Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1122

Published at 8th of February 2022 04:58:19 AM

Chapter 1122

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Chapter 1122 - Di Yi

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Apart from his identity being exposed, something else was bothering Tianming. Why would the wondersky realm bleed and be able to speak? Was it some kind of gigantic beast? In the midst of his confusion, another voice rang out from the wondersky realm. "Di Yi, why aren't you helping me catch him?"

That voice seemed to permeate the entire world. Who was Di Yi? But before he had time to figure it out, the entire xenomemory space shook even more powerfully, causing the space within it to twist. The seven-colored butterfly spread its wings, immediately scattering the countless xenofiends in the area. Then space opened up above him and revealed a huge crack that split the void in twain. It was so huge that it was like a sky in this place. A lot of purple light leaked out of the gigantic crack, painting the xenomemory space in its shade. As the crack continued growing, the light spread even more. Finally, a gigantic purple eyeball appeared above Tianming and saw him. Though this was a world of dreams where anything could happen, it was still inconceivable that the eye above him was a hundred times larger than the gigantic butterfly beneath him.

"The sky plunderer race?" said an ancient voice in the darkness that seemed to belong to the eye called Di Yi. When it appeared, the xenofiends near Tianming wildly flocked toward it and melded into it. For now, Tianming was out of danger, but he had also been seen by that gigantic eyeball.

The wondersky realm is even larger than the Flameyellow Continent and Divine Moon Realm, yet this eye is larger than that by a hundred times. Who could this be?

"I've been looking for a long time, yet you showed up at my doorstep. Hehe...." Those words alone showed what a terrifying existence Di Yi was. Perhaps this was the being Li Muyang was trying to run from. He was completely lost by now, not expecting to run into some kind of being like this in the xenomemory space in the least. The wondersky realm beneath him seemed to have summoned Di Yi.

Since the wondersky realms belong to the divine wondersky race that’s currently reigning supreme in the astralscape of order, Di Yi must be in the same faction as them. It also has a purple eye, so it should be living in the xenomemory space in some way. Maybe it’s the ruler of this place. The xenofiends are flocking to it like it’s their broodmother. The divine wondersky race might need their cooperation to construct wondersky realms here.

Right as Tianming was about to escape into the wondersky realm, he had drawn these two inconceivable beings’ attention.

"Come," said the purple eye, causing Tianming to be pulled toward it by an unseen force. He couldn't resist at all and was quickly propelled toward the eye. "What’re you looking for in here?" The ancient voice carried a hint of teasing as it rang out beside Tianming's ear.

When Tianming drew close to it, it felt like an endless purple sky covered him. A cocoon seemed to fall from the purple sky, within which was held a black-haired youth, deep in slumber and surrounded by mist, which should be the Soulfiend. It was none other than Ye Lingfeng. Di Yi had captured him too, it appeared.


"You two seem to be unique existences. Why do I smell a conspiracy brewing?" Di Yi's every word sounded sinister. This was a lifeform that couldn't even be conceived. Every word it said made souls shake. With Ye Lingfeng in its hands, Tianming's trip here was now wasted, and he had fallen into their hands as well. It was possibly the worst-case scenario. Ye Lingfeng's unconscious state and Tianming witnessing his caelum scatter in the wondersky realm probably had something to do with Di Yi. Faced with such an overwhelming presence, he was hard pressed to breathe, let alone tug on the dimensional rope to leave. The eye seemed to have everything in control.

"Then you shall reunite." A purple mist appeared from the eye and came toward Tianming, intent on pulling him in. It was the first time he had ever felt so helpless and unable to resist, unlike previous enemies whom he could still at least struggle against. Once again, Tianming was confronted with the fact that the universe was far wider than he had imagined, and contained beings he couldn't even begin to fathom. By now, the dreams he saw of Ying Huo and the rest with them having billions of stars in their eyes no longer seemed that farfetched. He hadn't even properly cemented himself in the astralscape of order yet; everything he had done was for the safety of those he cared about, but that goal was a difficult one, to say the least.

Father, I’ve been careful all the way and did what you told me to get the Archaionfiend Eye. I even became a god to evade the pursuers you mentioned. But I really didn't think I’d encounter a powerful enemy like this here. Sorry!

Li Muyang and Wei Jing had placed their hopes in him, but some trials in life simply couldn't be avoided just by being careful. The thought of them reaching this point after reincarnating some ten times was enough to let him know how hard they’d had it. There was no telling where and when enemies would appear.

Tianming knew that while his talent and potential were unmatched, the slightest mistake could ruin everything. Even now, he was completely out of options after having entered the belly of the beast of his own accord.


At that moment, his spatial ring, Skydragon, shone brightly and a spherical formation appeared before Tianming, within which was a couple.

"Don't worry, we aren't that easy to deal with." That was Wei Jing's voice! They had said that once Tianming had ascended he could use the Cyclic Map to find them. However, he hadn't been able to do so as he had been caught up in the disaster that befell the Flameyellow Continent. Little did he know that their images would appear in the map now.

"Tianming, you’ve done well. However, something has changed. Don't come look for us yet and continue your cultivation. But at the very least, we can help you resolve this situation," Li Muyang said. Though his image was unstable, he sounded really reliable.

When Tianming saw them, his heart burned with passion. "Dad, Mom!" Those words were filled with boundless pure emotion.

"Don't get soppy on us now. We're alive and well, but we aren’t going to cut short our honeymoon and take you with us yet!" Wei Jing said, hugging Li Muyang's arm like a young girl.

"Dammit!" But no matter what, this was a great development for Tianming.

"If we have a chance, we’ll come see you. But it's best that we don't meet yet," Li Muyang said with a gentle look.

"Remember, never come into this damned place ever again!" Wei Jing chewed him out.

"Got it!" Tianming hurriedly nodded. He missed them more the more he looked at them. By the time they were finished talking, something terrifying was happening to the Cyclic Map. It exploded and produced countless formless patterns that slammed into the purple eyeball.

"What?!" Di Yi cried out in pain as the eyeball burst, scattering purple blood all over like rain. Chain explosions kept occurring as the purple light suddenly disappeared. Di Yi had closed his eye.

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