Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1156

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Chapter 1156: 1156

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Chapter 1156 – Skyward Stele

The opening of the Voidsky Realm meant the competition for the imperial star ranking and the position in the Sky Palace would begin. All of Orderia, including the celestial orderians, would likely be watching it.

Perhaps due to the temperature, Tianming saw fighting spirit burning in every competitor’s eyes.

Competition. Treasure. Fame. Rising to greatness. Leaving your mark. Dominating the world! For whatever reason, all of these young ones were raring to go.

“The victorious will have a long and glorious road ahead of them, and the respect of everyone. The losers will vanish and be forgotten.” To most of these disciples, just leaving their name on the imperial star ranking would be enough to bring glory to their ancestors and sect.

Only ten thousand names would make it from a billion competitors. You had to be a genius that could rise out of a hundred thousand people to do so!

As the flames rose up, youths began streaming toward the Voidsky Flame Pillar like moths being engulfed by flames. By Tianming’s side, the disciples of the Azuresoul Palace were already eagerly taking out their disciple tokens. They rushed to be at the front of the pack.

“I heard the Voidsky Realm is actually an ancient battlefield!”

“Even though it’s opened multiple times, there’s always a disciple who gets a precious opportunity or inheritance.

“The inheritances can be found anywhere. I heard from my older brother that when he went in, he personally saw someone cultivate in front of a stone tablet and achieve a breakthrough. But it’s very dangerous inside. Even setting aside the conflicts, there’s still fatal divine hazards, fierce beasts, and venomous insects.”

Why was it that even though only ten thousand could make it on the imperial star ranking, there was a commotion involving a billion people—practically all of the disciples under thirty from the Myriad Solar Sects? That was because it was a place where fortune and danger coexisted, and unimaginable rewards could be found inside. Supposedly, it was the Sky Palace’s gift to all the disciples.

“Some people shoot to greatness as soon as they come out of the Voidsky Realm. Others take such a huge blow that they lose their way and never recover. That’s why this is the first turning point for us on our road to growing up.”

It was just like exams. It wasn’t about how your usual standard was, but what you could show when it was time.


A billion people was far too many, and just entering would take two hours.

Tianming, Lingfeng and Xiaoxiao moved forward at their own pace. By the time they reached the pillar, at least six hundred million had already entered.

“Take out the disciple tokens master gave you. Your information is already recorded on them. When you go in, you need to turn in your token so you can have the imperial star formation placed on you. It’ll give you protection and the qualifications for the imperial star ranking,” Yu Ziqian instructed. That was the reason why Jiang Qingliu had said they couldn’t join without declaring their identity.

Following Yu Ziqian’s instructions, they took out their disciple tokens and held them. With this right they had gained, it meant they hadn’t saved Yu Ziqian for nothing.

They had just come into contact with the heat from the pillar when the flames and violent wind covered them.

“Continue onward.” Yu Ziqian led the way.

Tianming found out that the deeper they went, the more intense the flames and winds became. It meant that the further you went, the harder it was to stay. To endure it, you would need a certain level of astralforce and body. Just this condition alone would stop many disciples outside the pillar.

Tianming had already entered the Voidsky Realm. However, there didn’t seem to be anything apart from the rock, gravel, and earth beneath his feet and the vortex of flame and wind ahead. At the same time, his token began to melt and burn to nothing from the flames, the Voidsky Realm’s formation recording down their information. Then it formed a formation on Tianming’s skin.

“This should be the imperial star formation.” The competition had begun.

Supposedly, groups of more than ten would be forcefully dispersed by the wind. In this battlefield of a billion people, it would be hard to meet up again.

Tianming’s squad only had four people. They hadn’t even brought along Yu Ziqian’s junior sister, as Tianming’s group had too many secrets.

The Voidsky Realm was huge, and the next thing on the agenda would be to go in deeper.

“What’s the rule for this competition? I’m a little confused,” Ye Lingfeng asked.

“We have to find the Sky Palace’s location. It’s supposed to be some wooden house. Then, we enter,” Tianming replied.

“That simple? How’s that a competition? And how does that give us a ranking?” Lin Xiaoxiao was confused.

“Of course it isn’t that simple. However, no one knows the exact format. It’s all up to the Sky Palace. We’ll find out later.”

“Gan Gangan said the Voidsky Realm will be open for a very long time. It usually takes more than three months for the rankings to be finalized. It may even take a year. That means that the most important thing right now isn’t to seize the initiative or whatever, but to think of a way to improve ourselves,” Tianming said.

“Who’s Gan Gangan? Yu Ziqian?” Lin Xiaoxiao was still confused.

“Heh, what do you think?”

“Now that you mention it, Gan Gangan looks like Yu Ziqian!” Lingfeng said. [1]

“Well, it doesn’t really matter in the end. No matter how you try to be innovative with the rules, in the end it just ends up thwacking people and seizing treasures! You can’t go wrong with stepping on the heads of the Myriad Solar Sects’ geniuses.” Tianming didn’t have any killing intent, because this was just a fair competition. Here on the sun, it was a world of competition. Everyone wanted more resources to improve the fortunes of themselves and their descendants. But resources were always limited, so competition always existed!

Yu Ziqian was still leading the way in front. While Tianming and the other two were idly chatting, he suddenly stopped, then excitedly gestured toward them. Now that there weren’t any other disciples around, he had completely stowed away his senior brother persona and was wholeheartedly serving Tianming and the other two. After all, he needed them to protect him. After Qing Zi had messed up his tempo, he would now be useless for an entire month. He couldn’t even beat Lin Xiaoxiao now.

“Brother, do you see it?” Yu Ziqian said fawningly. His ability to change faces was truly perfection.

“See what?” Tianming pushed against the wind and flames to reach him. When he lifted up his head, he found a hundred-thousand-meter-tall stele. It was bathing in the flames, standing tall like a giant god overlooking all of life.

“That’s the Skyward Stele, something you can never reach. No matter how you try, the distance from us is fixed. Even more amazingly, you can see it no matter where you are.”

“Eh. It’s probably just some projection trick with a formation,” Tianming said.

“Can you do it?” Yu Ziqian asked.


“Then why are you acting cool?” Yu Ziqian disdainfully questioned.

“Do you want to be thwacked?”

“Show me some mercy!”

The Skyward Stele was obviously for the imperial star rankings. Names would pop up soon enough, dazzling everyone. Not just the Voidsky Realm, but everyone would see it across all of Orderia. That was why all these youngsters were thirsting to add their name to it; it was every youngster’s dream to receive the adoration of billions.

“Entering the Sky Palace is up to luck. Actually, my dream is simple. Top ten is good enough for me!” Yu Ziqian was filled with yearning as he spoke.

However, Tianming and the rest were already far ahead, leaving him behind in the dust.

“Hey, wait for me!” Yu Ziqian hurriedly tried to catch up to them.

1. It’s a play on how names are written in Chinese. 干干干 (Gan Gangan) looks almost like 于子千(Yu Ziqian).

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