Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1192

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Chapter 1192

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Chapter 1192 - Long Wanying’s Truth

The main reason behind their gibberish was still jealousy that the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect wasn’t interested in their disciples.

“They have four hundred and thirty thousand points on the imperial star ranking, a full hundred and fifty thousand points above the second place. Xuanyuan Dragon Sect has a good reason to extend their offer.”

“As a big sect, they don’t lose anything if these few don’t make the cut. But if they don’t do anything, they risk losing some top geniuses.”

That was true and left many speechless. If Long Wanying hadn’t stepped out and instead allowed Jiang Qingliu to be taken away by Lan Sha, who knew what would have happened?

Amidst the discussion, Long Wanying waited for Jiang Qingliu’s reply with a smile on her face.

“Our Xuanyuan Dragon Sect has a rich heritage and a reputation tracing back millions of years, what’s there to be hesitant about? If you truly don’t wish to let the children go, then why not join us too?” Long Wanying asked.

“My body, heart, and soul all belong to the Azuresoul Palace, and nothing can sway me,” answered Jiang Qingliu.

“But the Azuresoul Palace alone can’t protect the children. Without our shelter, they’ll eventually die from some accidents, or they’ll never amount to anything in life,” Long Wanying said.

The lack of protection from the Azuresoul Palace was precisely the reason why Jiang Qingliu himself was never able to achieve much in life.

“I have no problem with giving you the three younger ones. As for Yu Ziqian, I hope you don’t mind if I keep him? He’s been with me for a long time, so it’s hard for me to just give him away. And considering that I’m offering you three disciples, can I count on you to help Yu Ziqian out as well?” Jiang Qingliu asked, seemingly troubled by the offer.

But deep inside, he was thinking otherwise. Well, thanks for helping me get rid of these hot potatoes!

“Yu Ziqian? You can keep him, alright, he hasn’t proven himself inside there yet.” Long Wanying smiled.

“Alright, but it depends on the kids’ own choices as well. Oh, and one more thing, their results inside shall be counted under our name,” Jiang Qingliu bargained.

“That’s not an issue, we don’t need to climb the ranking anyway.” After all, the battle between the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect and Dreamless Celestial Nation wasn’t something that could be affected by mere disciples.

Trying his best to hide his excitement, Jiang Qingliu put up a straight face and said, “Then I’ll leave the rest to you. As for the Blueblood Starocean, I hope the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect can provide us with a little assistance.”

“You needn’t worry about that.” As she spoke, Long Wanying turned to Lan Sha, her gaze much colder all of a sudden. “Any thoughts on that?”

“Nothing much, I’m just impressed with how you decided the fate of the entire Azurecloud Continent and its countless lives with a few simple words,” Lan Sha said without a hint of emotion. “It’s fine if those kids have something in them, but wouldn’t it be funny if you came all the way to the continent just for a few dimwits?”

“We’ll see about that,” Long Wanying replied.

“Jiang Qingliu.” Lan Sha turned around. “Watch out for that woman if you don’t wish to lose everything you have left.”

“Thanks for the advice, but one’s personality can be reflected by their looks, and I’m not blind to the point where I can’t tell the two of you apart,” Jiang Qingliu responded.

“Ha, just as naive as you used to be. Tell me, which lady will possibly let you observe her true nature? Do you really think she could climb to where she is today without a few tricks?” Lan Sha shrugged.

“Lan Sha, if you were any wiser, you’d pick your words more carefully. That pettiness of yours is the exact reason why you can only work for your brother and nowhere else.” Long Wanying was surprisingly calm even when being insulted.

“Yeah, considering that bosom of yours, anything must seem petty.” Lan Sha let out one more menacing smirk before turning to take his leave.


His words immediately drew scorn from the onlooking crowd, especially angering those from the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect.

“If that’s how he behaves at over seven hundred years old, it’s all we need to know about his personality. There’s no need to be bothered by him,” Long Wanying calmly said.

“It’s natural that people focus more on what draws their attention the most, and that’s when they tend to say things they usually dare not to speak,” Jiang Qingliu commented.

“What do you mean by that?” Long Wanying cast an odd glance at him.

“Nuh, nothing, don’t mind me.” Jiang Qingliu caught a peek at her chest and shook his head awkwardly.

“Is there something you dare not speak as well?” Long Wanying asked.


“That better be the case.”

“Got it.”

They were long past their youth, and naturally love affairs weren’t something of much interest to them anymore, considering all their life experiences.

“Have you been all alone ever since he left this world?” Jiang Qingliu couldn’t resist asking.

“Do you really have to ask that? If I were to remarry, the whole world would’ve known,” Long Wanying replied.

“Indeed.…” Not knowing how to react to that, Jiang Qingliu could only give her a thumbs up. She was quite a bigshot now, after all.

“You really are a boring person.” Long Wanying rolled her eyes.

“Haha, so it seems… ” Jiang Qingliu bit his lips, “so, do you want to take revenge?”

“Are you kidding me? How am I supposed to take revenge? Do you even know who did it?” Long Wanying gritted her teeth.

“Sorry to bring it up.” Jiang Qingliu lowered his head.

“Are you a moron or something?” Seeing him abashed only added to her frustration.

“I’m really sorry.”

Even the conversation she’d had with Lan Sha wasn’t as uncomfortable as this one. Some memories are best left unmentioned, and their pain forgotten. It took a while before she finally calmed down, her eyes hovering over the first name in the imperial star ranking.

“Do you know why I want this boy?” she asked.

“Because he’s at the top of the ranking with unimaginable potential?”

“Wrong answer.” Long Wanying shook her head.


“Do you want the truth or the lie?”

“Of course I want the truth, why wouldn’t I?” Jiang Qingliu was slightly taken aback.

“Because you might not believe it, since even I myself don’t completely believe it.” Long Wanying’s gaze was somewhat mocking.

“Tell me.”

“My son was there during that fight, and both of them died together,” Long Wanying said.

“I… heard about it.” Jiang Qingliu nodded. What did this woman have to go through, to survive the pain of losing both her husband and son at the same time. Even so, she had lived to this day and even taken over his place as the Whitedragon Empress.

“Li Tianming looks very much like my son, especially with that bright, confident smile. His left eye is golden, just like my son’s, and I want to take him with me.” Long Wanying couldn’t help but gently smile when she looked at the name on the ranking.

Jiang Qingliu was dumbstruck. Of all the reasons she could give him, this was the truth?

“Jiang Qingliu, don’t you believe me?” She looked like she had fully anticipated his reaction.

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