Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1142

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Chapter 1142

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Chapter 1142 - False Genius


Looking ahead, they saw countless mountains in the distance. Thanks to the flaming clouds, the water that flowed through the rivers was boiling and the sea and lakes in the distance looked like molten lava.

"How vast." Lingfeng felt a sense of awe as they stood upon a mountain peak overlooking Orderia.

"So Qingyu is somewhere in this world," Tianming said.

"Yeah. There's someone in the distance," Lingfeng said when he seemed to notice some activity in the valley that was accompanied by the cries of a huge beast.

"Let's head there!" Tianming was rather anxious. He wanted to blend into Orderia without letting anyone know who he was. Back at the Divine Moon Realm, his cover still couldn’t hide the fact that he was from the Flameyellow Continent. However, this time would be different, as nobody would recognize him.

They descended into the valley and saw people in combat. This was their first contact with the natives of this world. There were three of them, a young man and woman, as well as a hooded fellow. It was less of a battle than a pursuit. The youths were bloodied and haggard. Even so, in terms of looks and aura, they appeared far superior to the divine moonrace, even from a distance. They looked to be in their twenties, but they were already sixth-level ascendants or better. Huiyue Jie had only become a fifth-level ascendant around the age of fifty, but he was already considered a peak genius among the divine moonrace. While Tianming and the rest didn't know how high these two were in the hierarchy of might in Orderia, they were nonetheless shocked.

The one chasing after the two was clad in a large blue mantle that only revealed his eyes. He was accompanied by a lifebound beast with more than three thousand stars that was about a kilometer in length. It burrowed out of the ground and looked to be a gigantic eighteen-headed snake with blue draconic scales. Each of its heads had long, hooked fangs. Wherever it slithered, trees fell and ground cracked; the two youths were unable to stop its advance at all. The pursuer was at least a tenth-level ascendant and didn't look older than fifty. As far as Orderia was concerned, all of them were considered young.

When Tianming and the rest were nearby, the male immediately turned around and knelt towards his pursuer. "Stop! I'm not going to run anymore, I give up! Friend from the Supracloud Sanctuary, I'll let you kill me! Just hear my final wish!" He had a pair of sharp eyes, long, purple hair and wore a long robe. He was rather attractive.

"What's your final wish?" the pursuer said, stopping.

"My junior apprentice sister and I have loved each other for a long time. We just officially got together! But our relationship has been pure, so we haven't consummated our love yet. Please, great one, give us a chance to experience this sublime union once before we die!"

"Senior, you…" The woman wore a light-green dress. Though she was injured, her beauty was still clearly apparent. She rolled her eyes and almost fainted at hearing those words. It was nothing short of impressive for her beloved to have that on his mind at death's door.

"Hahaha! To think that the top disciple of the Azuresoul Palace would be that frivolous. To think that someone like you is purported to be able to enter the Voidsky Realm," said the pursuer as he chuckled.

That instant, the couple took out a divine tome and unleashed its power, causing a fierce torrent of frost to completely envelop the pursuer. The chill spread a kilometer wide and even froze the gigantic snake monster. This was their chance!

"Come on, let's go!" The man immediately tugged on his lover's hand, much to her shock. However, the ice shattered before they were able to make it very far. The angry beast and master came charging again.

"It's pointless. Where else can you run?" At that moment, the pursuer spotted Tianming and the rest. "Scram!"

"Who are you talking to?" Tianming said.

"You've seen what you shouldn't have. Better stay there. I'll take care of you in a bit."

"Beat him up!" Tianming ordered. Lan Huang and Ying Huo immediately attacked. At their current level, defeating a tenth-level ascendant was a piece of cake. Lan Huang took down the snake with a bite and a tackle while Ying Huo hit the beastmaster so bad he immediately ran.

"Better pick your enemies carefully next time, lest you offend someone you shouldn't," Tianming said. Showing off and being the hero felt great.

"Our hero!" The man happily came to him. "Umm… thank you for saving our lives," he said sternly, wanting to maintain what dignity he still had in front of his sweetheart.

"No worries. Saving you guys isn't a big deal. I'm more interested in how you and your junior will express your mutual love," Tianming said.

"Hahahaha… uhh…" He looked at his junior and awkwardly cleared his throat. "I'm Yu Ziqian. May I know how to address you three heroes?"

"I'm really proud of my name… It's Boss. Just Boss."

"That's so badass…" Yu Ziqian shot him a thumbs up. It was obvious that Tianming was keeping his identity hidden, so he imagined he must have been someone from a really high station. His lover still hadn't said anything yet, still recovering from her close brush with death.

Yu Ziqian continued, "I'm sure the three of you are heading to the Voidsky Realm as well, right?"

It didn't sound like an actual realm, but a name of a place.

"That's right."

"I wonder if I could accompany you on your journey, Boss."

"Do you want me to protect you?"

"Well… the Supracloud Sanctuary is far too shameless. It's one thing for them to have a grudge, but they dared to target disciples of Azuresoul Palace that’re heading toward the Voidsky Realm! It's disgusting! I'm fuming because of them!"

"Senior, if you hadn't pretended to be a genius for the past ten years, nobody would've turned their sights on us. It's all your fault, isn’t it? You kept on pretending to be a false genius all this time, but you can't even rival me!" the woman said resentfully.

"Who said I was faking it? I'm—whatever, normal people wouldn't understand!"

"Just keep pretending, why don't you? I wonder how you'll face the masters now that you've been exposed!"

Yu Ziqian could only sigh helplessly.

"Friend, do you still want to travel together?" Tianming asked.

"Sure thing!"

"Are there many others heading to the Voidsky Realm as well?"

"Of course. Apart from the celestial orderians, all disciples from every sect under the age of thirty yearn to gain the recognition of the Voidsky Realm. There’ll be at least a billion people heading there!"

Tianming looked at Lingfeng. Such a huge gathering was the perfect place to gather information. They might find out about where Qingyu was, or even how to hatch his fifth Primordial Chaos Beast. If anything, the little egg was growing more and more impatient.

"Alright, let's go!"

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