Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1180

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Chapter 1180

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Chapter 1180 - Rising Up


At that moment, the Myriad Solar Sects, as well as people within and without the Voidsky Realm had noticed this unknown, yet familiar name.

“Azuresoul Palace, Li Tianming? I seem to have seen that name before.” 

“Yet another disciple of a second-rate sect has made the top ten...."

"Isn't this the first name to appear on the imperial star ranking? But it fell to the thousands later on.” 

“How’d he make his way back up again? He’s probably a second-level constellier.” 

"Wow, did he make a move outside the imperial tomb? He’s ridiculously efficient, but more importantly, those ahead of him are already in the tomb." 

“Where’s the skyward eye? Quick, focus it on Li Tianming!" 

They tried searching for him through the skyward eye. But due to the chaos, the only thing they could see was smoke and battle. It was impossible to zoom in on a specific person.

“He’s still moving up!” 

“Two hundred and thirty thousand! He’s now second in place." 

“That’s amazing. In just half an hour, he’s made progress that rivals the month-long result of others.” 

“Who knows what will happen? What luck for the Azuresoul Palace if this person stays in the top ten until the end of the Voidsky Skirmish! They might even rise on the myriad sect ranking." 

“That’s right, the Azuresoul Palace and Supracloud Sanctuary are only one place apart. It’ll be interesting if the Azuresoul Palace surpasses the Supracloud Sanctuary. This isn’t a matter of one or two years. With the switch in resource allocation, the Azuresoul Palace will suppress the Supracloud Sanctuary. Just one disciple will have changed the structure of the entire Azurecloud Continent.” 

“Let’s keep watching!” 

Outside the Voidsky Flame Pillar and at the gates of the Myriad Solar Sects, everyone witnessed an astonishing scene that left them speechless.

“My goodness! Were the ancestral tombs of the Azuresoul Palace blessed?” 

"The thirty-eighth-ranked second-rate sect? How shocking!" 

For a time, endless discussion swept across the Myriad Solar Sects. What did they see? Two other Azuresoul Palace disciples had appeared on the imperial star ranking! A disciple named Feng shot to the ninth place, while the tenth place was taken by a female named Lin Xiaoxiao. Like Tianming, the two overtook numerous red-dotted names. This was clearly a mass slaughter. Without Vitasteal, the others didn’t have it as easy. Even if time was short, the gathering of a hundred million was heaven-sent for Tianming.

"Three second-rate sect disciples made the top ten on the imperial star ranking! And they all belong to the same sect!” 

“Has this ever happened before?” 

“No. Even though this isn’t the final ranking, nothing like this has ever happened.” 


“If these three disciples possess the talent to match their rankings, the Azuresoul Palace might be strong enough to take on the first-class sects in a hundred years. They could transform the structure of the Myriad Solar Sects.” 

“The problem is, that isn’t necessarily the case. It's possible they have some kind of special technique and took advantage of the chaos.” 

“Of course.” 

The Myriad Solar Sects were enormous and had a correspondingly large population. There were hundreds of millions of conversations about the three of them. Tianming used the opportunity to achieve fame once more, thrusting the entire Azuresoul Palace into the center of the storm. 

Far away on the Azuresoul Sword Mountain in the Azurecloud Continent, the elders of the Azuresoul Palace were stupefied. The current developments were obviously a cause for celebration, but their minds were sluggish from the shock as they knew Tianming’s origins. 

“Are they all disciples of Jiang Qingliu?” 

“Master Jiang is truly impressive!”

“Senior brother has also risen to the top three-hundred. He’s finally showing his strength!” 

Although they had yet to meet the new disciples, this momentous event could mean making history. Everyone felt a surge of excitement and nervousness. 

“Senior Brother Li has made second place. Will he continue trying for first place?” 

“There’s a difference of fifty thousand points. The first place has yet to enter the tomb, and her points are still rapidly rising. The odds of that happening are slim.” 


“The tomb is about to close. They should hurry!” 

“Yes, entering the tomb is of most importance.” 


“That’s enough. Stop fighting.” 

Once Xiaoxiao entered the top ten, Tianming decisively stopped. They all knew the importance of the tomb. When they turned around, they discovered that two-thirds of the entrance had sunk into the ground and tens of millions of people were crowding around the remaining area. Urging the others to gather around him, Tianming pulled out a divine chain and secured each of them to him so they wouldn’t be separated. 

At that moment, a hollow, fathomless bellow sounded from the distance; Tianming could tell that it came from a whale. Only creatures living in the gloomy depths of the ocean could produce a sound capable of spreading so far and wide, leaving hearts trembling. The clear transmission of its bellows through the chaotic battlefield meant one thing—this was an extraordinary beast. Like a dream, the dismal, heartrending sound seemed to plunge them into deep waters. 

Tianming turned around subconsciously. Squinting his eyes, he caught sight of a giant, white whale amid the fire and smoke. The whale swam through the clouds, its three-thousand-meter long body like an island in the sky. Its pulsing calls filled the air as it swooped down from the clouds. Wherever it went, the jade-like behemoth slammed thousands of imperial star formations. The whale reminded Tianming of the Decimo Dao Palace lord’s Nebula Emperor Whale that perished in the Divine Capital. At the time, its huge, gleaming body had given Tianming quite a shock, but the white beast before him was even more astonishing. It was colossal, ethereal, and profound. The lingering white mist made it seem almost illusory. Tianming felt like he was back in the wondersky realm. 

“What the hell is that? A whale in the clouds?” 

This gigantic beast had more than five thousand stars, which surpassed Ying Huo. It was definitely a lifebound beast of the top disciple in the Voidsky Realm. 

“That’s the dreamless whale!” Yu Ziqian exclaimed.

Tianming couldn't help but look up at the imperial star ranking. He was now in second place, and above him was another name that belonged to the beastmaster of the dreamless whale. 

Just a moment ago, the dreamless whale was breaking imperial star formations, but now that the tomb was about to close it was ready to return to its beastmaster’s lifebound space. Squeezing into the dragon’s mouth with its large physique would be difficult. 

A glimpse was all it took for Tianming to notice the woman on top of the dreamless whale. Despite the misty clouds and great distance between them, Tianming could see her clearly with his Plundering Eye. At the first sight of that beautiful countenance, Tianming was transfixed. Even he had to admit that her beauty transcended the gods. 

“It’s no wonder she’s said to be the most beautiful of these billion disciples.” 

Upon the dreamless whale stood a young woman, her long dark green hair cascading down like a waterfall. A twirling green paper umbrella rested on her shoulder, preventing the flames from reaching her. Under the umbrella, her almost perfect countenance shone against the cloudy mist, her dark green eyes bearing a demonic charm that hid an ultimate temptation. Despite appearing innocent, her beauty tantalized and teased. Her delicate eyebrows curved when she smiled, her lips cherry pink and soft as a rose petal. 

Tianming had seen many beautiful women. Feiling was a peerless beauty; in terms of appearance and temperament, few could rival her. From the very start, Tianming had laid his eyes on the best, so despite his youth and vigor, ordinary looks weren’t enough to tempt him. However, the young woman before him just happened to possess such captivating charm. 

There were countless beauties in the world—tempting peaches like Mu Wan, Bai Zijin, and Li Caiwei; gentle belles like Muxue; and ravishing bombshells like Xiaoxiao. However, one person’s beauty couldn’t eclipse another. Diversity made the world what it was. In the face of this dreamlike woman, Tianming felt appreciation, nothing more. Etched in his heart were some things that weighed more than his reproductive instincts. 

“That’s Weisheng Moran?" Tianming asked. 

“Yes, isn’t she beautiful? Is your heart pounding? Do you want to conquer her until she obediently lies under you?” Yu Ziqian said as a trace of wiliness flashed in his eyes. 

Tianming couldn’t be bothered to reply to the lecherous faker; he was a little sad. Does everyone with the surname “Weisheng” have giant whales for lifebound beasts? Is this a coincidence or something else?

The ancestors of the Southsky Sect in the Grand-Orient shared the surname “Weisheng.” Their ancestor, Weisheng Yuyin, and the Li Saint Clan’s ancestor, Li Shenxiao, were a pair. Weisheng Yuyin originated from the Weisheng clan of the Decimo Dao Palace, and was one of palace lord Weisheng Yunxi’s ancestors. Both Weisheng Ruosu and Weisheng Yunxi’s lifebound beasts were whales. And now, this young woman named Weisheng Moran not only possessed a five-thousand-starred dreamless whale, but she was also number one on the imperial star ranking. 

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