Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1160

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Chapter 1160

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Chapter 1160 - Nimbus Phantombeast

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“Waahh, it’s so hot here! I want to go back!” Xian Xian started complaining the moment it came out. This environment wasn’t good for it.

“Just endure it for a while. There’s a lot of beasts here, so I’ll let you eat your fill later.”

“That’s better!” Xian Xian’s eyes immediately shone.

Tianming directed it to protect Xiaoxiao. As for Yu Ziqian, it would protect him while it was at it. Lingfeng worked with Xian Xian to hold off their opponents so it wasn’t much of a problem.

Yun Xiaolu’s lifebound beasts’ bloodline were on par with Bai Junce’s empyrean baize. They were three stags that looked like they had come out from an immortal realm. They weren’t large, only a hundred meters long. They radiated a dreamy light and had majestic antlers that shone with a nine-colored light. These beautiful lifebound beasts were called nonachromic cloud stags, and they were some of the best lifebound beasts of the Supracloud Sanctuary. With these divine stags as her companions growing up, Yun Xiaolou was definitely like a young fairy; however, in Lingfeng’s eyes, there were no beauties but only opponents before him! He instantly went for her with his Heartpiercer Soulblade attack. Although it didn’t land, Yun Xiaolou still felt her soul sting, making her yelp in pain.

“Brother Feng, you need to be more tender!” Yu Ziqian felt his heart bleeding as he watched Lingfeng ramp up his viciousness.

“What about you?” Yu Ziqian gave Xiaoxiao a bitter look.

“Don’t look at me, I’m trash too,” Xiaoxiao said.

“Good, one less monster. Wait, ‘too’? Hey, I’m not trash!” Yu Ziqian’s eyes widened.

“If you say so.” Xiaoxiao ignored him, all of her attention on Tianming. Lingfeng and Xian Xian had taken action to stop the Supracloud Sanctuary disciples, while Tianming used his full strength to fight Yun Feiyang.

Ying Huo, Lan Huang and Meow Meow all appeared. Four elements, all spread out among three different lifebound beasts, immediately drew countless peoples’ attention. In fact, the entire Azurecloud Continent was fervently discussing Tianming’s identity, because he was able to challenge Yun Feiyang!

After getting over his initial shock, Yun Feiyang quickly calmed down and his lifebound beasts flew out from his lifebound space. As expected, they were three white clouds that were all extremely similar to Yun Tianque’s nimbus emperor. They were so similar that the only difference was probably the number of stars in their eyes.

Tianming was familiar with Yun Feiyang’s data from the Azuresoul Palace’s intelligence. He knew that this cloud-like beast was called a nimbus phantombeast. While he couldn’t see any eyes, they had at least four thousand and five hundred stars, roughly equal to Tianming’s beasts.

The three clouds were all over a thousand meters long. They covered the sky above the valley and sucked in the wind and flames, becoming a fiery cloud. The most terrifying part of these nimbus phantombeasts was that they had soft, cottony bodies that could twist and change.

Preparations complete, the three clouds crashed down toward Tianming and his beasts!

The roaring of wind and fire filled the area. Despite being clouds, the nimbus phantombeasts still unleashed roars like a giant beast’s.


“So this is a genius beastmaster of Orderia!” One look was enough for Tianming to confirm that the Supracloud Sanctuary’s number one genius this generation was indeed of a high quality. He was hidden in the cloud, briefly appearing now and then.

Ying Huo and the other beasts’ attacks were like rocks dropping into the sea, simply vanishing as the nimbus phantombeasts sucked them in.

After nullifying these attacks, Yun Feiyang worked together with his beasts to attack. First, nine short spears, each only one meter long, appeared by his side. However, their sharp points were over half a meter long and gleaming. Yun Feiyang held two of them, while the other seven flew around him.

In truth, these weren’t melee weapons, but a type of thrown weapon. They were fourth grade divine weapons with a core divine pattern, ‘Instant’. That gave the flying spears a terrifying speed that gave it the reputation of slaying an enemy instantly within a thousand meters. When combined with the Supracloud Sanctuary’s battle art, Supracloud Limitless Spear Art, they had formidable attack power.

As for the nimbus phantombeasts, they protected his body by combining offense and defense. They could also suppress the enemy and had wondrous abilities. A beastmaster hiding within them to pick off the enemy was a wonderful synergy.

A spear shot out from the centermost cloud, tearing through the air and arriving in front of Tianming.

He reacted quickly, using his Grand-Orient Sword to knock away the spear. However, the collision made his arm numb. Thankfully, the Grand-Orient Sword was made of a sturdy material and withstood the power.

The deflected spear made a loop and quickly returned to Yun Feiyang. He didn’t wait, continuing to launch his spears at Tianming and his beasts. Although there were only nine spears, they still gave the sensation of filling the entire sky.


The left and right nimbus phantombeasts attacked Lan Huang and the Royal Chaosfiend Meow Meow. They stuck to them, enveloping the two large beasts and starting to shrink.

These were two separate abilities; Swallow, which allowed them to constrict Lan Huang and Meow Meow, and Cloudbind, which caused them to squeeze like a boa constrictor and shatter the bones of their prey.

“His lifebound beasts are goners after being captured by the nimbus phantombeasts.” Many spectators had this evaluation.

However, it didn’t matter how miraculous the lifebound beasts of Orderia were. Even if they were exceeded by five levels, Primordial Chaos Beasts were still the most miraculous existences.

Lan Huang’s body, for example, had always been an innate gift unrelated to its cultivation stage. Combined with the evolution from the Starfiend's Sword and Greenspark Tower, it gave a massive roar and its Kilofold Rings formed. Its giant, hedgehog-like body began to struggle back. No matter how many injuries there were, the Greenspark Tower would heal them as long as they weren’t fatal.

“Get lost!” Lan Huang even used the Primordial Wheel. It curled its body up, surrounding itself with the sharp mountains on its back and rolled forward, smashing itself into the mountainside.

The nimbus phantombeast was a soft lifebound beast. While it had effective control methods and great constriction force, it was lacking a swift decisive blow. It would be unable to be lethal to Lan Huang in a short period of time. When Lan Huang slammed into the mountainside with enough force to crack it, the phantombeast gave a shriek as it was unable to withstand that impact.

As for Meow Meow, its Blitzbane, Worldbolt Blast empowered its lightning abilities. The nimbus phantombeast’s entrapment even just gave it the perfect environment to build up lightning. It locked down every lightning ability Meow Meow unleashed, storing more electricity in the area. When Meow Meow used its Cosmic Lance, it directly punched a hole in the cloudy body. Even though it wasn’t fatal for a nimbus phantombeast’s non-biological body, it was still enough for Meow Meow to escape.

After Meow Meow escaped, the phantombeast was forced to switch to its reserves of wind and flames to try crushing Meow Meow. Alas, Ying Huo’s presence made the flames utterly useless.

Using its Blazebane, Cosmic Blade, Ying Huo grew its body as large as possible. It didn’t care what kind of body the enemy had, it simply had to charge in and tear it apart from the inside! After piercing into a cloud, Ying Huo used its Skyscorch Featherblast.

The nimbus phantombeast was riddled with holes, and it forced Yun Feiyang to leave its body.

“Sorry, I’m just too awesome, you lousy beast!”

The cloud writhed as it tried dislodging Ying Huo from its body. In response, Ying Huo switched to using Infernal Haze, countless little birds popping up within the cloud. However, every bird was armed with a Cosmic Blade of its own. It didn’t matter how strong the phantombeast was, or how hard it was to kill. Ying Huo was like an unrelenting insect that ate away at it from the inside.

In truth, nimbus phantombeasts were top-tier beasts. If one wasn’t able to counterattack, they wouldn’t be able to struggle and could only wait to be squeezed to death.

Still, if you could counterattack like Ying Huo, then it was no longer terrifying, just annoying to kill!

Despite that, Tianming still felt that his opponent’s combat style was quite dangerous. If he didn’t have a counter, he could only wait for death by Yun Feiyang’s flying spears.

The moment Yun Feiyang was forced out of the cloud, Tianming didn’t hesitate to seize the o


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