Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1169

Published at 14th of February 2022 11:26:00 AM

Chapter 1169

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Chapter 1169 - Nightmare of Totems

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Tianming and Lingfeng charged toward their foes while Yu Ziqian laughed as he backed off with style. If it weren’t for the people around him, he would've hidden himself long ago.

"Don't beat them up until they piss themselves. I wouldn't want to dirty the Voidsky Realm with their filth, after all," he said.

Before the fight started, Tianming asked, "Feng, can you take on five of them? Two of them are first-level constelliers."

Currently, the strongest person Lingfeng had fought was a twelfth-level ascendant beastmaster.

"Totems are basically made of terra. Any terra is nothing more than trash before me. The only ones who can threaten me are the totem users themselves. As long as they manifest their totems, I can win," Lingfeng replied in a hushed voice.

In other words, Lingfeng was the perfect counter to totems. At the very least, the totems of lower-level constelliers were harmless to him. Not only that, he could also consume them, making the totem users lose them for good! Though it wouldn't be wise for him to do that, considering that the last time he did so, he was immediately banished to the xenomemory space.

Even so, that didn't mean he was invincible against totem users. He still couldn't mitigate the damage from their astralforce. In practice, it meant that the disciples who were all hexabanes were only weaker by a third when fighting him. Considering that many of their battle arts required coordination with their totems, they wouldn't be able to unleash their full power against him.

Tianming knew what he should do now. When the five disciples manifested their totems, Lingfeng immediately used his Infernal Soul Curse, an ability from the Primordial Demonlord that did huge damage to the vita and terra. The former could weather the effects of Infernal Soul Curse to some degree, thanks to residing in the body and being protected by the sea of consciousness; however, the terra was brought out of the body in the form of totems, only for them to be ignited by the black flames. Like the claw of a fiend, the flames tore through the totems one after another, spreading throughout the totems of all five disciples.

The disciples didn't mind the flames at first, as they felt nothing from it. In fact, Lingfeng had intentionally not triggered the effect to start inflicting damage. He waited for it to spread all over before dealing the fatal blow. The black flames instantly consumed the thirty totems belonging to those five before they could even act. They were nothing but fuel to the black flames.


Tianming had never seen such domination before. In truth, anyone that excelled at soul attacks would be able to deal substantial damage to totems, which made it a rather huge weak point. For instance, Xian Xian's Trisoul Fiendsong could cause totems to fall asleep or enter a confused state. However, as Xian Xian had a first divine soul like Tianming's, it only had a limited effect. The cultivation of the soul was harder than that of divine will, after all.

Lingfeng had a third regal soul, thanks to the souls of his kin fusing with his, as well as the techniques he had obtained from the Primordial Demonlord. His vita was much stronger than that of many in Orderia, so the Infernal Soul Curse was a bad match for most of them. However, it probably wouldn't do much against a totem user who was a few centuries old.

As my Decapath Era Godswords are based on soul servants, they’re also tougher than normal totems based on terra. However, not even they would be able to do much against Feng's attacks, Tianming thought. Lingfeng’s Infernal Soul Curse burned brighter and brighter with such an abundance of fuel. By now, every totem was charred and burned; their cries of agony were hard to stomach. Those five disciples had never met anyone around their age that had a third regal soul, and didn't know what was going on. While the pain of their terrae burning didn't spread to their vitae, their vitae still felt the pain in tandem, causing them to scream in pain.

"It must be a soul attack! This person has a powerful soul! Demanifest your totems immediately!"


This was a disaster for totem users. Many beastmasters watching breathed sighs of relief that they didn't share the same weakness. Without their totems, the totem users were basically normal humans. While they still had astralforce, the flames from Infernal Soul Curse followed the totems back into their bane-rings and kept affecting them. At the same time, Lingfeng charged them with his Evil Suppression Pillar in hand.

Not long ago, when they were at the river of magma, Xian Xian had split some of the wildbeasts it had hunted for food with Lingfeng. It was the first time Lingfeng had consumed any wildbeasts to strengthen his body, and it’d had quite an effect. Coupled with the fourth-realm divine art Tianming had given him, he was much stronger now.

He activated the defensive formation within his staff, which could also coordinate with Tianming's Imperealm Sword Formation. The five disciples were already quite stunned from the heavy damage their totems had received. Now, they fought defensively, making sure to not underestimate Lingfeng's combat capabilities. Tianming knew that Lingfeng would be able to hold his ground now. "Feng's getting stronger."

It was something of a miracle that Lingfeng was able to keep up with Tianming despite his meteoric rise. Not to mention, his abilities complemented Tianming's well, too.

Lan Xingyao also had the same observations. "What’re you afraid of? Keep going! He's probably a spiritual cultivator that specializes in countering totems! Just fight them with your actual bodies!"

As he gave that order, he manifested seven totems. While his talent wasn't that much higher than Sovereign Xi's, he was only in his twenties and was already a level above the sovereign when she was alive. That was probably the difference between a disciple of the top ten sects in the myriad sect rankings and the leader of an exiled branch family in a faraway outpost. Every time the sovereign came to orderia, she would be heartbroken to be reminded about this.

The main clan that led the Blueblood Starocean used to be known as the divine celestials, and they weren't too different from the divine moonrace. Though they used to wield some measure of power, the Eightmoon Swordsage's sudden rise to prominence caused them to gradually be forgotten.

Lan Xingyao's left arm had three pentagrams and his right arm had four, all of them shining blindingly with a different color, namely crimson, orange, yellow, green, azure, blue, and violet. 

Seven gigantic totems emerged from the pentagrams, correspondingly colored. They stood tall far above Lan Xingyao's head like divine beings, further adding to the magnificent sight around him. It was so bright that people could go blind looking at him for too long. The totems were all humanoid and looked like endless star-filled galaxies. They each wielded a greatsword and had no mouths or noses, only a single pentagram-shaped eye. The eyes let out a blinding beam that could vaporize boulders and mountains. The totems were known as starocean greatfiends.

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