Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1116

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Chapter 1116: 1116

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Even starving, a camel would still be bigger than a horse.

Sovereign Xi’s totems were all in a temporarily destroyed state. However, when she gathered stellunar force and raised her Moondream Soul toward Feiling, her ferocious smile still looked rather horrifying. She had purposely thrown out the dimensional rope to target Tianming’s desire to save Lingfeng. She had then staked all her hopes of making a comeback on Feiling during the time Tianming entered the xenomemory space!

Even when this woman had gone mad, no one was able to see through her ploys. Tianming had repeatedly countered her in their encounters, even using his Omnisentient Will. However, she had still been able to come up with a deadly tactic.

Sovereign Xi’s injuries had all undergone emergency treatment. Even though all of her totems were gone, she would still be at least as strong as a twelfth-level ascendant. However, it wasn’t possible to use the orderian cauldron without Tianming. It would be very hard for Feiling to stop Sovereign Xi with just Ying Huo and the others.

Most importantly, they had to have a person holding onto the rope, which would impact their strength.

If Sovereign Xi got ahold of it, it would be troublesome. After all, she would definitely be a lot less worried about Tianming dying than them.

Originally, they had just needed to wait here patiently. However, the sovereign’s arrival had shot that plan to hell.

“Hold on! We’ll handle this!” Ying Huo took charge without Tianming around. The four beasts blocked Sovereign Xi’s path.

“Haha, four little things, after using Our universal manna to evolve, you only have this bit of ability?” The gap in realms was enormous. Sovereign Xi was definitely much stronger than the imperial guide! For her to personally appear, she must want to end this quickly.

She rushed at Feiling, smirking. “How will you hold that rope if I remove your hands?”

“Haven’t you had enough? The divine moonrace has suffered so many casualties because of your greed! It’s all your fault, and you’re busy acting mad here!” Ying Huo said shrilly.

The opponent had no totems, and was even slightly injured. The four lifebound beasts worked together to unleash their abilities. At the back, Xian Xian prioritized protecting Feiling. It used its vines to form a dense tangle that safeguarded Feiling and the dimensional rope.

Meanwhile, Ying Huo, Meow Meow, and Lan Huang went on the assault against the constellier. For a bunch at Heptaglory Sky to suppress Sovereign Xi was unbelievable.

In the face of Ying Huo’s Skyscorch Featherblast and Xian Xian’s attacks, Sovereign Xi had no choice but to use sword arts to defend herself with brightmoon sword ki.

Meow Meow didn’t transform into a Regal Chaosfiend; instead, it raced around, leaving streaks of Worldbolt Blasts in front of the insane sovereign. Despite her attempts to shape her astralforce into a shield, it was immediately blown apart.

Before, the Moonnight Subdued Strike hadn’t been able to stand up to Tianming’s Omnisentient Will. However, on her territory, it had turned into a blinding streak of moonlight that pierced a path through all the abilities, stabbing toward Xian Xian’s created defense.

At the last moment, Lan Huang used the Kilofold Rings and its own body to block. Its flesh was torn open, leaving a massive gash, but it successfully blocked the attack.

“All of Our dreams are staked on this moment, and a bunch of animals want to block Us?” Sovereign Xi burst into cackles, having gone completely mad. In this state, she was vicious to her opponents, but even moreso to herself. She charged forward, completely ignoring Ying Huo and the rest’s abilities as they landed on her. A constellier’s speed wasn’t something Lan Huang and Xian Xian could keep up with; only Ying Huo and Meow Meow had the speed to catch her.

“Get lost!” Her sword seemed to undergo thousands of transformations as countless streaks of sword ki shot toward Feiling.

“Block it!” Ying Huo unleashed his Infernal Blaze, but some brightmoon sword ki still made it through.

In the last moment, it was still Xian Xian’s Radiant Vines that blocked it, but it destroyed the defending vines, which were shredded apart.

“No one can save you now!” Sovereign Xi hated Feiling. She was jealous! When she was young, she too had been pure and stunning. However, she hadn’t met someone like Tianming. She had spent so much effort, but it was all for naught in the end. In the field of relationships, no one had ever reciprocated her feelings. Hence, she no longer trusted men.

However, just as she was about to embark on her next stage of life, she had met Li Tianming. Meeting after meeting, her obsession to possess him had grown. Hundreds of years ago, she had fantasized about someone who could match up to her.

However, there was such a perfect young lady by that man’s side.

“Why, why can you meet someone like him when you’re young, but I couldn’t? Why could the two of you together defeat me and force me to kill my most precious person? This is the only time in my life I’ve ever gambled on something, so why did you have to make me lose?” She cried out heartrendingly.

She no longer used the Royal We to refer to herself, but the singular I. This was the real her. She didn’t want to lose. Especially after losing the imperial guide, producing another Eightmoon Swordsage was the only acceptable outcome.

Sovereign Xi closed the distance like a mad dog. With her cultivation, and the fact that she was ignoring any risk to her life, she was hard to stop. Her body was filled with terrifying power, and she effortlessly used her sword to send Lan Huang flying.

Ying Huo chased her, then used its wing to open a wound on her shoulder so deep the bones could be seen.

But she wasn’t stopped. Her sword hacked away the remnants of the Radiant Vines.

Ying Huo and Meow Meow fought against her, as they were the only ones able to keep up.

“Just a bunch of dumb animals!” Sovereign Xi sneered. With the foundation of five hundred years, her mastery of the sword was very high—several levels above Ying Huo’s.

She continued drawing infinitely close to Feiling. “Little lass, you’re a little too pretty, so I’m going to have to ruin it,” she said, sparks flying as her sword collided with Ying Huo’s feathers again and again.

Meow Meow’s Cosmic Lance stabbed into her thigh, quickly drawing blood. Electricity coursed through her body, but she didn’t even flinch.

Finally, she arrived before Feiling. “Let go. You don’t need to pull him. Let his lifebound beasts do it. You’re mine!” she said haughtily.

Feiling lifted her head and a pair of cold eyes met Sovereign Xi’s. Instinctively, the sovereign backed up in fear.

“Let go, or I’ll have to cut off your pretty hands.” Sovereign Xi looked at her hands. They were indeed flawless, and the most perfect parts of Feiling. That held especially true for her nails, which gleamed like crystals.

Feiling didn’t say anything, and her expression didn’t change either.

“So, you want to play tough, eh?” Sovereign Xi appeared right next to Feiling. Using her sword, she prepared to take Feiling’s hands.

Feiling’s hands snapped off, but it wasn’t accompanied by any shriek of pain. The severed hands didn’t have any blood, but instead dissolved into crystal powder. The process involved Feiling’s body as well, which was breaking down as well. Only a set of clothes was still attached to the rope. Without her pulling, the rope was quickly dragged toward the vortex. If it fell in, Tianming might be stuck inside forever.

“Eh?” Sovereign Xi was full of doubt. This had happened the last time she had tried to capture Feiling, too. “Is she even human?”

Sovereign Xi extended a hand and grabbed the rope. Regardless of everything that had happened, she didn’t want Tianming to vanish.

“Don’t you dare touch it!” a cold female voice rang out from the location above the rope.

Sovereign Xi watched as countless specks of crystal powder reformed inside Feiling’s clothes and grabbed the rope. Starting from the hands, a whole Feiling came into being and stabilized the rope, not moving an inch.

She glared at Sovereign Xi. “This is my life, you aren’t allowed to touch it!”

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