Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1117

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Chapter 1117: 1117

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Sovereign Xi wouldn’t understand what kind of conviction Feiling carried. Her heart right now was filled with a staunch willpower. The dimensional rope was her life right now, and her conviction because the rope’s other end held the person she wanted to protect. Through the rope, she could feel his breathing and heartbeat.

If she vanished, wouldn’t it bring him despair? So she had to hold on, no matter what. She had to hold on so that he would get the message: I am fine. Grabbing the rope, Feiling felt like the Perpetual Nirvana wasn’t so frightening for the first time.

Before, she relied on Ling’er’s Love. However, it was too small. While she was in her shattered state, she couldn’t find it. But the rope was different. It was much easier to grab onto and remind herself to hold on!

If the Perpetual Nirvana could be described as waves attempting to drown her, this rope would be a lifeboat.

“This saves me, and saves him too.” The two mutually relied on each other.

All Sovereign Xi saw was Feiling treating the rope with as much importance as her life, but not the trust it represented. How could Tianming have let her hold the rope if there wasn’t trust between them, and how could she let him down?

Even if someone else helped her hold on, Tianming would surely be hurt if he didn’t see her when he came out.

Feiling didn’t want Tianming to experience this kind of loss and pain, so she forced herself to be strong, and even frightening. She had to be, to fight against destiny, Sovereign Xi, and the Perpetual Nirvana!

When she had shattered, even her memories had faded away. Everything around her seemed to turn to dust, too. Only the rope continued standing out in that dying world. Her anxiousness to hold on was what had led to her speedy rebirth this time.

Sovereign Xi didn’t know any of these finer details, and flew into a rage.

“I’ll make you break one more time!”

While she was using her sword to fend off Tianming’s lifebound beasts, sword ki would often spill over in Feiling’s direction. Actually, she didn’t even need to directly target Feiling for her to be stimulated by the attack.

Once again, Feiling transformed into crystalline powder.

The dimensional rope began getting sucked into the spatial hole. Lan Huang was just about to grab it when Ying Huo stopped it. “Just let her do this herself.”

Even Lan Huang could understand that. Tears were in its eyes, while Xian Xian was bawling its eyes out.

While the rope was falling into the xenomemory space, her shattered body would reform as quickly as possible, using unimaginable willpower. Once again, it started from her fingers. Then came her arms, body, and finally her face and eyes.

After returning, Feiling heaved a sigh of relief after seeing the rope. Sovereign Xi didn’t exist in her world right now. Only the rope and the Perpetual Nirvana did! She did her best to pull back more of the rope.

In the next moment, her celebratory expression shattered into powder once again.

The eighty-third time!

The eighty-fourth time!

The eighty-fifth time!

Feiling felt like she was living in a dream as time passed and crystalline powder filled the air time and time again. And time and time again, it would reform, starting from the fingers.

She would always take in a deep breath, and when she found herself holding onto the rope again, she would shed tears of joy.

Feiling had already lost track of how many times she had shattered by now. Before, she had clearly remembered every number in her head. However, all of her headspace was now taken up by the rope.

Every time the rope was masterless again, Ying Huo and the rest would have their hearts in their throats.

“Wahhh, I’m so scared!” Xian Xian had already run out of tears.

Their enemy now wasn’t Sovereign Xi, but the Perpetual Nirvana. One time, the end of the rope almost vanished into the vortex. Even Sovereign Xi anxiously tried to save it.

It was only at the last possible moment that a hand appeared and grabbed onto it with a mad obsession, pulling it out. It was an emotionally moving scene as Feiling finally reformed fully again. She wasn’t aware herself, but this was actually her ninety-eighth time!

“Big brother, it was so close. I was almost gone, sorry….” Feiling tightly gripped the rope, her fingers digging into it. She was tearing up; she had been so close to dying there and then. However, on death’s door, she remembered the dimensional rope. If it had slipped into the xenomemory space, Tianming would have vanished forever, like her.

She had promised herself before to never let go. Hence, at that moment before her death, she’d had a last spurt of strength and courage.

“We’re a pair that can’t do without the other. No matter who’s gone, the other will fall into the abyss.”

Both the xenomemory space and the Perpetual Nirvana were an abyss of their own.

Sovereign Xi could never have expected that the move she had staked everything on would instead spur on these two’s desire to live on in the world. Otherwise, who could survive a hundred Perpetual Nirvanas? It had to be remembered that Xuanyuan Xi hadn’t even survived one!

Next, the second to last time came, the ninety-ninth. Feiling had already forgotten about it. She was still celebrating when she crumbled apart again, turning into tiny specks of powder. Perhaps they were her albi.

“Still playing tricks? This time, I think you’re really dead! Whatever. Even if I don’t kill you, killing his lifebound beasts will crush his heart as well!” Sovereign Xi was more open-minded now. Even if she missed the best option, all that really mattered was effectiveness.

Ying Huo and the rest were all holding their breath and shaking. Sovereign Xi was the only one still smiling. “It’s time to die. Just wait. Once I’ve played with your man, I’ll send him to the afterlife to accompany you! No one will remember you two! As for that stupid continent, I’ll repay it tenfold for the pain it brought me! All of you need to die!” Sovereign Xi was saying that to vent.

In truth, she had already stopped doing anything. Feiling was just too eye-catching, and even she had been frightened.

The rope was quickly sliding into the vortex again.

Just as Sovereign Xi was laughing, there was an enraged roar. “Shut up!”

The origin of the voice was that flying powder. Following that roar, the powder fused into crystals that gathered above the rope.

A brilliantly shining young woman appeared there, coming into existence like a god!

With one hand on the rope, her eyes looked at Sovereign Xi with a scorching gaze. While it was a peerlessly beautiful face, it was filled with absolute fury.

Particles of light gathered behind her back and formed golden wings, an enlarged and material Celestial Wings with bands of light flowing on them. Each feather had a divine-like pattern on it, giving the impression that millions of deities had descended to wait upon her.

“What?” Sovereign Xi was stunned. Her expression quickly turned to fright as she felt a suppression that went as deep as her bloodline and soul.

Sovereign Xi had indeed met many major figures while in Orderia. However, right now, her entire body was shaking, as she had met an existence that exceeded her comprehension. That perpetual and majestic existence was currently coldly inspecting the ant that dared to challenge her.

“I grant you the death sentence!” The wings gave a flap, and a wave of light surged forward.

“I was wrong.…” Sovereign Xi’s eyes widened and she knelt down in fear. However, it didn’t stop the light from sweeping past her.

Now, it was Sovereign Xi’s turn to turn into crystal. All of her dreams and aspirations vanished just like that.

Sovereign Xi had perished!

Even in death, she didn’t understand how she had lost.

Ying Huo and the rest were shocked. “So overpowered.…”

Ying Huo gave Lan Huang a sharp jab. “Did you feel that? We’re not dreaming, right?”

“Ow!” Lan Huang shouted. It shot to its feet, clamping its legs together.

Meow Meow clamped its legs as well, and hurriedly left Ying Huo’s side.

“Haha, oops. That spot was an accident,” Ying Huo said with some embarrassment.

The four of them happily looked at Feiling. However, they didn’t know this was only her ninety-ninth time.

“Ying Huo.” Feiling flew over and handed over the rope to it.

“What is it?” Ying Huo’s heart thumped.

“Tell him to wait for me. It won’t take too long, but I’ll be back.” Feiling’s voice was choked with emotion.

“What do you mean?”

“This is the last time, the hundredth time. True rebirth will happen then. Tell him to relax, because I will not lose,” Feiling said certainly.

“Will it be different from the previous ninety-nine?” Ying Huo asked.



Just as Ying Huo asked, Feiling burst into a golden flame. It was similar to Soulburn, and the golden flames quickly consumed everything inside, becoming a golden sphere of fire.

The sphere floated toward the crown of Xian Xian’s Radix World Tree and landed there, as if it were taking root.

Ying Huo and the rest looked on with wide eyes. When the golden fire was extinguished, a snow-white and blue flower bud appeared there. It budded and took root, drawing in nutrients.

“My gods, Ling’er turned from an animal to a vegetable! Not good, not good! That species gap means Tianming can’t have babies anymore!” Ying Huo rubbed its head.

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