Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1157

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Chapter 1157

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Chapter 1157 - Caelumite

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The Voidsky Realm had mountains, rivers, and even seas. Only, under this environment, the surface of the rivers and seas weren’t just stormy, but ablaze as well. The water wasn’t ordinary water, but a divine hazard with many divine ordered patterns. This kind of water would burn skin if the two came into contact.

As for the ground below, it had been so thoroughly burned that only ore was left. Any grain, if brought back to the Flameyellow Continent, could be used to create incredible weapons. So, obviously, Tianming took many grains of sand.

Alongside the wind and flames, giant waves crashed in the sea. The red water on the black soil made it look like it had been stained with blood. Boiling steam wafted from the water, looking like the site of a volcanic eruption. Compared to outside, it was like a furnace where everyone was being refined inside.

Even with Tianming’s Aeternal Infernal Phoenix constitution, his skin had still gone bright red from the heat.

“A billion people came in but it’s still quiet. So, the size of this place is probably at least as large as ten Flameyellow Continents. And we have to find one wooden house?” Tianming mused.

He did find it hard. They were in the outer area now. According to rumor, there were divine hazards deeper inside that could kill them. There were also beasts that could survive in these conditions. A nova source was beautiful, but it was also dangerous to get close to. The power was even more berserk than he had expected.

The group was currently in a valley. The region was slightly calmer, as they were protected from the wind and fire. Still, the ground was scorched black as well, and there were no plants around. Only plants that were like precious treasures could survive here.

“Haha, Xiaoxiao!” Tianming was guffawing when he saw her face. After suffering in the elements outside, her face had turned black like she had smeared charcoal all over it.

“I shouldn’t have followed you into this kind of horrible place.” Lin Xiaoxiao hurriedly rubbed her face.

“It’s nothing. Take a break, and let my Tortoise Bro bathe you in piss and wash your face.” Ying Huo laughed strangely. No matter how unpleasant this place was for others, it was a paradise for Ying Huo. From the start, it had just been casually sunbathing on Tianming’s head.

“Stupid bird.” Xiaoxiao couldn’t be bothered with it. Since she was a girl, Xiaoxiao spent a while cleaning up.

It wasn’t easy finding a more relaxed place than this valley, so Tianming was prepared to rest here and arrange his thoughts.


Right in front of Yu Ziqian, Tianming took out the Spirit Core and placed it in front of him, activating the heavenly locus formation. He had asked Yu Ziqian multiple times and dozens of Azuresoul Palace disciples, but none had recognized it. Hence Yu Ziqian didn’t know what was happening when Tianming activated the formation. That meant his portable grandpa didn’t, either. And Tianming believed that even if that old man knew, as just a remnant soul, he wouldn’t be able to do much with Lingfeng around.

Yu Ziqian was curious. “What’s this?”

“It’s a formation for supporting cultivation. It makes your cultivation better,” Tianming replied.

“Ohhh, a caelum storage formation. I know this kind of formation. Is this some last minute sprint? Listen, it’s useless. How much can you improve in just half a year? I think we should focus on the journey, whether it’s finding the Sky Palace or ascending to the imperial star rankings.” The Skyway Stele was currently empty, so Yu Ziqian wasn’t anxious yet.

“Sure, history has many people who made sudden improvements here, and even many who brought their seniors’ caeli. I heard that once, a disciple from one of the top ten sects on the myriad sect rankings used caelumite to bring in the caeli of a hundred thousand seniors. In the end, someone took it from him and the sect lost it for nothing. Caelum inheritances are the foundations of any sect, and losing them is a huge waste,” Yu Ziqian chattered away.

“There’s a billion fighters here. Getting enlightenment from battle would be a lot more effective than cultivating away. For people our age, we lack combat experience the most. My master said a hundred days of bitter cultivation is inferior to one life and death battle.”


Tianming sighed. “Right now, your condition isn’t too good. So, let’s play safe for now, understand?”

“Alright.” Yu Ziqian had just been giving a kind reminder. If Tianming had his own opinion, he wouldn’t force it.

“Do a lot of people nowadays bring in caelum?” Tianming asked.

“Yeah. It’s going to last a few months, so most will bring in some. It just won’t be as ridiculous as a hundred thousand. Generally, I think the ones with high status will bring in one or two thousand. On the lower end, it’ll be a few hundred. Almost everyone will bring some. But of course, I didn’t,” Yu Ziqian arrogantly said.

Tianming, on the other hand, was stunned to hear that. He exchanged a look with Xiaoxiao and grinned. “It wasn’t a wasted trip. This place is a paradise for you, too.”

A billion disciples… even if each only brought a hundred caeli, that was still a hundred billion caeli from a higher race! How could Tianming just go to a sect and rob them? Only in this Voidsky Realm would such an opportunity arise.

“You aren’t going to rob people’s caeli, are you?” Yu Ziqian’s eyes widened.

“Why, do people not do that?”

“Yes, but it’s not really that useful. Azuresoul Palace has so many. For disciples like us, we never lack it.”

“That’s not mine though. What I want is caeli that belong to me,” Tianming said. Only his could be used to bless the Flameyellow Continent. Thus, Tianming had an additional goal now.

He made Yu Ziqian stand guard and prepared to enter Wondersky Realm. Then, something incredible happened—a massive eye appeared in the sky and coldly looked down on them.

The eye was purple, and immediately drew over flames. It gave Tianming and Lingfeng a huge fright, because Di Yi’s eye had been purple as well.

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