quickly returned to the continent, slaughtering the divine moonrace that had stayed behind with providence swords as he headed back to Taiji Peak Lake to rally Ying Huo and the rest so they could go to the moon and save Lingfeng.

"Divine moonrace, your sovereign is dead. Will you not run for your lives?" Tianming announced through the mouths of his subjects. The commotion of the battle was really obvious, especially how the six moons had been utterly crushed by his swords. His words were far from unbelievable, and those that heard the announcement had their morale completely crushed. They swiftly escaped back to the moon and Tianming didn't stop them, since most of them hadn't yet massacred anyone and were only forced to come. If he were to start chasing them down, they might even hesitate to leave. His priority was to clear them out as quickly as possible, whether by force or by simply letting them go.

Then he informed Feiling and the rest about the dimensional rope.

"Were you really that lucky?"

Everyone relaxed when they heard about Sovereign Xi's injuries.

"I'll be going to the wondersky realm first to see if Feng is there." At the very least, he had to try to inform Lingfeng about the impending rescue before actually heading back to the moon. He quickly deployed the heavenly locus formation and headed to the Violetglory Pagoda with Ying Huo and the rest in his lifebound space.

The bright wondersky realm of Violetglory Star unfolded before his eyes.

"Welcome, Violetglory Disciple Lin Feng," the wondersky fairy said.

Little time had passed since he’d faced off against the Pentamoon Slayers. There was a huge group outside the Violetglory Pagoda, chattering away without worry.

"Look, what's up with this guy?"

"Oh my! Is his caelum not complete?"

"Impossible! Caeli aren't totems. How could they be incomplete? This is a world of dreams!"

A commotion suddenly broke out and Tianming broke a nervous sweat. "Make way. Let me pass." He squeezed through a huge group of people.

"Is this person still alive?"

"Does anyone know him? Where’s he from and which sect is he a disciple of? If nobody knows him, I'll notify the seniors!"

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