Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1188

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Chapter 1188

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Chapter 1188 - Holding the Silver Dragon

There were many Blueblood Starocean disciples there. But thanks to Yu Ziqian and the rest, they had all been held back. Neither side wanted to back off when there was a treasure of that caliber at stake. All of a sudden, the disciples of Blueblood Starocean and those of other sects had the same goal. Yu Ziqian was still blocking their way, and as impressed as they were at his abilities, some still led a charge against him.

“Don’t let them get their hands on it!”

“Let’s fight fair! Yu Ziqian, don’t get in our way if you don’t want the treasure for yourself!”

Most of the people there were young ascendants. They had their beasts and totems unleash abilities and totemic calamities, filling the area with chaotic elements.

“Enough nonsense! I’ll flip all your skirts with my fan!” Yu Ziqian said. He had been holding in his urges for more than a month. Now that he could finally let it come bursting out, he decided to go full force with this release. Holding back wouldn’t be good for his health, after all.

The beauties on his Reginal Fan shone so brightly that those in the distance couldn’t clearly make it out. Not only did the five artifact souls move, they even sang and danced around the fan’s surface. A faint song was coming from it as waves of fragrance washed over them. Then the fan whipped up another twister, wreaking havoc all around the Silverdragon Palace and rebuffing many abilities and totemic calamities. Nobody was able to get into melee range.

“Yu Ziqian’s too powerful!”

“He was only pretending to be weak! How shameless!”

“I used to think that his juniors were much more powerful than him, but now he looks stronger than Tianming.”

“What in the world is going on in the Azuresoul Palace? How’d they produce so many top geniuses? I wonder if they’ll survive after this skirmish. The Supracloud Sanctuary can no longer afford to let them grow stronger.”

Many of them were flabbergasted at what they saw as they were swept away by the strong winds. Even large lifebound beasts weren’t able to stay rooted and were helplessly spun around by the twister. Yu Ziqian had left quite a strong impression on them, and their worshipful gazes were what he had been looking forward to the whole time!

“Alas! Even a transient firework can leave an eternal impression,” Yu Ziqian waxed poetic, feeling quite satisfied with himself. Little did he know that it sounded like sophistry to Tianming. Right as he said that, a bunch more people charged toward him.

“I have to hurry up.” Tianming didn’t turn back, knowing that his friends were now under a lot of pressure. He charged toward the drop of exalted blood.

All of a sudden, the long chain’s artifact soul sensed Tianming’s presence and moved with a life of its own. A phantom of a dragon ten kilometers long charged toward him with its jaws wide open. The chain itself wrapped around Tianming, constricting him and causing its spikes and blades to cut and tear through him.

Tianming had guessed that the chain would have an artifact soul. With the Purple Tower reinforcing his defenses, he had a really powerful defense. However, it wasn’t a complete divine artifact, much like the Grand-Orient Sword. As the tower was spread throughout every single albus in his body, its defensive capabilities were also spread thin. Tianming’s body alone wasn’t enough and his blood began spilling.

“It’s far too sharp.” The chain was among the sharpest weapons he’d seen, as it had been forged using voidslicerite. “Lifesteal Silverdragon would be able to cut an ascendant beast’s body with its sharpness alone.”

Despite being bound, his eyes still glowed with keen interest. “I haven’t used any other chain since getting Archfiend.” Chains used to be his weapon of choice before he switched to using swords. His eyes burned with passion when he saw the exalted blood right in front of him. As the chain didn’t have a user, it wasn’t able to kill Tianming easily with the power that remained within it. Thus, Tianming was able to pull the chains apart with his sword and zip toward the blood.

“This is the blood left behind by the Ninedragon Emperor hundreds of thousands of years ago, eh…” Without another word, he swallowed the drop of blood. It sizzled like magma as it ran through his guts and spread throughout his body, invading his bloodstream like it was the master of the house. Any other person might have their personalities changed by consuming the blood, but Tianming’s physique had been enhanced through cultivation with the Primordial Chaos Beasts. That drop of ancient blood just joined another larger ocean filled with the primordial blood of the beasts and was soon overwhelmed. When it disintegrated, Tianming’s body began radiating a hint of the Ninedragon Emperor’s aura.

The chain that had been trying to kill him like a venomous cobra stopped all of a sudden and let him go. Then the silver dragon artifact soul looked at Tianming with suspicion and longing. It didn’t seem to be particularly intelligent and acted more like a wildbeast. It groaned a little and flew around Tianming, causing the blades and spikes on the chain to rattle. Its gaze seemed to be saying ‘long time no see’.

Tianming lightly stroked it and said, “From now on, I’m your owner. Don’t worry. I won’t ruin your impressive reputation. People across the world shall speak of the mighty Lifesteal Silverdragon once more.”

The silver dragon roared with fervor.

“Come!” Tianming called out. The chain shrank into a small dragon about a meter long and wrapped itself around him. Though it looked harmless, it would be a razor-sharp killing machine when Tianming swung it at his enemies. “Even without much astralforce, the blades are sharp enough to cut many things. Not to mention, the varied elemental damage it can deal makes it more than powerful enough.”

A grade-seven divine artifact was considered among the best available in the astralscape of order, containing the destructive powers of grade-seven divine hazards. If it weren’t for the drop of exalted blood, Tianming wouldn’t be able to control the chain’s power and would even suffer a backlash.

“Let’s go!”

The disciples outside had given up, seeing that he had assimilated the blood. It wouldn’t work a second time. The only exception was if Tianming could familiarize the chain with his own blood and distilled a drop of exalted blood for someone else to inherit the weapon, but that would take at least decades for Tianming to reach a level of the likes of Jiang Qingliu. The only other way was to forcefully rob him of Lifesteal Silverdragon and get powerful seniors to suppress the silver dragon artifact soul, but they were in the Voidsky Realm now, so there were no seniors to help them with that.

“The exalted blood is mine, so no other disciple would be able to control it even if they take it.”

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