Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1189

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Chapter 1189

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Chapter 1189 - Enemy of My Enemy

Now that the Lifesteal Silverdragon finally had an owner, the Millionblade Formation that had fulfilled its purpose over the past years finally exploded into countless silver pieces. Tianming was once more exposed to all of the disciples.

“Man, it’s pointless now!”

The many disciples who couldn’t even compare to those from the Azuresoul Palace didn’t dare to take the weapon at all. Only the Blueblood Starocean disciples continued fiercely eyeing Tianming.

“Take it!” Lan Feilin ordered. She would never allow him to get off easily for what he had done to her brother, let alone taking this treasure. The group of people charged at Tianming once more.

“Oh?” Tianming gripped the chain tight and eyed Lan Feilin. Then he swung the chain whip, sending a silvery dragon flying. The roar of a dragon rang out, and before the two burly, blue-haired constelliers beside Lan Feilin could react, the flesh on their chests was immediately cracked open, even snapping some ribs. That was even after they had used their weapons and totems to defend against the blow.

The power of frostvoid flame caused their flesh to sizzle. The cold fire caused more pain the longer it burned. Not to mention, the skybreak bolt entered their bodies and tore their innards apart. Infernal windblades and absolute zero frost invaded their bodies and wreaked even more havoc.

The power of the grade-seven divine artifact had the crowd completely stunned. It only took two simple whips for two constelliers to be rolling on the ground in pain. Right as Lan Feilin was about to charge in, Yu Ziqian waved his fan and flipped her skirt once more. Tianming had a good idea of how powerful his new weapon was now, and Lingfeng and the rest were feeling slightly worn out. With the treasure in hand, there was no longer a point in staying here.

“Let’s go.”


The four of them grouped together and paved a path toward escape. Any Blueblood Starocean disciple that came forward would be eliminated, their imperial star formations almost immediately breaking thanks to the chain whip and fan.

“Yu Ziqian, Li Tianming, it’s over for you two! Even if you leave the Voidsky Realm, our army will chase you all the way back to the Azuresoul Sword Mountain for stealing my Lifesteal Silverdragon! You’d better be ready to kneel and present it to me!” Lan Feilin shrieked, her cute face completely contorted.

“What’re you going to do even if that happens? It’ll be a few centuries before you can actually use it,” Tianming said. Without the exalted blood, young disciples had no hope of using a powerful divine artifact like that.

“Miss Lan, looks like your sect isn’t that impressive after all. The other top ten sects have geniuses whose parents are willing to make their own exalted blood to allow their children to use weapons with artifact souls, but you don’t.” Yu Ziqian caused her to flare with anger once more.

Divine artifacts with souls, or rather, possessed artifacts, could boost a genius’s combat capabilities even more, giving them a qualitative advantage. There were many instances of stronger people distilling exalted blood so that their disciples or descendants could use their grade-seven artifacts, but it wasn’t really safe to do so. Should the user of the weapon be killed, the weapon was as good as gone. Hence, only the strongest powers bothered to do something like that since most people would think twice before offending them. This was further discouraged by the fact that taking the weapons themselves was pointless since they could only be bound using exalted blood.

Hence, in most cases, there would be no need for juniors below the age of thirty to use possessed artifacts apart from competitive events like the Voidsky Skirmish. Their seniors would usually take the artifacts back after such matches.

Naturally, Lan Feilin had the right to request for one such loan from her seniors since she was competing in the rankings, but her request had been rejected, which made her really unhappy. Though, she had been lucky enough to find the Lifesteal Silverdragon to make up for her lack of a possessed artifact, only for Tianming to take it away from under her nose. Either way, anger was not the solution here.

Tianming couldn’t be bothered to deal with her since he was only a ninth-level ascendant while she was a fourth-level constellier. The group paved a path of blood as they headed along a path that led inward. Yu Ziqian’s fanning was even more powerful inside the pathway. The moment Lan Feilin entered the pathway, she was greeted by a gust of strong wind. When she regained her vision, she saw ten branching paths, each a kilometer apart. In a maze like this, there was little chance she would be able to take back the Lifesteal Silverdragon.

“Sis Lin…”

The other disciples were all out of breath. When they looked up, they saw Lan Feilin standing outside one of the branching paths with her body brightly glowing and countless astral collisions and explosions within her eyes. She tightly clenched her fists and felt her breathing intensify.

“Screw off, all of you!” She was essentially a princess in her sect, a scion of one of the top ten sects. Usually, men groveled at her feet and licked them. But today, two second-rate men had completely humiliated her.

“Sis Lin, please calm yourself. Honestly, now that the drop of exalted blood is gone, there’s no longer any hope of getting the chain. But don’t worry, a treasure of this caliber isn’t something a sect like theirs can keep. Once we leave, we can just get our parents to notify the seniors to put pressure on the Azuresoul Palace and make them hand the Lifesteal Silverdragon over,” one disciple consoled.

“Do you think we can just rob people of what they get from the Voidsky Skirmish once it’s over? What do you take the Sky Palace for?” Lan Feilin rolled her eyes. She had only said what she did to Tianming to save face. There was no way she would dare break the unspoken rules set by the Sky Palace.

“While we can’t outright demand it, we can use other methods to cause the Azuresoul Palace trouble. We’ll let them realize what they have to do on their own!”

“What do you mean, Sis Lin?”

“Who are the enemies of the Azuresoul Palace?”

“The Supracloud Sanctuary… I understand now.”

The enemy of her enemy is her friend.


An hour had passed since the tomb closed. The battle continued outside, but the commotion began dying down as more and more people were defeated. Most understood that rather than enter the elusive tomb, they would stand a better chance of finding treasures in the rest of the Voidsky Realm. There were still more than nine hundred million disciples outside, and the first place only had two hundred and seventy thousand points for now. If one was powerful enough to defeat a lot of enemies, they could still make the top.

Not to mention, it was said that many secret places other than the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb existed in the Voidsky Realm, within which universal manna, divine artifacts, and divine pills could be found. They were the temptations the Sky Palace had put there for the mid to low-tier disciples. Without any skyward eyes in the tomb, the audience turned to watch at the imperial star ranking as it gradually changed.

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