Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 117

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Chapter 117: - I am the Seventh Prince of Torch Dragon

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The little chick had gained another ability apart from Infernal Blaze.

“This ability’s creation is like a spiritsource ability’s, but it has its differences.” Li Tianming was excited. This was the best possible answer for him.

“Big brother, what does that mean?” Jiang Feiling asked curiously.

The little chick was currently familiarising itself with this new ability.

Above the infernal source, the phoenix and crimson ball of fire were vying to be the brightest. The crimson ball of fire actually seemed like a sun.

“Usually speaking, beast souls from wildbeasts would make up eighty percent of a spiritsource ability, while the remaining twenty percent will be covered by the bloodline of the lifebound beast. However, Ying Huo’s is different! The wildbeast’s beast soul only provides an opportunity, a model, making only an infinitesimal contribution to the ability. Most of it is made up of Ying Huo’s own bloodline power.”
This was a miraculous aspect of Primordial Chaos Beasts. Before this, Li Tianming had always had his doubts if it was a wildbeast or lifebound beast. Now, he had his answer. It had the properties of both. Hidden within Ying Huo’s bloodline were terrifying abilities sealed up by bloodline shackles. However, the beast souls of wildbeasts were like a key that could open the gates, allowing it to unlock new abilities.

These abilities were both innate abilities and spiritsource abilities! What the exact name was didn’t matter.

All that mattered was its strength.

“From now on, manna can strengthen our bloodline and bodies. Our powers will soar, becoming more and more heaven-defying. Beast souls can let Ying Huo unlock the abilities hidden in his Primordial Chaos Beast bloodline. Of course, both manna and beast souls must be suitable, and this Abyssal Battlefield just so happens to be filled with them. Furthermore, Ling’er is here to help me find treasures. This was simply tailor-made for my rise!”

“I wonder if Ying Huo can refine the royal manna.” That would make the current situation even more perfect.

While he was lost in thought, the little chick had already mastered its second ability.

“How is it?” Li Tianming asked.

“It creates armour, like the Jade-Scaled Flaming Eagle's ability. However, the fire used is instead the Infernal Blaze,” the little chick said.

“Giving it a try?”

“Naturally!” The little chick already couldn’t wait.

Flying towards Li Tianming, it belched out a giant fireball at him. However, Li Tianming didn’t feel any pain. The Infernal Blaze was incapable of harming his Aeternal Infernal Body. Instead, the fireball dissolved into a layer of armour-like fire that covered his body, giving his entire body a comprehensive protection. Immediately, the current Li Tianming seemed like a fiery war god!

The Jade-Scaled Flaming Eagle’s Jadefire Armour looked like scales. However, Li Tianming’s rendition of this ability was a plumage of fiery feathers.

“With that, your attacks have the power of my Infernal Blaze too,” the little chick said arrogantly. “Also, this Infernal Armour has mighty defensive power, even greater than that wildbeast just now.”

The little chick naturally made accurate assessments of its abilities.

While this ability worked similarly to Jadefire Armour, it had changed fundamentally. It wasn’t just stronger, but also possessed room to develop even further.

It could also be used on Li Tianming, which meant he technically had this ability too.

“Can you use it on yourself?” Li Tianming asked.

“Duh.” This time, the little chick didn’t need to open its mouth for a magnificent set of Infernal Armour to appear on its body.

“Not bad. I look like an awesome fiery war god, while you look like a fiery war chicken.” Li Tianming smiled.

“Fiery war phoenix, not chicken!”

Li Tianming laughed in response. This Infernal Armour could only be used by him and the little chick. Without the Aeternal Infernal Body, others wouldn’t be able to survive wearing it.

The Infernal Blaze was the little chick’s trump card, which had been invincible thus far. Now, this new ability made defense with it possible too.

“Does this mean if we keep hunting wildbeasts, we can unlock new abilities ad infinitum?” Li Tianming asked.

“Not necessarily. We just happened to meet a suitable type today. I changed a lot after becoming a lifebound beast, so I’m not sure. Still, things like growth should be done step by step,” the little chick said seriously.

“Oh. I guess I’ll keep this manna for now then.”

“Scram! I want to eat it now!” To the little chick, manna was even more attractive than beast souls.

Li Tianming laughed at the little chick.

For now, Li Tianming first extinguished his new armour as it was too eye-catching. They needed to find a safe place for the little chick to absorb the manna.

Li Tianming surreptitiously advanced for half a day before settling on a mountain stream without any wildbeasts around. Dense vegetation filled the area, which served to conceal them well. Only trees with strong vitality could grow here.

A vast, quiet lake lay in front of Li Tianming. He chose this from his experience with the lake in Red Twill Mountain. The lake back then had been completely pitch-black, and only his third eye could see in it.

Now, if he met any dangers, he could use this lake to escape. This made it possibly the safest place in the whole Abyssal Battlefield.

Li Tianming made some preparations. He dug out a small cave, sealing it with a rock after burying the little chick and the manna inside. Refining the manna would cause a commotion, but Li Tianming hoped to reduce it as much as possible. Anyway, digging a cave for Ying Huo wasn’t very hard, given the little chick’s size.

Once everything was ready, Li Tianming sat on a nearby tree and started casually chatting with Jiang Feiling. “Last time, Ying Huo took quite a while to refine that ordinary manna. Now that it’s royal manna, I wonder how long he’ll take.”

“Ordinary people need a month or two. Ying Huo is scary enough as it is, I’ve never seen a beastmaster and beast with such strong bloodlines.” Jiang Feiling sighed in amazement. With Spiritual Attachment, she was actually very clear on the condition of Li Tianming’s body. The only thing she was barred from was the mysterious lifebound space.

Jiang Feiling had already long known Li Tianming was abnormal. However, unlike Mu Qingqing, she wouldn’t tell anyone, even Jiang Qingluan.

Li Tianming spent his time polishing his Godsoul Canon and Soulless Seven Howls. He had already achieved great accomplishments with his Bewildering Eye, and the second stage could appear at any time now.

As for the Soulless Seven Howls, it was a supreme source-ranked battle art, but Li Tianming had found the knack to it. Hence, training it wasn’t difficult.

All of a sudden, a male’s cold voice rang out from nearby.

“Who’s here!”

“Someone’s here!” Li Tianming believed his hiding place was a great one, but he was still unlucky enough to run into someone.
The two discovered each other at the same time. Li Tianming jumped off his tree, standing a hundred metres in front of where the little chick was hidden to block the newcomer’s path. The man was already so close that the minuscule aura leaking from the refining process was noticeable.
“A lifebound beast refining manna. To actually do that in the Abyssal Battlefield. Courage? Or stupidity?” The man landed on the ground, scattering the fallen leaves that covered the area.
The young man was dressed in a set of red robes, and possessed long red hair. His arms were also very thick, longer than ordinary people by ten centimetres. Overall, he wasn't very good-looking, but instead rather ferocious.
His vicious gaze passed by Li Tianming to land on where the little chick was, and he couldn't resist a chuckle. "I see it. I suppose this means your lifebound beast must be some small and pitiful thing."

"Refining manna takes days at the least. If I were you, I would have hidden it away, not show it off like this and give others the chance to snatch it away."

Clearly, the young man wasn't aware that the little chick was refining royal manna. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been speaking so calmly.

"Speak your name. Are you from Vermilion Bird or Aquamarine? I assume Vermilion Bird, given the fire type." The young man's expression was disdainful. Aquamarine's territory mainly consisted of islands, so they didn't have much external conflicts.

However, Torch Dragon and Vermilion Bird had both been founded on fire, so much friction existed between them!

If so, this newcomer was likely from Torch Dragon.

"It's only polite to introduce yourself first," Li Tianming said.

"Ha! I am Ji Changyan, the seventh prince of Torch Dragon!" Ji Changyan sneered. As soon as he determined Li Tianming's identity, he would take action. It wasn't fear. It was simply to decide whether to go for the kill or just defeat him. If he had a high status? Defeat. If he had low status? Then kill! To him, anyone could be killed as long as they weren't a Vermilion Bird prince or of a Sanctum Potentate's direct line of descent!

"What do we do, big brother? Ying Huo is busy and the opponent definitely has a lifebound beast. Two versus one, and we can't let them touch Ying Huo…" Jiang Feiling was naturally worried with the odds stacked against them. In such a situation, there wasn't the slightest room for any mistakes.

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