Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1159

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Chapter 1159

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Chapter 1159 - Nameless Pawn

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"Enough. Don't bother talking to a mongrel like him. Just focus on humiliating him," Yun Feiyang said, seemingly calm though he was on the edge of exploding with rage. Now that they had surrounded them, he turned to look at Yun Xiaolu. "Don't bother answering. Since he dares to offend you, I'll slap his face into pulp and completely humiliate him before the Azuresoul Palace."

"Yes, Senior Brother." Yun Xiaolu mischievously poked her tongue out. "Quick, teach that untrained dog a lesson."

"Just watch."

Though they knew any of the ten of them would be able to deal with Yu Ziqian, according to Chen Qian's information, Yun Feiyang wanted to do the honors of humiliating the Azuresoul Palace. He would make this legend a laughingstock for everyone to see.

"How could the seniors of a sect that ranks thirty-eighth possibly let a mongrel like you trick them about your talent?" Yun Feiyang's irises suddenly vanished, giving his eyes a cloudy look. It seemed as if his entire being had faded away as he charged toward Yu Ziqian.

"Fight me!" Yun Feiyang didn't even bother summoning his lifebound beast and went with a slap, forcing the clouds to take the shape of a gigantic palm that swept toward Yu Ziqian, who was already shuddering. Despite the bravado he had shown earlier, he definitely wouldn't be able to take that strike. If he was exposed, the Azuresoul Palace would be greatly affected. Both he and his master would be hounded by countless others. Even so, his expression didn't change as the palm was about to land. He was desperately calling out to Tianming in his heart.

Nobody paid the other three any attention. Then Tianming struck, piercing the Grand-Orient Sword upward through the cloud palm and countering Yun Feiyang's strike. The latter blocked the strand of sword ki, but it still managed to scrape his face and leave a bloody wound. Though that was no serious injury, it was a huge humiliation, especially so when it was a complete nobody who did it!

Yu Ziqian narrowed his eyes and smiled. Mockingly, he began, "Yun Feiyang? Who do you think you are? Do you think you have the right to fight me? You look like an overactive monkey. Well then, I'll let my junior handle you. If you can't even deal with him, stop acting tough before Sister Xiaolu, alright?"

Tianming almost puked from the acting.


"Nonsense." Yun Feiyang was still levelheaded. No matter how Yu Ziqian mocked him, he was certain that he was a weakling for real. There was no way someone of Chen Qian's status would dare to lie about something like this.

However, Tianming had his eyes on Yun Feiyang and wouldn't allow him to touch Yu Ziqian, who was Tianming's backup in the Azuresoul Palace. There was no good in letting him be exposed. Without waiting for Yun Feiyang to say another word, he quickly followed up, splitting his sword into two and charging in.

"Junior Brother Li, show him a good time. Make sure to keep him occupied so I can spend some quality time with Sister Xiaolu," Yu Ziqian said.

"Stop him!" Yun Feiyang didn't want to waste time on a nameless pawn like Tianming, but before he could finish, he noticed that Tianming was shockingly fast. What was even more shocking was that the bird on his shoulder was actually a lifebound beast. The bird spat out infernal flames as it took the form of a flaming phoenix. Only then did Yun Feiyang realize in shock that its eyes were densely packed with stars, so many that it was impossible to quickly count them!

Out came Infernal Blaze and Sixpath Infernal Lotus, followed by Infernal Haze, which split Ying Huo into tens of thousands of flaming apparitions, out of which the pair of Grand-Orient Swords struck. Yun Feiyang was completely driven into a corner without anyone else being able to do anything about it!


"Who is this? There isn't any information about him at all!" Yun Feiyang's heart skipped a beat. Amidst the flames, Tianming's white hair fluttered as his cold, black and gold eyes stared at him. This was a sensation that was completely unfamiliar to Yun Feiyang. Despite being of similar age, he felt like Tianming had much more experience, much deeper ones, than even those his seniors might have. That single strike alone was enough to cause alarm bells to ring in him. In fact, it felt to him that not even Yu Ziqian's demeanor and aura could compare to Tianming's.

As he was busy figuring out who Tianming was, a black cat appeared and zipped to the top of his head in the blink of an eye. Its small body burst with countless hundred-meter-long lightning bolts, the force of which sent the other approaching disciples flying off. An all-out battle had broken out.

Tianming's stellar performance came out of nowhere. He wasn't going to use his totems before them and would fight as a pure beastmaster. Though that would mean he wouldn't be fighting at his peak, he wanted to fight on an even playing field with a first-level constellier and see how he measured up to a genius in Orderia.

Lightning and fire intermingled, leaving blemishes on Yun Feiyang's face. The area around him was blasted into an abyss hundreds of meters deep. Even his clothes were frayed and blackened. He had seen the complete intent to kill from those mystical eyes. "This person is a hundred times stronger than Yu Ziqian! I'll take him on. The rest of you, take care of Yu Ziqian!"

He was no fool and knew that exposing Yu Ziqian would render him great merit. Not to mention, he still had a numerical advantage. Tianming had to deal with him and wouldn't be able to stop the others, so things could still go on as planned.


Yun Xiaolu included, the disciples of Supracloud Sanctuary had been holding back their anger against Yu Ziqian. They immediately summoned their lifebound beasts and sent them charging toward Yu Ziqian, Lingfeng, and the rest.

Yun Xiaolu was only eighteen, yet she was an ascendant at Orderian Sky. She was quite a bit more talented than Bai Junce. The others were tenth or eleventh-level ascendants, geniuses of the current generation of disciples.

With Lingfeng beside him, Yu Ziqian didn't look the least bit troubled despite how he actually felt. "Yun Feiyang, are you really sending this beauty into my arms? Your mind truly works in wondrous ways."

At that moment, a huge tree appeared beside him. As its black roots dug into the ground, countless branches and leaves sprouted. Its back facing the valley, Xian Xian was able to cover the entire battlefield!

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