Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1179

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Chapter 1179

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Chapter 1179 - Rampage


The ones dealing the most damage were Ying Huo with its Skyscorch Featherblast and Xian Xian with its Bloodrain Swords. Each of Ying Huo’s feathers contained power from its Blazebane, Cosmic Blade, which was fatal to samsarans. Thanks to Vitasteal, the targets couldn't resist or evade at all, making it even more effective. Meow Meow and the Archaionfiend's abilities also swept across a wide area.

"If I dared to use my totems and providence swords, it would be even quicker!" Though, even without them, Tianming was culling his enemies at a horrifyingly efficient rate thanks to Vitasteal. Even so, the names without red dots next to them were still quickly rising in the ranking. Now, the first place that used to have a hundred and eighty thousand points had a quarter million, having defeated seventy thousand others in a short span of time. Even so, the rate of increase was still slower than Tianming's.

After using Vitasteal, Tianming's name quickly rose through the ranking, and he even carried Lingfeng and Xiaoxiao up too. He couldn't kill everyone targeted by Vitasteal alone, after all, so the other two took care of the rest. After a while, even Yu Ziqian snapped out of it and started picking up on the leftovers as well, though he didn't really know what was happening.

"It's insane!"

"What the— so many people aren't going in just so they can defeat droves of people here!"

"Those that went in earlier really lost out on this. Some were even pushed out of the top ten."

"Wouldn't it be funny if those that stayed outside lost their chance to go in?"

"There must be some epic treasure left behind by the Ninedragon Emperor deep inside the tomb!"

"Some might say that those who rushed in had good foresight. Maybe the treasures will be more worth it in the long run."

Fighting was present at all nine entrances of the tomb. Wafts of smoke and explosions containing chunks of lifebound beast flesh were coming from all over. The beasts weren't protected by the imperial star formations, so they could be killed for real. The Voidsky Skirmish wasn't something one would necessarily emerge unscathed from.

While Tianming's efficiency was high, thanks to Vitasteal, the commotion he had caused didn't stand out much in the grand scheme of things. Far too many others were slaughtering away just as he was. Loud roars and the abilities of lifebound beasts could be seen and heard all across the sky as droves of people engaged each other in a chaotic clash.


"The tomb has reached its highest point and is beginning to sink back," Yu Ziqian reminded.

"It's fine. Continue." Tianming was close to the entrance of the tomb, and was confident that he could enter before it sank back underground. Now, it was only a test of his mental fortitude. Thanks to the near crash between the moon and the continent, though, his mental fortitude was more honed than most others'. "Still, there are far too many samsarans trying their luck here."

There were countless people that thought the same thing. Even now, there were many samsarans charging toward the tomb, worried that they would be missing out on the chance of a lifetime. Nobody who didn't want to change their fate would bother coming to the Voidsky Realm.

"Even if we really are locked out, the people outside won't be able to scatter immediately. We'd be able to raise our points to a million and above and remain in the top ten spots in the ranking," Xiaoxiao surmised.

"It'll still be best if we enter. The Sky Palace will definitely have other ways for you to raise your rank through the trials within the tomb. Perhaps even defeating a million people outside would make no difference," Tianming said.

"That makes sense."


Tianming used Vitasteal on some eight thousand disciples again; it wasn't tiring to him at all. When their vitae were torn from their seas of consciousness, Tianming and the other three attacked them until their imperial star formations expired at a staggering rate. Now, Tianming was rising in the ranking at the fastest rate out of everyone else! Amidst all the chaos, however, nobody really noted the single Azuresoul Palace disciple that used to rank below a few thousand rising straight to the top like that.

The tomb was still gradually descending. By now, a small part of the entrance—that is, the mouth of the dragon—had already sunk beneath ground level. Though Yu Ziqian was growing anxious, Tianming was still slaughtering away. By now, there were around eight thousand names up there with red dots next to them. More and more disciples desperately rushed toward Tianming and the rest, willing to give their everything to enter the tomb.

"Make way!"

"Don't block us from entering!"


The fighting only intensified. Tianming's points grew at an even faster rate, but with the tomb already closing up, he was walking a thin line.

"You... you're back in the top ten!" Yu Ziqian couldn't help but exclaim when he looked at the stele.

Tianming looked up and saw his name in ninth place with a hundred thousand points. The number was still rising. At least seven other names above his had red dots, with their points rising slowly. Some had even stopped increasing; this was the perfect chance to catch up. "Let's keep on fighting a little longer. It's pure profit, baby."

Tianming continued slaughtering away. Getting back into the top ten from a few thousand ranks below was a huge deal. He had thought this would be beyond him at one point, but reality begged to differ.

"Even Feng and Xiaoxiao are in the top thirty now. I need to give it even more effort." Yu Ziqian, tempted by raising his rank, no longer wasted his breath. Even if he was only capable of fighting sixth-level ascendants now, most of the samsaran disciples that came charging were helpless to resist, thanks to Tianming. As such, even Yu Ziqian was raising his rank.

Tianming alone stopped countless samsarans from entering the closing tomb, his rank still undergoing a meteoric rise. Was he really trying to get back to the top spot?

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